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  1. Buldinn


    Hey! I've seen you around a few times, it's nice to formally meet you haha
  2. Buldinn


    Hello, my name is Buldinn. My characters name is also Buldinn, a light blue Unathi. I want to start off strong by saying I love you guys. I love Paradise Station. Thank you all for being part of my life. It's slightly more than a game for me. I'm so grateful I get to see friends login and hang out, just doing their jobs and being themselves. If you see me in game and you need help, or just want to talk, dont be afraid to ask. If Im an engineer or miner I might be a bit rushed to get back to the grind but I'll still at least say 'hi' and apologize for not being able to talk. I really am very grateful I found SS13 and this community. You guys have given me so much more than you realize. Sorry, I know...Im a huge nerd:^)
  3. Buldinn


    My latest infraction inspired me to draw this Please dont hate I know it's crap