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Crew Record: Tezotzotl

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Name: Tezotzotl

Age: 51

Gender: Female

Race: Vox

Blood Type: O+

General Occupational Role(s):

  • Scientific Chemist
  • Mechatronic Engineer
  • Station Engineer



Tezotzotl, or "Tezo", is an older vox from the arkship "Distant Ship of Nomads constructed from Titanic Structure, Experienced of Thirty-Two Suns, Untouched by Outsiders, Foundation of Ten Hosts and Ten Trees", otherwise known as "Distant Foundation". She came to work for Nanotrasen in search of knowledge, and having found it, she stays to obtain more. She can often be cooperative, if not a bit grumpy, and is prone to lapse into her native speech.


  • Honorary Degree in Chemistry

     Tezo received an honorary degree in Chemistry following her publishing of her "Big Book of Bombs". This degree establishes that she has a great sum of knowledge in regards to chemicals and making them go 'boom'.

  • Basic Marksmanship Certification

     Tezo received this certification during her onboarding process with Nanotrasen. Her employment history shows that she has knowledge on firearms and how to put a round where she wants, but her age has caused some atrophy to those skills and her itchy trigger claw tends to relegate her to being more accurate-by-volume. She is noted to be exceptionally good with a Spikethrower, to Nanotrasen's chagrin.

  • Engine Engineer Certification

     Tezo received this certification during her onboarding with Nanotrasen. Her employment history has given her experience in working with a variety of engines, ranging from Supermatter engines to Singularity.


Employment Records:



  • Vox Skipjack Raider

     In her youth, Tezo, like many Primalis, spent time on a raiding skipjack. This is a sour mark on her application to Nanotrasen, however it does provide a variety of skills that are desirable, such as firearms proficiency.

  • Arkship Maintenance Crew

      Following her time onboard the skipjacks, she spent a lot of her years on the arkships themselves, assisting in maintaining the large shell of added modules. These ranged from engines and atmospherics hubs to scientific hubs. In her time working and maintaining these modules, she gained great proficiency in construction, engine maintenance, research, and chemistry, which is ultimately what caused Nanotrasen to hire her.

Security Records:



Like most vox hired by Nanotrasen, Tezotzotl has been involved with security a number of times.

  • Aggrivated Assault: After an argument with a chef, Tezotzotl did some time after clawing out the chef's eyes and deep frying them. It is presumed the argument that led to the incident was related to KFV.
  • Minor Theft: She has been known to opportunistically steal items laying around. Oftentimes, she is more than willing to return them if caught. Known theft targets tend to be medications, empty IV bags, cardboard boxes, and, strangely, plush toys.

It is recommended that, in the event of Tezotzolt committing a crime, that the crime be told to her directly. She is known to resist if Security is too pushy, or does not explain the reason for her detainment.

Medical Records:



  • Tezotzotl shows degradation to her cortical stack - likely due to her advanced age. 
  • Tezotzotl has had cybernetic augments put in. These augments include: Breathing Tube, Integrated Toolset, Wire Interface
  • Tezotzotl has been slated for psychiatric evaluation after multiple incidents where she broke down, desiring to ascend beyond her "meat puppet". What she means by this is not fully known, but it is suspected that she wishes to become akin to the AI systems that are standard on most Nanotrasen stations.

Personnel Photo (Appearance text):


An older teal-skinned vox female with a grand crest of greying blue quills. She carries herself with a hunched back and a resting look that makes her appear grumpy. 


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