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IAA, Captain, NTR, butt-faxes, and RP seriousness

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Certain in-game roles (Captain, NT Rep, IAA, Magistrate, etc) are expected to be played with some level of seriousness.

When playing one of these roles, if you photograph your ass and fax it to CC, you're probably not playing the role with the appropriate level of seriousness.

It is appropriate for the Clown, or a random Civilian, to try pranking CC in this manner.

It isn't appropriate for the IAA, Captain, or other crew trusted with fax access, to be doing it.

Previously, we've handled this via strictly IC means, like demotions, or BSAs.

Now, I'm going to start considering butt-faxes like this as Captain/NTR/Magistrate/IAA as a sign you're not taking the role with the required degree of seriousness.

This means that if I see an IAA butt-fax CC for no reason within a couple minutes of shift start (as I saw yesterday), henceforth I'm going to consider that a good reason to job ban the player from the role, until they start treating the role with the higher level of seriousness it requires.

Roles like Captain, IAA, NTR, Magistrate, etc are intended to be taken somewhat seriously. While we understand and expect some antics, treating them completely non-seriously will get you job banned.


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