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  1. I wanna say my favorite job is probably HOP.
  2. What about a role to simply monitor cameras and coordinate/monitor coms? Dispatcher? Dispatcher role could be heavy on making sure officers are responding to things. A lot of times security doesn't really have a clear voice to cut through the noise, so coordination is lost, and antags cause havok. A robust dispatcher could cause security to redtide/be overpowered in general, so you might consider it a karma role, and increasing the slots available to this position based on population (Perhaps even disable it if the population is too low). Maybe even go as far to have this role w
  3. It seems I've encountered a bug with the paradise discord specifically. This can be closed.
  4. I noticed today all my rights were stripped from discord, and I can only communicate with other people in my privilege group. Can someone bump my permissions in discord, or inform the public what's happening with it?
  5. skb

    Am hello

    I am saying hello to the wonderful people running this station, and the people visiting here on a daily basis. Currently, I am banned because I was/am being a huge tool to the admins, and I didn't follow the rules, or acknowledge the admins request during a conversation. I really enjoy this station, and feel other stations (even private ones), are subpar compared to the pile of awesome that is Paradise Station. New players: Do not defy the admins, or you will get the stick. Also, some helpful links for new players (I needed it): https://nanotrasen.se/phpBB3/v
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