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Introducing Nano-Mob Hunter GO!

The new hit game from NanoTrasen's sister company, PTech, is now available on-board your sector's station! Explore the station around you in order to capture the Nano-Mobs hiding in the halls, walls, and even toilets!

Nano-Mob Hunter GO! is a brand-new augmented reality game available for standard issue NanoTrasen PDA devices. Cartridges are available in your station's Vending-ptech.png cartridge vending machine.

How to Play

Once you slot the cartridge into your PDA, simply load up the program and connect to the sector's game server to begin encountering the Nano-Mobs hiding on board your station. Should you manage to locate one of these elusive creatures, simply interface with it by tapping your PDA against the avatar to attempt to capture it within your device. Some mobs are more difficult to capture than others, so don't be surprised if your target evades you - just track down another Nano-Mob, since you only get one chance per avatar!

The critters you find around the station are also able to be found by fellow players, so barter with your crew-mates and try to trade with them in order to collect them all! At any time, you can check your collection of captured mobs by re-opening your game. You can view information on your obtained mobs, give them a nickname, release them into the wild, or even convert them into ultra-popular Nano-Mob Hunter Trading Cards fit for trading with and battling other Nano-Mob Hunters!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are not exempt from Breaking and Entering or Trespassing laws when playing Nano-Mob Hunter GO! Security can and will arrest you for entering locations that you are not approved to enter.


Below is a table of all of the Nano-Mobs currently available to capture, as well as their types!

Name Normal Form Shiny Form Type(s)
Buffsel Nanomob-buffsel.png Nanomob-buffselshiny.png Nanomob-typerock.png
Dunny Nanomob-dunny.png Nanomob-dunnyshiny.png Nanomob-typefire.png
Folstick Nanomob-folstick.png Nanomob-folstickshiny.png Nanomob-typewater.png
Gitten Nanomob-gitten.png Nanomob-gittenshiny.png Nanomob-typewater.png Nanomob-typepoison.png
Glimmerflare Nanomob-glimmer.png Nanomob-glimmershiny.png Nanomob-typepsychic.png
Gooby Nanomob-gooby.png Nanomob-goobyshiny.png Nanomob-typeelectric.png Nanomob-typebug.png
Halk Nanomob-halk.png Nanomob-halkshiny.png Nanomob-typeflying.png
Leecoon Nanomob-leecoon.png Nanomob-leecoonshiny.png Nanomob-typegrass.png
Nai Nanomob-nai.png Nanomob-naishiny.png Nanomob-typegrass.png Nanomob-typenormal.png
Nemabug Nanomob-nemabug.png Nanomob-nemabugshiny.png Nanomob-typebug.png
Pandoom Nanomob-pandoom.png Nanomob-pandoomshiny.png Nanomob-typeghost.png
Pheron Nanomob-pheron.png Nanomob-pheronshiny.png Nanomob-typeblue.png
Pyroghast Nanomob-pyro.png Nanomob-pyroshiny.png Nanomob-typefire.png Nanomob-typeghost.png
Quarrel Nanomob-quarrel.png Nanomob-quarrelshiny.png Nanomob-typenormal.png
Relish Nanomob-relish.png Nanomob-relishshiny.png Nanomob-typefire.png Nanomob-typeground.png
Spectra Nanomob-spectra.png Nanomob-spectrashiny.png Nanomob-typepoison.png
Starslam Nanomob-starslam.png Nanomob-starslamshiny.png Nanomob-typefight.png Nanomob-typeice.png
Stoutquill Nanomob-stout.png Nanomob-stoutshiny.png Nanomob-typeice.png
Strudel Nanomob-strudel.png Nanomob-strudelshiny.png Nanomob-typeelectric.png
Vulerrt Nanomob-vulerrt.png Nanomob-vulerrtshiny.png Nanomob-typedark.png
Xofine Nanomob-xofine.png Nanomob-xofineshiny.png Nanomob-typefire.png Nanomob-typenormal.png

Syndicate Playing Cards.png Ultra-Realism

If you emag a Nano-Mob Hunter GO! cartridge before inserting it into your PDA, you can unlock a feature that allows you to spawn "trap" mobs that will shock players attempting to catch them. You have to have Nano-Mobs in your collection before you can do this, and the damage isn't enough to kill anybody outright - but it's a fun thing to goof around with, provided there are people other than you actually playing the thing.


All of the Nano-Mobs were named, typed and sprited by FullOfSkittles; a member of our community that is sorely underappreciated for her talents and hard work.

Without her and the implementation by FalseIncarnate, we wouldn't have this fun, silly little minigame on our server.

Thank you both.