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Crew Record: L.O.O.T

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Name : L.O.O.T (Full meaning unknown)

Age : Unknown, >17 (Years passed since first employment)

Gender : N/A (Appears to refer to itself as "I", "we", "unit" in a repetitive cycle)

Race : Machine / Integrated Positronic Chassis (IPC)

Blood Type : N/A

General Occupational Roles : N/A


Biography : Unknown. Added by Central Command's high dimensional affair department:

Incident log B-14836317-A: Transmission of unknown origin received through bluespace fluctuation encoding, received when crew record was added to database. Decrypted message is as follow: "Greetings, CUSTOMER NAME! We at DATABLOCK EIGHTEEN HAS FAILED TO INITIALIZE are happy to tell you that your surrogate employee model One P See has been delivered to your station. Please remember that all surrogate employees must remain linked to server N-Na-ame $-er-re to function correctly. We hope that you will enjoy your new employee and remember to pay it using DATASET CORRUPTED loot. Please remember not to set SURROGATE NAME version ERROR INTEGER NEGATIVE minus one point eight as-s-s-s-as $/!¤." Other half of message failed to be decrypted.


Qualifications : Unknown, employee suffers from memory corruption and has a "random" set of skill and knowledge that often changes due to it's own maintenance on it's memory core. Unit L.O.O.T is to pass a competency test in all jobs before the start of every shift in order to be allowed to work. To haste this process, it is allowed to connect to the station's intranet to participate in the tests virtually.


Employment Records :

Origin: Unknown. LOOT was first sighted aboard the NSS Kerberos when it exited a maintenance tunnel with no ID or belongings, immediatly going toward the Head of Personal's line to apply for a job (After attempting to break in to steal an action figure). It was from now on considered as a standard Nanotrasen employee, it maintained efficiency in it's work for seventeen years, or since LOOT was first found and hired.

The only records attesting of LOOT's possible previous existence are in possession of rival corporations, the age of these records are unknown.

Note: The skillset database of this IPC is highly corrupted, as such it is hard to estimate the depth and variety of it's knowledge.


Security Records : 

High record of petty theft and simply theft, always reguarding physical items. This unit was explained many times the law of Nanotrasen and it's standard operation procedures but keeps ignoring the part reguarding theft. Do not offer this unit any leaway if caught with stolen belongings.

Is known for having very random knowledge and care for SOP and Space Law. Somehow varying from shift to shift.


Medical Records : 

Psychological record: Subject has shown mild kleptomaniac tendencies. Will usually only steal objects if they are not in their owner's hands or bag. It also been observed that it often uses tarrot cards to choose how to act in certain situations. It explained that it was a "backup system due to the unstability of our emotionnal algorithms".

Engineering record: This unit is made of a mix of parts dating from as early as yesterday, freshly printed and still shiny prosthetics but also from prosthetics wich, based on carbon analysis seems to recount the founding of New Canaan. Somehow, none of this impact the unit's ability to perform tasks efficiently. The only worrying part being it's personality matrix being highly corrupted, some part of it's code even missing. It is connected to a distant entity using bluespace communications wich may be the only reason LOOT is even sentient.

Engineering record update: LOOT's personality matrix has shown sign of recovery for no apparent reason while it was working as a cargo technician. The quartermaster says that after holding a piece of metal found in the shuttle for a few minutes in front of his monitor, apparently scanning it, LOOT became a bit more expressive and energetic.
Update: L.O.O.T appears to be a surrogate unit connected to a distant server, possibly through bluespace. Employee has refused to answer on that question. Causality stabilizations due to super matter cristal destruction or heavy bluespace unstability have been seen to "disconnect" (Hypothesis) L.O.O.T from it's server, sending it into a pseudo-death state for a few seconds. After wich it restarts as if nothing happened.


Personnel Photo (Appearance text) : 

As you glance toward it, you see a working pile of.. Scrap ? You not sure but this truly seems like the best description. Loot is made of parts that seems to have been obtained, attached, lost and replaced at varying moments of it's life.. Some are full of rusts and what you hope is only moss and not some form of domesticated kudzu, even having mices going in and out of some parts, apparently without damaging or interrupting it's inner workings ; you think you also saw one or two butterflies napping on a flower growing out of the back of LOOT's monitor.

Suddenly, your instinct tells you to check if nothing is falling out of your pockets or bag, even if you are not sure why.


Other Notes : OOC: Every time L.O.O.T needs a skillset that was no part of it's original job, I roll a dice to see if he can download it from the server. If it is above five, it can, and the bigger the number the bigger the skillset (Speed of me clicking) is. Otherwise he just crash for five seconds, monitor first to the ground.

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