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Hello everyone,

I was suprised to not see any Barotrauma topic yet in here so I decided to make one, the game needs to be shared a lot and it is often liked by ss13 communities due it's similarities.


For more information about the game visit this page: http://undertowgames.com/barotrauma/

The game is inspired by Space Station 13!


I really recommend to give this game a try. I like it very much aswell and noticed little took care of the server list. So I decided to give anyone a good time and host a server 24/7. I have now been doing this for a few weeks. People that play Barotrauma often do not have to fear anymore that they face an empty server list.


We are hosting 24/7 maintained vanilla servers for Barotrauma since 2016!

Our servers:

  • BT Public 24/7 #1
  • BT Public 24/7 #2
  • BT Public 24/7 #3
  • BT Public 24/7 #4

Servers are identical. Key factors of our servers: Vanilla, Custom submarines, Administration.


Recent news (30-06-2019):

  • 'New' channel added to our Discord. Information and history about functionalities given in detail.
  • Administration re-enabled at our servers.


Website: https://barotrauma-server.com/
Forum: https://barotrauma-server.com/phpBB3/index.php
Discord: http://discord.gg/Svh2e2g

More useful direct links: Banlist, Leaderboard (inactive), Reporting, Stafflist



  • Info and news about the server
  • Status updates
  • Discord
  • Rules
  • Banlist
  • Reporting (third and last option to report players)
  • Leaderboard (Score of players based on activity at servers)
  • Stafflist (up-to-date list of current staff members)


  • General information - rules and ranking
  • Sharing, discussions and ideas
  • Administration - applies and ban appeals, complaints


Join the server community and play!




Barotrauma (Early Access) released on the 5th of June! Check it out: https://store.steampowered.com/app/602960/Barotrauma/



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BT Public 24/7 #1 has been updated!


I have opened the administrator application at the forum to prevent griefing. I have created some tools, such as a public ban list and a staff panel to add/edit bans and view them. For more information about this check here: http://barotrauma-server.com/news.php


To apply for admin look here: http://barotrauma-server.com/phpBB3/vie ... p?f=11&t=7


Hopefully this will help to reduce griefing on our public server and create a better playing experience!


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BT Public 24/7 finally back online after more then 4 months!

After a week of testing durability and new possibilities, I have made my decision to put it back online. Not much changes, every service will be online, including administration and information at the website. Ofcourse I will continue to improve BS, as I have done before. To keep up-to-date with the latest changes, I recommend you join the Discord server, the best way to communicate directly  :D 

Administration applying will be possible again, we currently have 3 administrators, 4 plus me. Click on the link in the post above this one for more information.

I wish everyone great fun on the server, don't forget about this game!

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Barotrauma Server announcement 18-04-2018


After a month of testing BT Public 24/7 #2 on a VPS, the decision has been made to put it online definitively. Thanks by donations over the years, it's possible to keep the server online for atleast 10 months! The server will be identical to #1, will be maintained 24/7 and will also be administrated by the team.


To prevent any confusion with possible 'fake' servers that popped up in the past, below the needed information for BT Public 24/7 #2:


PORT: 14242


Come join the community and be up-to-date with the latest information, improvements and events. Ask our mentors for help about the game or anything related to Barotrauma, call administrators when in need at the servers or place a report at the forums. And most important, share the daily happenings you experience in the wonderful world of Barotrauma ?


Short description

BT Public 24/7 #1 is being hosted since October 2016, aside from a few months gap last year around summer, it's been online ever since. I have always kept focus on keeping the services as public as possible and will continue to do so. Barotrauma is an amazing game, it shares a lot in gameplay with Space Station 13, one of my favourite games. Nowadays BT Public is not the only 24/7 maintained server and that's a good thing, it's a sign of grow in popularity around the game. I hope to see this game grow out to something way bigger, surely looking forward to what's yet to come.  ?


Enjoy playing at Barotrauma Server(s) and hope to see you coming by! 

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Oh yeah, I was actually just about to check it to post about that due to its creators being inspired by ss13, undertow games also made the original SCP containment breach game, glad that they are still making original content. Though really I was just about to post this before I opened this sub

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