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  1. I think the same, most of the time people get convicted by officer testimony instead of evidence the detective gets. I suggest they should give the detective a subordinate that gets the evidence so the detective can reconstruct the scene instead of yelling "it has the HOP's prints" without knowing what happened (the hop may be a witness) Making a subordinate would fix the problem, the sub wouldn't need an office and wouldn't be a whole nother detective posing a threat to antagonists. Even more, the subordinate could only get a forensic scanner and detective office access so it w
  2. Keep it up, I started with mining too, I recommend you to talk to other miners and form a group, it will make it safer, funnier and you will get friends. Always pick a gps. If you want to do robotics I suggest you should try it, maybe become a civilian and ask the HOP to join as an intern to learn about robots, im sure the roboticists will teach you.
  3. Hello woj, I play Dulce and I would like to improve my roleplaying, Im sorry for hitting you with a pickaxe, my IC friend was talking about the cult in lavaland and we were thinking about escaping to space. Then you started talking about kidnapping us and I was OOC'ly scared and thought you really would turn us into cult (which I hate) and I did something really wrong.
  4. The last round I played it was really a good one, I will tell that story. I got hired in the cyberiad and joined the station as an assistant, Dulce was really nervous because she didn't know anyone there. She was in the hallway when a flying cat plushie started floating and moving around the hallways, the plushie cuddled her and she decided she had to become friends with this being. the plushie stopped moving, but kept floating, and she took him to the chaplain in search for answers, she had to know how to get mittens (the name she gave him) back. The chaplain did a praying session for hi
  5. Hello, I would like to introduce you the delinquent. The objective of this is to spice extended rounds for sec without involving major threats to the station and regulate greytiding by granting Assistants permission to do shady things to a certain degree. An antag similar to a traitor, but instead of being sent by the syndicate it is a normal delinquent that infiltrated in the station as a tourist/civilian/etc. His objectives would be steal a minor object or get 15.000 credits, escape in the shuttle free (since he is his own boss) and commit crimes. The delinquent by rules
  6. I started to play this game clueless, I've never roleplayed before and I never understood what it meant till this point. When the guide said things like "how would your character react to seeing a dead body" along with other questions made me realize roleplaying isn't just playing your cargo role or whatever, it is to immerse yourself into the game and play a character that reacts and acts like a real person inside it. Reading the rules again I decided to disable most antagonists roles, leaving vampires on. I'll start to practice my roleplaying abilities and learn how to make a
  7. Hello, I like to play as a miner. I think lavaland is fine, but I've only played 40 hours. A suggestion I have is to make a new mob, an ash hound. Ash hounds should wander in groups of two and be faster than other fauna. They should have less HP and cause external bleeding with his bites. These mobs would give challenge to Kinetic Accelerators users who can just be far from mobs and shoot them. The Ash hounds tendrils should spawn far from base The items they drop should be silver fangs, which would make a silver hound knife for ash walkers. Better than a hunting knife
  8. Hello, thinking about the psychologist role, I had an Idea about a power similar to "bless" named hypnosis. The power should have a 5 minutes cooldown and require consent (both written and in a pop up box) like the soulstone shard. The power would have 6 effects randomly. 1-The patient hallucinates seeing his sprite bigger for 5 minutes 2-The patient becomes resistant to pain for 5 minutes 3-The patient sees ghosts and becomes extremely scared for 5 minutes. 4-The patient removes his mental restrictions, making him faster for 5 minutes. 5-The patien
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