Latency problems part 2: Remastered

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I play on the latest BYOND beta version. My firewall is disabled. I've recently started getting the same ping problems I had a month ago. The game runs at 150ms and is somewhat responsive infuriating to play with a whole 1.5 second gap between the button press and the action, but then the ping skyrockets to 2164ms or something crazy like that and I can't do a thing at all for 10 seconds or so (don't completely lag out of the game though!). And all I can see is my character doing nothing or doing something which I pressed the button for full 5 seconds before. Also while pinging the server via cmd, I can see no abnormalities during the downtime. I don't even know what's the problem now. Also, it wasn't the case before, I could play the game and actually have a chance to robust somebody, 100ms and responsive controls being normal. Beestation works just fine for me.

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