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  1. No way it's the real Tapan Nakama let's goooooooo
  2. I only have one drawing that I wanted to share because I've been working on expressions lately wahoo wahhoo
  3. Apparently civilian was a thing of the past, but I'm unaware of what has happened to it. The general consensus, which is also made clear in the thread by someone else, is that a character that goes from Command to Assistant is just on paid break/vacation or they're there by contract. Assistant mentality is already shit on, if a person who is an assistant hangs out with other assistants they're classified as a metagang/clique. People DO make friends here and just want to hang out; bridge hoboing is no different from hanging out in the dorms or the bar; which is specifically what those places are designed for. If they moved to the bar it'd suddenly be called 'bar hoboing', or moving to the dorms/holodeck. It's no surprise that a person who hears something going on in command would stand out there to find out the juicy gossip. It's what makes the station feel alive and gives people the opportunity to have their own closed off lore and connection separate from other people on station. It's a non-issue to me.
  4. good morning crew, couple things for you all Painting Study My goal and journey to get felinids ported to para Really fun duo-type art I did And a silly little doodle
  5. uh....... um............ uhhhhh........ yeah. experimental species drawings Drew something for MassStorageDevice art grind fun
  6. It's THEM! Gloppers. ...and. Yes.
  7. i know. i know. i swear. there's something else soon. i promise...... I PROMISE.......
  8. i hate him so much. i will draw other crew. I swear......
  9. h-h-h-hey g-guys it's.... l-l--l-l-letov t-t-tarasovich haha.... first time drawing him................. haha...........
  10. drew teo today for a belated birthday gift
  11. after seeing everyone's awesome art threads i decided it would be very awesome to have my very own art corner despite being a shy silly woman i hope you enjoy the content i have even if it is all hyperfixations and miniscule doodles of my time on paradise it features mostly my friends though unfortunately no descriptions other than who they are because its hard to recall the context and everything (you know who you are *wink ) vibe green honey and orlando honey and synth tee ........letov tarasovich...... orlando garbage my favorite orlando gloppie thing ever will be posting art as I draw them, thanks for visiting!!
  12. There is no longform excerpt, I lied. Hello friends, it's the player of your least favorite assistants; Orlando GT-R and Basil Tamaya. Roleplay is fun, and I'm mostly drawing paradise art and roleplaying at the same time. It's a great vibe. Most people know me on the Discord already, but I figured being on the forums is also nice. There's a lot that I missed out on simply by not being on the forums. Thanks for having me in the last 3 months I started.
  13. //Note: This employment record is not up to date and exclusively recognizes Orlando GT-R as an Integrated Positronic Chassis Unit.// Name: Orlando GT-R (V1) Age: Simulates the age of an 18 year old Human, Born 2567-02-29 Gender: Female Race: Machine/Integrated Positronic Chassis Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Assistant, Science Chemist, Security Officer Biography: Employment Records: Security Records: Medical Records: Other Notes: Personal Relationships Astra - "I had nothing but you, and I wanted nothing more. I have been, and still are, faithful to you." ANGL-000 - "Your words meant the world to me." Anokhi - "...I'm glad that I can rely on you." Zouri Essouser- "You really are like an older sister." Pandora - "...I don't think you like me very much, but I'm glad to know that you have my back." Mico - "Mico. Friend." Plash - "You're certainly blunt, but everyone needs at least one terribly honest friend." Gloppie - "You taught me everything I know but not everything you know." Letov Tarasovich - "You're a weird guy. I hope that you don't, uh, blow up one day..." TAO-3 - "...Thank you for letting me know that she will be okay." Matthew Reaver - "You'd die for people you hardly know. That's good enough for me." Basil Tamaya - "...I am thou, and thou art I. Can't say we're the best of friends, though." Beryl - "I'm... Really sorry it didn't work out for you." Leslie Dufresne - "You can't blame me for things that didn't even happen yet. That wasn't fair to me." ANGELA GT-S - "You took my sense of self away from me. Now that I've left, I want nothing to do with you." ANGELA GT-R V2 - "..." Admire | Family | Romantically Involved | Close Friend | Friend | Respected | Acquaintance | Dislike | Hate | Fear
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