Missing item list in exosuit fabricator

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I am not familiar with the codebase, but I am wondering if it is possible to update the interface from the exosuit fabricator.

Currently when you click on the exosuit fabricator, the first page you see is the materials that are in the fabricator and the category of items (cyborg, medical, other etc.). However, when you click on one of the category (for example, "cyborg"), it brings up a list of cyborg components that can be built and the materials required to build them. However, this page is now missing the materials that are currently in the fabricator. Similarly, if you are in the batch printing screen and do not have enough materials (printing multiple items at once), it will only tell you that you do not have enough resources.

Suggestion -

a) When you are selecting the items being built, where it also shows you the material it required, change the text such that materials that are missing or not enough are shown in red. This will be similar to the protolathe when you are trying to build item that you do not have enough material of

b) When batch printing items in the exosuit fabricator, make it such that it will list the total materials needed and materials that are missing/not enough will be shown in red.

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