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Hello, I would like to introduce you the delinquent.

The objective of this is to spice extended rounds for sec without involving major threats to the station and regulate greytiding by granting Assistants permission to do shady things to a certain degree.

An antag similar to a traitor, but instead of being sent by the syndicate it is a normal delinquent that infiltrated in the station as a tourist/civilian/etc.

His objectives would be steal a minor object or get 15.000 credits, escape in the shuttle free (since he is his own boss) and commit crimes.

The delinquent by rules should be able to do at most medium crimes, and must know the space law well to avoid getting caught and to negotiate his freedom.

The delinquent can't get a job. Hard work is not allowed.

The delinquent can't go stunning and kidnapping people randomly, he must roleplay, talk to the victim and simulate a robbery in which they don't use force if not necessary.

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Kinda sounds like something any greytider can do as long as they know where to draw the line between greytiding and self antagging, but as a sec main I love anything that spices up the early half of a round before antag unga is in full swing 

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