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Those who wish to become a Nat should come here so that us Nats can coordinate our mass-Nattage.
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  2. In our official guidelines, we reffer to this process as Nat-iffication, but this seems like a scary term to use. Any ideas on a better one?
  3. This is Nat wheeler: he is wearing a Black jump suit, a pair of black shoes, a grey duffel bag, and is lacking his ID and PDA. He is very handsome.
  4. To uphold the Councils prime motivation: "It wasn't me, it was Nat!" We have introduced guidelines to follow in the event you are serving among other Nats. If there are no Nat Wheelers within 4,444 Km of yourself and no attempt is being made to contact a fellow Nat Wheeler, a Nat is allowed to wear whatever they wish and serve their station however they like. If you are serving among other Nats you must notify them if you are to break dress code, you must also carry the replaced article of clothing incase you are seen near a fellow Nat. If there is a changling threat aboard the station, please note that your security staff may belive you to be changelings, and may shoot you when they can, if you belive this to be true, 9/10 Nats recommend asprin for all your headaches evacuating to an area discussed with other Nats where you can negotiate over the radio. If you belive Mr. Wheeler is a changling, relax, the body swapper would gain almost nothing from killing and stealing your body aswell. Only reffer to other Nats as proper nouns crewmen may call you. Remember when in doubt, call them Nat. Nat Wheeler is a double sided Sword and if you dont like being blamed for things you did not do, it's time to make your hands dirty! Go commit a crime and tell them it was Nat who did it!
  5. Hello! If you are reading this, you may want to become a Nat Wheeler, the state of your station may prevent you from becoming a Nat, a representitive must also be present to get a copy of his Unique identifiers(UI). The likely steps you will go through to become a Nat are listed below: Find out if there is a representitive on your station, this is easily done by checking the crew manifest for a "Nat Wheeler" Ask him to help you become a Nat if you are not asked by him imediately If he does not ask if you would like to be a Nat Immediately, he probably does not have a UI copy ready. During this time you should put on standard Nat attire (black jumpsuit with matching shoes, duffelbag and standard NT issued headset.) Once you have your attire and UI ready you should trash your former ID and PDA. Reffer to the representitive and any other recenty Nat-ified personell as Nat Wheeler. Congratulations on becoming Nat Wheeler, Nat! We hope to see you become a great Mr. Wheeler. Please note that crewmen are not to be forcefully Nat-ified as this may cause more tension between the council and Nanotrasen, Solgov, Space Russia, the Shoal, and the majority of other diplomatic bodies. Only humans can be succsessfully Nat-ified, if a alien crewmen, slave ect. whishes to be Nat-ified, this will require experimental surgery that requires written permission of the participant and the representitive.

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