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The Delta Overhaul


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Hi everyone, first post on the forums.

I'm making this post for feedback and discussion on the many changes I've made to Delta station to (hopefully) bring it up to working conditions for paradise. You can use Affected's webmap of Delta as a before reference https://affectedarc07.github.io/SS13WebMap/Paradise/Delta/index.html

I started this project way back in December and have been working on and off on it until I now finally consider it close to finished(yay procrastination and second guessing!). All that's left now is to update my ancient folder and deconflict it. Now then to what all I've done(be ready for pictures!).

First up on the major changes is that Delta's security was completely ripped out and rebuilt with high pop in mind.

The number of officers has been increased from 8 to 12 and the pod pilot has been given a backup hangar to retreat to if the main hangar becomes too dangerous. The secure armory has also been expanded to provide +1 extra of each weapon and armor within to arm the extra officers when trouble hits. Other items have also been added into the armory: 3 bandoleers, 3 boxes of slug ammo, 2 boxes of rubber shot ammo, and a mech charging station. 


The evidence room, processing, cells, and solitary cells have all been expanded. Again with highpop in mind.


Delta's permabrig has been made with the intent of holding a LOT of people and provide the prisoners with plenty of activities. Such activities are art with crayons and a floor painter, cooking with a decent kitchen(no knives or rolling pin or the like though), reading, chess, drinking soda, smoking, aquarium pet care(all vending machines in perma are free), and even play DnD. There is also a visitation room connected to the remapped Dorms to allow for roleplay while likely under the watch of a sec guard(and as a possible break in/break out point).


There is now a maint area connecting to security from central primary side to allow for get aways and attacks from that angle. The IAA's office has replaced the small tool room previously there to make room for the Magistrate's office next to the court room(more on that next). The detective's office had things shuffled around to make room and the brig doc was moved over to here with a full set of ghetto surgery tools hidden away in the wall(if wanted I shall remove the tools).


We're now approaching the dorms which was also ripped out and remade. The court room was significantly reduced but the magistrate has been given an office. The locker room and bathroom were remade and the dual cryo dorms were combined and expanded. Here you can also see the mime's new delta office, the dorms side of the visitation room, and the big scale mural in the brig lobby (I'm rather proud of it)


And here is the rest of the Dorms, fully enhanced and remade into a nice hangout place. Like the mime, the clown has been given an office as well and the holodeck has been made horizontal. Delta now also has a pet shop, Mr Chang's, a proper arcade, and a second eastward escape pod. The dorms even has a Mule delivery spot and cargo tele beacon for when people want to order supplies for a party or some other event!


Finally the last two really game impacting major changes I can think of at the moment are bringing telecoms to Delta's AI satellite and medical getting a second OR(and the psychologist getting an office). The last major change you might have noticed was that Delta has been completely repiped so that waste and distro pipes share space now! 



We now move on to smaller changes. The biggest of the small ones is that two new westward escape pods have been added to Delta. One is next to Engineering (alongside delta's new engineering shuttle) and the other next to science with the EXPERIMENTOR being moved to sci maint nearby(if the Experimentor rework becomes a reality I will happily map it elsewhere but for now here it stays).



With these two new pods also comes an updated Recovery ship. The two pods have been given a transition area but unless prompted otherwise I plan to wait until https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/12045 gets merged before trying to update and deconflict the map.


Replacing the EXPERIMENTOR chamber is Delta's new scichem room for all your meme chem testing needs.


Next up is that the shared clown and mime office has been removed along with the arrivals gambling den(the slots were moved to the gambling den in engineering). In their place is a pasture for the chef, a back stage for the theater, a secret brewery, and a stowaway hideout. 


Home stretch folks! A boom arm for the Sol trader to dock at has been added and the little command post at arrivals has been replaced with a gift shop. Also the bathroom has been refurbished.



Final picture is that the command post at escape has become the secondary tool storage.



And finally many cameras were updated, disposal mailing is fixed, places were given proper areas, oil tanks were added to robotics, and other small changes.

And now discuss!

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