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Employee Record: Hafnium


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Name: Hafnium

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Race: Plasmaman

Blood Type: N/A

Height: 6’10” (208.28 cm)

Languages: Gutter (Native), Galactic Common (Second)



Much of Hafnium’s early life and childhood she has refused to disclose. What is known is that Hafnium was found in a modified cloning machine as an infant by a smuggling ship; when she was first found the machine was holding her in some form of stasis, but she was awoken by the smuggling crew who decided to raise her. As the smugglers were almost constantly working and talking in Gutter, this actually is Hafnium’s native language. At one point in her childhood, around eleven years old, Hafnium’s hands were replaced with synthetics to allow for easier manipulation, and she began working with the smugglers, rather than just living with them.

Around the age of sixteen Hafnium began to work aboard a Nanotrasen station as a cargo aide, helping to move crates and boxes, and it was discovered later that during this time she also began an unofficial internship with a xenobiologist aboard the station. After two years of this work and her promotion to a fulltime cargo technician, an accident involving a gravitational anomaly caused her to lose her left arm, which needed to be replaced with a fully synthetic arm. About a year later, she began to officially work under the xenobiologist on the station, who claimed she had a natural aptitude working with slimes, even without formal training. After working on the previous station for roughly six more years, Hafnium transferred sectors to where she is now.



While Hafnium has no official schooling, she has had a substantial amount of hands-on training in labs, especially xenobiology and working with slimes. She also has a considerable amount of experience working with and moving heavy cargo.


Employment Records: 

Hafnium first began working with Nanotrasen at the age of sixteen, where she was an assistant to the cargo department on a small station, as well as the unofficial intern of a xenobiologist aboard the station. After three years of working there she was offered an official internship and continued to work on the station for the next six years before transferring to the current sector.


Security Records:

Hafnium’s security records are something of a mess. There are numerous different bounties that are out on her head, with clients ranging from Kidan clans to Unathi tribes, and demands ranging from wanting her brought in alive to wanting the relic presented to the client, with her head alongside it. Most bounties that have been put out on Hafnium are years old, and seem to have been withdrawn by now, or possibly accepted.


Medical Records:

Medically speaking, Hafnium is unique among most other Plasmamen due to the presence of a skin-like tissue covering her body. The reason for this is a mystery, and the best guess that Hafnium can give is that it has to do with the machine that she was found in. While this is an interesting anomaly for her, it is noticed that it seems to have little to no benefit to her, primarily causing her to look different than most others of her species. The only other differences noted between Hafnium and other Plasmamen is that she has partially gained taste buds, but these seem to be particularly weak, only able to taste powerful flavors. Other than that, her skin has no true benefits, it reacts the same way to oxygen as normal, is just as easily burnt, and gaseous plasma is able to pass through the skin with ease. 

From a mental health standpoint, Hafnium has been diagnosed with a number of mental difficulties. It is important to note that she has a therapist that she sees outside of work hours, and rarely if ever trusts the onboard psychiatrist enough to see them while she is working. 


Employee Photo:

Art by the amazing Drakeven!


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