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  1. 11 thousand years from now this will be the only remaining document of our society.
  2. Remember that one shift when the Captain had an army of spear wielding golems? That was fun...
  3. I got ahold of an admin when my internet kicked back on about 5 minutes later just before round end. We're good!
  4. Hey, I am the AI this round. The shuttle was just called at round end and my internet died. I'm posting this because I am just coming off a ban as AI for a similar situation and would like to avoid a repeat of that. I've attached a screenshot of me unable to join... Damn AT&T...
  5. I feel like there should be a delay when wrapping things with wrapping paper. I just watched the mime capture someone in a locker then instantly wrap it thus preventing them from getting out.
  6. I know it wasn't a severe warning and I'm not trying to defend my actions. I just wanted clarification to avoid making the same mistake twice. Thanks again!
  7. Hi! I was admin questioned for chasing someone being pulled into maint today. As I was close to the action when I happened, I went to grab them and pull them back. Long story short, it was a ling and said ling killed me. I was told its' a bit validhunty by an admin (omitting names). The rule states: Is trying to help someone being pulled into maint not part of this? From an RP perspective, as a medical staff, I'd even feel compelled to help someone had I seen this. Every way I look at it it checks out. I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus here. If I was aware there was a ling loose on the station or if I wasn't an MD witnessing a kidnapping in the medical ward, I might not have pursued. But, for future reference, should I simply avoid trying to help for fear of a firm lashing? Ya'll rock!
  8. Really loving this round as an AI. My game just crashed and I can't reopen it, though. It crashes on load every time. This seems to be happening a lot lately. Sorry everyone...