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Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective

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Name: Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detetive

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Race: Human

General Occupational Role(s):  Looking for new jobs, Tourist (Special title Gentleman Detective or The Gentleman Detective).

Appearance:  A man in his late forties, yet there is something ageless about him. A curious glint in his eyes reveal his massive intellect and his well trimmed moustache reveals his great sense of style. He speaks with a posh accent and is clearly of the upper class. Rarely seen without his walking cane, monacle and smoking pipe.




Parts of chapters taken from " My life as a Gentleman Detective" by Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective.

Chapter 1, The birth of a Detective by Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective

On a dark December day, from the house of a noble family in the glorious Empire of Space Britain, the cry of a baby could be heard. Such a beautiful and rich voice had seldom been heard in all of the Empire. The proud mother and father held the child aloft and beamed of pride. "He shall be named Brent Savoir, and he shall become a Gentleman Detective, just like his father." said Burt Savoir - Gentleman Detective.

Chapter 45, The first case of the Gentleman Detective.

And thusly I had exposed my neighbour's dog as the actual thief of the prize ham hock my mother had made and not the poor homeless man at the end of the street. I had learned a big lesson. A gentleman is only as good as hist word!

Chapter 163, Protecting my marbles from the Schoolyard Bully

As I dodged the first blow of the schoolyard bully, I had estimated his reach well. His fist missed me with the breadth of a hair. My counter punch to the side of his jaw sent him sprawling on the gravelly schoolyard. Since that day no one tried to steal my marbles again. A year later, I was the marble champion.

Chapter 554, The Vox Assasination plot thwarted by Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective

Our eyes met and our souls connected as the vox was screaming in pain from the bullet shot by the duke's assassin. I knew then that me and Lady Woolworth, although so completely different because her family supported the prince instead of the queen, would always be connected. However, I did not know that destiny and circumstance would always push us apart. Our moments together would always be fleeting but oh so sweet. 

Chapter 2036, The cowardly escape and hidingplace of Roger Foulmoore

"My hiding place shall be a space station so infested with crime and incompetence that you will see my subtle hand behind everything even though I won't be responsible. These people will break you and turn you from a Gentleman, into a ruffian like me. Good luck Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective". The note was unmistakably written by Roger Foulmoore. Besides the almost illegible handwriting, the sign of an uncultured boob, there was also the stench of his pomade and the grease he used to shine his hair soaking the parchment. I knew of the station he spoke of. The Cyberriad. I shall go there. I shall find him. I shall bring him to justice.


My Qualifications, By Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective

  • The etiquette and poise of a True Gentleman of Space Britain.
  • Master of deduction. 
  • Encyclopedic knowledge of criminals, crime and it's execution.
  • All encompassing memory where no fact escapes.
  • Keen senses that misses no clue. 
  • Master boxer, fencer and lover.
  • Famous writer of adventure and mystery novels featuring Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective.


Notes on Mr. Savoir. Helen Partridge, Nanotrasen Security.

I can't make up my mind if this is the smartest man in the galaxy or a completely lunatic. Since I was a kid I've been reading the books about his escapades and having a chance to meet the man before he is allowed aboard a Nanotrasen vessel was a chance I couldn't refuse. He is clearly a man of mystery and has somehow managed to build his own legend. When he introduces himself, it's as if he's expecting you to know who he is. He also really likes the sound of his own name, since he keeps repeating it every chance he gets. All his books seemed based on truth with a little extra spice of storytelling but after meeting him I'm not certain what I believe. Maybe it's all true, maybe it's not. Speaking to him only makes you even more confused. He is a true man of mystery with a lot of stories to share. Nobody could fault his manners. Polite, punctual and with a certain British charm, he is quite the treat to talk to. 

I do approve of his stay at the Cyberriad. Even if he doesn't find this "arch-criminal" that he's searching for, I'm sure he will be entertaining to the crew and the other tourists.  


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Putting this up since I don't play Brent enough these days. I was wondering if you had some ideas on new directions I can take him. Most rounds you don't get any interesting cases, even as the security detective. I've been pondering Ntrep and command roles but I think he is a bit to silly for them, especially since he NEEDS to constantly have his title changed into "Gentleman Detective". Any suggestions welcome!


I might also put some of his stories here later, so keep your eyes on this page!

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Here is one of the first "good" Brent Savoir stories I wrote for his regular newschannel "The Curious Cases of Brent Savoir". It's formatted so that each part will fit inside one newscaster article. If you want you can upload it into your newscaster channel to spice it up!

I know it looks massive, but if you get people to read it in parts, it's quite digestable.



Saving the Kings Bacon pt. 1

"BRENT! BRENT!" The king, himself crashed into my bedroom while I was taking my morning tea. I had been invited as a guest for his grand celebration of the unveiling of his portrait made by the famous lady Elsa Woolworth. Astute readers will recognize Lady Woolworth as a recurring character of my adventures. She often appears in my stories, for she often appears in my thoughts, but why that is, is for another time. After speaking to the king, it appeared that his prize pig, Jocelyn, had escaped the pen under mysterious circumstances. As the whole kingdom of space Britain knows, the King is a big fan of bacon and that is why his pigs are such prized possessions. Jocelyn was of great stock, a sturdy sow with a jolly demeanor. Giving the pig pen a careful study I came upon something strange. A note that said: "Can you solve the case of the stolen bacon, Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective?"


Saving the Kings Bacon pt. 2

The King was in an uproar. On this auspicious day his prize pig had been stolen. I worried little, for I was a gentleman of the upper class and my massive intellect had already begin to process this magnificent mystery. A personal note to me would indicate a kidnapper with knowledge of my presence, my skill and with the brass bollocks to steal the kings prized pig. The possibilities ran through my mind like waterdrops down a waterfall. Whatever trajectory their path started on, they all landed on the same suspect. Roger Foulmoore. My arch-nemesis. One of the greatest master criminals known to this universe. If anyone would steal the Kings prize pig and get away with it, it was him. Pondering my next move I journeyed to the castle library for some meditation. The guard infront of the library asked me to show some for of ID. I handed over my business card which says "Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective".


Saving the Kings Bacon pt. 3

This case was a strange on indeed. A missing pig. An empty pen. No clues besides a note left by Roger Foulmoore, the scummiest of all scum. However, knowing mr Foulmoore did this was enough for me. I had been suspecting he would try something during the kings celebration, but never something as bald faced daring as this. Because of my suspiciouns, I had carefully studied all the castle personnel beforehand. None of them had raised my suspiciouns before, meaning the culprit, who must have had free access to the castle, must be a guest. Receiving the guestlist from the kings Seneschal, Rhubart Rutabaga, I went through the names one by one, meeting each guest. The one name that stood out to me however was Regor Mummyson. It was rumored he was an eccentric who always wrapped himself in cloth, like a mummy. Perhaps a strange turn of his mind or perhaps a devious disguise by a criminal mastermind. Knocking on his door I called out "Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective"


Saving the Kings Bacon pt. 4

A man opened, all dressed in rags. I reached out my hand for a manly handshake which he accepted. Little did he know that I was feeling his right hand for Foulmoores signature ring and just like I thought, on his right ringfinger there was a ring easily felt through the cloth. I smiled and started chatting as if I was a friend but my true purpose was scanning the room after the hidingplace of the prized pig. A sack, hanging from the ceiling, wriggling with something pig sized inside was all the proof I needed. "Whats in that sack" I asked and pointed with my oaken cane at the sack. Knowing he had been caught and trying to stall for time, he moved towards the window where the rope holding the sack was tied. I called out for him to stop, but he revealed his true purpose as he rushed towards the rope, pulling a knife and sliced it with a deft stroke. I could hear Jocelyn the pig squeal as she was falling from the ceiling. The only one who could save her was Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective.


Saving the Kings Bacon pt. 5

My brain, thinking faster than it ever has before, realized as the pig had yet to start fall, that I could never catch it without being crushed under it's weight. However, next to me was one of the kings fluffiest ottomans. With a firm kick I sent it sliding over the floor, with the heavy pig crashing into it from above. Foulmore had removed his bandage and his evil eyes was staring at me again, knowing I had once again bested him. Readying my cane for a duel, I moved in close but the scoundrel leaped out the window. I would have given chase, if it wasn't for Jocelyn who may have been hurt. I could hear Foulmoore cursing my name as he made his escape. Jocelyn was safe, the King soon arrived and as a reward he offered me the old mansion on Coventgarden. I accepted, knowing he would be displeased if I said no. A year later I had placed my placard on the mansion door. It read "Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detective"

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