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Crew Record of Employee: Korval Kellar


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Name: Korval Kellar

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Unathi

Blood Type: O+


General Occupational Role(s):

-Chief Engineer

-Engine Technician


-Surgeon (Part time)

-Seasonal Captain



Kellar was born in a small town on Moghes, in the year 2544 AD. Lived there for 17 years.

At age 16, both his mother and father disappeared due to unknown reasons. Clan related tensions are suspect. 

For the next 14 months, Kellar earned his keep by building machines from scrap metal and selling them to anybody who would buy them. Eventually, he was taken offworld by a vox.

Together they dealt in illegal arms trade. Kellar was designer and builder and the vox was the salesman.

Despite gaining a respect for each other, the parted ways when Kellar was 19 years of age. 

At the age of 20, Kellar enlisted with Nanotrasen in the engineering department.

Over the next year, Kellar branched out to other fields



Kellar has no recorded official qualifications outside of Nanotrasen's own certifications.

Kellar's certifications include:

Basic through Advanced command.

Basic through Advanced Supermatter design and operation.

Basic through Advanced Supermatter instruction.

Basic through Moderate atmospherics operation and Basic certification in atmospheric design.

Basic atmospheric instruction.

Basic through advanced engineering.

Basic through advanced engineering instruction.

Basic Internal Affairs.

Basic through Moderate first aid and general medical action.

Basic through Moderate surgery.

Basic through Moderate in robotics.


Employment Records:

During Kellar's time at Nanotrasen, he has recorded numerous hours in different jobs. These are ranked from highest to least.

-Chief Engineer

-Engine Technician

-Station Engineer

-Medical Doctor


-Atmospheric Technician



-Internal Affairs Agent

Security Records:

Kellar has no criminal record aboard the NSS Cyberiad, but four warrants are currently out for his arrest in three different systems as a result of his history of illegal arms dealing.


Medical Records:
Hight: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)
Weight: 175 pounds (79.4 kilos)

Kellar's shortness appears to be genetic in nature. Kellar claims it is a result of genetic experimentation on his great grandfather in an attempt to produce a more apt mining subject. Supposedly it was passed down through the generations.

Has reported being hard of hearing on several occasions. It is unknown if this can be linked to his preferred profession.

As of his last observation, Kellar is in good physical health, but has been reported of having some signs of early depression.

It is theorized that Kellar avoids sinking into a deeper depression via his work, but the validity and effectiveness of this is questionable.

Therapy and close observation of Kellar is advisable.

Kellar has been advised to carry a small plushie with him during regular hours for comfort.

As of latest update, Kellar seems to have lost his depressive symptoms, but observation is still recommended.


Personnel Photo:



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Heyy nice, I've seen him around! Always good to see more records. :D

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