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  1. I play on the latest BYOND beta version. My firewall is disabled. I've recently started getting the same ping problems I had a month ago. The game runs at 150ms and is somewhat responsive infuriating to play with a whole 1.5 second gap between the button press and the action, but then the ping skyrockets to 2164ms or something crazy like that and I can't do a thing at all for 10 seconds or so (don't completely lag out of the game though!). And all I can see is my character doing nothing or doing something which I pressed the button for full 5 seconds before. Also while pinging the server via cmd, I can see no abnormalities during the downtime. I don't even know what's the problem now. Also, it wasn't the case before, I could play the game and actually have a chance to robust somebody, 100ms and responsive controls being normal. Beestation works just fine for me.
  2. Wow! Didn't know about the killing part. Is it a viable strategy for a vamp to strangle a person this way rather than doing it with your bare hands? Is its purpose to mute the victim?
  3. This question's been haunting me for weeks now. Why do you need a trash bag as an antag?
  4. I've been having problems with connection to the server since 29th of March. It happens randomly and lasts a random amount of time. My ping spikes to 400ms then to 1000ms and back to 400ms. It's really unstable and the latency is really random and unpredictable. I only have this issue on this server, CM and other servers work fine for me (as well as other multiplayer games). I don't have an antivirus installed and have disabled windows firewall altogether. I'm at a loss. Can I do anything to fix this at this point? I get to play maybe 1 normal round a day and the rest are as pleasant as jumping head down from an 8-story building. I play on the stable version of BYOND