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  1. I did a couple of attacks for art fight this year, featuring... too many characters to list, and a bonus Kikeri!
  2. Wanted to practice using a drawing tablet, and make something super-"Y2K" so I drew my nurse IPC character, D.I.M.E.
  3. Started a couple projects that turned out to be larger than I anticipated, one of which was remaking the above model of @rwn's S.E.A.G.U.L.L. into a much cleaner, much better model and porting it into VRChat! I also made a preview video showing the model of in a bit more depth here. And I also found time to do a quick attempt at a flat artstyle in Blender, featuring @Sixzma's Jacob Pearls!
  4. I don't make art especially often, but somehow I've wound up making several SS13 things, so I guess it makes sense to make one of these art threads to store them all. Some pixel art I did a while back of Yikaya. A low-res 3D model of @SlimeBird's ever-popular caffeine-addicted vox, Chikitita, made in PicoCAD. And finally, the result of my attempt throughout last week to learn Blender: a scene of @rwn's IPC S.E.A.G.U.L.L. drifting through space. (And a bonus close-up on the face)
  5. I don't know quite what they're called, but text in the notification banners on top of certain pages is very difficult to read on dark mode (alongside the boxes themselves being a bit bright when placed on a dark background.)
  6. I'm not sure I love this exact layout, but a revamped bar that made them closer to something like this (or like that bar revamp PR that was tested a while back) would be a welcome improvement in my eyes.
  7. It's something that I saw more of a year or so ago than you do nowadays, but it always kinda sucks seeing players get chef and make a loaf of bread or some steak and then disconnect, or spend all shift deep frying raw meat and seemingly trying their hardest to track blood onto every tile of the kitchen. Often these don't even seem to be players new to the role, or who have a bad botany (that's another topic entirely) and thus can't cook anything serious, but rather it feels like a very specific type of player who spends half the round drunk and attacking people rather than trying to play, let alone RP. On the opposite side of the coin, people who come up to the kitchen and go "FEED ME". I know that you probably have any other thing you'd rather be doing, but kitchen can get a bit quiet as is, having people run up and shout "GIMME FOOD" is just grating, especially when they then go "I dont care just give me food" when asked what specifically they would like. If you're just going to be that blunt and disinterested, just go to a vending machine.
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