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  1. I'm sorry but I remember the Pr you submitted with your changes to medical, One of the changes was to sr which initially gibbed any clonable species which you later changed to does nothing to them. This would make cloning basically the only way for anyone who isn't a vox or slime person to revive that was not cloning or making it in time with a defib. Your other changes also included longer cloning times removing pre scanning and auto cloning which is an upgrade that requires science to make happen. This update would only make cloning even more important and exacerbates the problems some seem to have with cloning which is a reliance on it for some medical players. You can't suggest taking away ways to revive people while also admonishing the only methods left.
  2. In reality cloning isn't an issue many regular medbay players use cloning on people who are way to far gone or have insane levels of body damage to where it is not practical, The problem with cloning is that its easy and yeah it is sure but it is a way for newer doctors to contribute because it's simple, They learn how to do simple things and then move on to using more advanced methods. I mean would you rather have new doctors playing with Sr? Or saying I am of no use here and just leaving? Because that will happen. Defibs do not need to be messed with either if you take away their ability to revive someone then you take away a method of getting them back in and playing sooner and why would you want that? For realisim? If so then why play ss13 its not realistic and it doesn't have to be. To make death have an impact? Well if someone can come back then it doesn't have impact it's a timer and nobody likes waiting on a timer much less one that is frustratingly long, Death in this game doesn't have impact because someone has to wait longer it has to have impact because of how you died or who your death affects and that requires roleplaying and not needless changes. You do not have to make it harder to treat people to add value to death in game and it's a poor argument to say you do, And oddly enough if you don't like cloning then don't let yourself be cloned. You do not have to accept being cloned its completely voluntary nobody is forcing you to be cloned. If you want to mitigate cloning then add more methods like the replica pods or sr you don't need to hamstring an entire department to do so. At the end of the day yes it is a game so why make it less fun to play and why make players pay the penalty for something they did not ask for nor want, Any other game that does something the community does not agree with gets slammed by the same community I do not see why it is not the same here.
  3. I would like to say that most of the time your being "randomly searched" it's really not all that random you are likely already set to arrest you were probably spotted doing something for example the AI or a coworker saw something suspicious and they inform sec so now sec knows to search you and that you may have something. Also most "random searches" are not full blown strip searches it's usually a simple bag check anything more and your likely to just run or attack them. And knowing the syndicate uses gear like Edaggers or Emags is not meta knowledge NT expects you to know about those kinds of things to help enforce space law and keep people safe. Now there's a point to be made about validhunting I personally don't like when it happens but don't mistake patrolling and searching for validhunting that's two very different things.
  4. Was just minding my own business when Szlaa walked in with a cuffed and gagged Yorrach.
  5. I must say that aside from the radio not working the surgery was a success.
  6. Soda my reason.............I just like it.
  7. First time playing as a clown I was just honking near engineering when a scientist walks up and hands me a teleporter he tells me how to use it and then *poof* stuck in space between gravity. Probably my favorite way I have died.