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There are a number of locations with different arrangements and orientations depending on the current station/map.

The following maps are currently in rotation:

  • NSS Cyberiad (Box)
  • NSS Kerberos (Delta)
  • NSS Cerebron (Meta)
  • NSS Farragus (Ceres)

The following areas are available in all maps:

  • NAS Trurl (Central Command)
  • Mining Outpost (Lavaland)
  • Syndicate Research Station
  • Various Space and Lavaland Ruins

Common Features

Every station, from the humble Cerebron to the timeworn Cyberiad, share the same common layout:

  • An internal set of primary hallways (Central, Fore (North), Starboard (East), Aft (South), and Port (West))
  • An external set of maintenance areas wrapping around departments (following the above schema)
  • An arrivals and departures area, typically opposite from one another (with the exception of Cerebron)
  • Six distinct department areas (Command, Security, Medical, Science, Engineering, Cargo)
  • Clustered service areas (Botany, Kitchen, and Bar are always adjacent in all maps)
  • Common areas interspersed throughout the station (such as dorms, vacant offices, cafes, etc.)

Space & Space Ruins

Space is randomly generated each round from a selection of various ruins. Space:

  • Uses randomized directions. N-E-S-W directions do not logically connect to one another.
  • Generates a variety of ruins areas from a selection of the 'Space Ruins' maps.
  • Will always generate the USSP Derelict, Syndicate Research Base, and Syndicate Outpost.

Simplified Maps (Stations)

The following maps are designed for ease of use in mind. Departments are colour coded, feature minimal markups, and only name key areas (such as sub-departments, head offices, and cryodorms).

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the following layouts before utilizing the webmap. While the webmap provides a much more granular view, it does not feature area markups or colour coding, which makes it difficult as a navigational tool for newer players.

Looking for a rendered snapshot of a station? Here is a link to the webmap.

NSS Cyberiad (Box)


NSS Kerberos (Delta)


NSS Cerebron (Meta)


NSS Farragus (Ceres)


Simplified Maps (Areas)

The following maps are for fixed areas which appear on all rounds. Please note: this is not an exhaustive list of all possible areas and the wiki does not maintain individual area listings & information.

Some of these areas may be inaccessible without appropriate access or special conditions (post-round, ghost roles, etc.).

Mining Outpost


NAS Trurl


Syndicate Research Station