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I was deepfried and eaten


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One shift I was a Cling ai (yes, a cling ai. Even the Admin was confused)

So, started off normal. Just planning to unleash the power of the sun on the station, as ye do, hacking APC's to get more runtime, blah blah blah.

At some point the Cap wants me to change my law set so Ian, the bestest boi on the station, would be protected. Of course as it was my first time playing Antag AI, I made a new rule, thinking that it was normal 😐

Boy was I wrong

Now I had all of command on my Holographic arse, and not only was I panicking trying to get the Borg assisting me to screw with the air, THE FECKING CLOWN HAD PENATRATING ROUNDS 

Not the way I wanted it to go, but hey I shoulda prepared better.


Command managed to get my card after I was disabled (fecking clown...) and they did what you'd expect. Ran me through RnD, blah blah blah boring stuff.

Next thing you know, the person carrying my card hopped over the kitchen bench, and deep fried the card.


Ate me.

I was dead, so at least I wasnt being fried alive (or, powered idk). BUT STILL. Not expected at all, but I had a good laugh.

So yeah that's the story how I was deepfried and eaten as a Ai 👍

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