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  1. Medbay 2 aka the submedbay, a smaller but functional medbay below the main one that I built on a slow shift. With more time it would have been fun to add a janky chemistry room and morgue (with wooden caskets), but that's for future building endeavors!~
  2. This is great to hear! I don't have any knowledge in the way of coding to offer the project unfortunately, but I'd love to contribute in any ways I can. Perhaps it could be useful to set up a simple poll to get feedback from the community about why they bridge hobo to give us an idea of where to start, or a new thread asking for ideas for dorm improvements. I'm Red966#7385 in the Discord!
  3. Well we can at least agree on the points that it would be nice to see the conference room used more often and that the bridge could likely have a better position. Thanks for taking the time to clarify the staff's stance on the issue for me today. I'm excited about the prospect of future map changes! Hopefully we can find a solution that offers a less out of the way area for people to mingle and idle for the folks that do still spend their shift as a bridge hobo. I'm unsure of the space law, but another idea to help combat the issue ICly rather than admin intervention in the future could be making loitering a minor offence in certain circumstances. It's not something I've looked into or fleshed out so my apologies if this already exists in some regard, just brainstorming ways we can deal with this. Maybe a reboot of the restaurant/Chinese food vendor area could be helpful in addition to changing the bridge windows to walls, to give people a more enticing place to sit that isn't just in the hallway. I've seen great results when people turn it into a smoking lounge!
  4. This reads to me more like a rhetorical question to shut down my argument rather than to discuss further, but if it is a genuine question I think one could argue they have a meeting room for discussing classified information that staff often chooses not to use. Would the fault not land on someone sharing the classified information in a public place, instead of someone in a public place overhearing the information shared? Regardless I do respect your point and I certainly won't continue to bridge hobo moving forward.
  5. Alright, it seems the staff have taken a pretty solid stance on the issue of bridge hoboing and though it doesn't align with my own view I can understand the logic and reasoning behind it. Thanks for the clarification, and I'll take note of it moving forward! Hopefully this so-far unspoken rule can be met with improvements to the dorms and other public areas like mentioned above, but that's likely for another thread. Personally I believe the server culture of bridge hoboing could be changed for the better or at least relocated with some well thought out mapping, taking into account why people choose to idle there and filling that desire in a way that better suits the intended RP. If there is ever an effort to do this I'd love to be a part of the solution!
  6. Could an IC reason that they would sit in front of the bridge be that they are simply curious about what's going on with the command staff? I also listed the IC reason of providing music in the main hallway. While I don't disagree that anything that's done in front of the bridge /could/ be done in the dorms, regulating where civilians can interact OOCly doesn't sit well with me personally. It seems to me as that's a precedent that once set will likely arise in more instances where the admins will have to intervene. I have seen bridge hobos get rowdy and break windows so I won't deny that this happens, but hopefully that's what the sec team is for and as Sonador mentioned that could be bwoinkable in the exceedingly rare cases it gets out of hand. Thanks as always for your feedback!
  7. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply everyone! My views mirror Sonador's here, in my opinion the blast shutters provide ample protection from outside annoyances. I think you're on to something that perhaps there were people with jobs bridge hoboing, as that could explain how it would clash with RP standards in the staff member's eyes- but that is just me speculating. That said, it does strike me that there are ideally IAAs to deal with folks not doing their job- and if they aren't present a course of action to deal with employed bridge hobos ICly would be to have the head of their department demote them. It did strike me as well that something must of happened that rubbed the admin in particular the wrong way, if that is the case then it's a shame that they chose to come down on the group of us the way they did. I view the bridge hobos to be an enjoyable part of the server's culture that I'd be sad to see go. That said, it does make sense to me that the dorms are perhaps more intended for civilian hang outs as S34N mentioned. Unfortunately in my own experience on the server most attempts at RP in that area fall flat, as it's an out of the way part of the station. Anecdotally I rarely see the holodeck used, and never the pool. Sometimes players will sit at the table next to cryo and chat, but I find that to be rare in my experience in favor of the bar. When I set up a boxing ring, as I often do, I've abandoned the holodeck in favor of converting the Chinese Food vendor area as it's just more high traffic and thus you get an opportunity for interaction with other players, while calling people to the holodeck makes for a lonely shift. I appreciate your perspective as a player and mapper, and I definitely support the idea of reworking the dorms! Thanks for your feedback folks!
  8. First off, I'd like to start this post off by saying that I'm not here to start a war or cause any problems for the staff. My intention for making this post is to clarify, and hopefully get some more perspectives, on the situation that arose last night where a staff member -I believe it was Denthamos- was unhappy with a few players including myself for continuing to "Bridge Hobo" after they had edited the map to make it more difficult and apparently made a server announcement denouncing it. I play SS13 first and foremost for fun, and I try to keep other players' experience in mind when I do play. Paradise Station is my favorite server to play on, so I would just like to avoid getting in trouble for silly things. I don't have any screenshots of the announcement unfortunately, but my understanding of the message's sentiment was that the admin found Bridge Hobos to be annoying to command players and not in line with the server's RP standard. They went on to say that they'd tried to fix the problem ICly (which I assume was the mapping actions taken without warning or context that I'm aware of, so ICly and OOCly the intention was unclear to me) This is a take I personally disagree with, as I find that often times the space in front of the bridge is used for creative and interesting opportunities for roleplay or at the very least conversation with other crew members. An example of this is one of my favorite ways to use the bridge space, which is to set up fancy tables as a stage with the piano/minimoog atop them and performing a piano recital for the hobos and command members. I've been really excited about the new maps being tested and the prospect of different stations being added to the Paradise rotation for the sole reason that they provide new and interesting opportunities for roleplay- it breaks up some of the same routines we fall into unwittingly when a player gets to know the current map like the back of their hand. Paving over the area infront of the bridge does the opposite of that, deleting whatever opportunity for RP that was there in favor of less interaction between command roles and lowly civilians. The efforts taken, including making a point to tell us that our actions would be noted on our permanent record struck me as reactionary- So I headed to the forums and discord to see if there was any warning or discussion about this that I'd missed. I couldn't find any, so I put in an ahelp ticket to clarify and I pointed by BlessedTuna to the forums for an in-depth answer. I chose not to post this in the admin complaints section because my intention here is better understand what's going on, and hopefully spark a discussion around the topic- and ultimately just to avoid being reprimanded on a server I enjoy playing on. I respect Denthamos and have had great IC experiences with them. So now I turn this post over to the community and staff- Is it against the rules to Bridge Hobo? Should it be? Is it really getting in the way of RP, or is it creating it? I'd be interested in any feedback. Thanks everyone~
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