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Librarian TV Reporter stuff


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Hi, this is my first forum post here but I've been playing here since 2014 or something, I've done other stuff on other servers some of those things are:

Bathtubs for civ13
Over 40 onplayer sprite additions to civ13
Money counter for civ13 AOTD gamemode
Some vending machines for civ13 AOTD gamemode

Ok so this is what I wanted to add, maybe someone can vote on it or something, itt's just some minor stuff and I'll get working on the PR with pictures and descriptions of everthing if you guys somehow approve it and I could also add more stuff later on:

Librarian TV Reporter stuff:
1) Fix TV camera onplayer sprite.
2) Add a cool TV reporter jacket.
3) Add a cool TV reporter credential that works similar to the holobadge.

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