Case File: 20 JUN 2564

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He visited the station again today. He's getting bolder with his attempts to recruit people, and he actually succeeded this time. We need to get KR and the others to rally together soon, before he gets any more followers or souls. I've written a report of what happened; hopefully it helps us figure out what we need to do to stop him.

If he gets any more powerful, we might be too late. I'll keep in touch.

Adrien Volvol

Date: 20th June 2564 | 8:10AM

Location: NSS Cyberiad


Subject(s): Chill; Shaun Bode; Rube Koster; Duke Silver


As I boarded the station with the clean-up crew between shifts, I headed to the Chapel. Apparently someone had set up an elaborate sigil and placed candles in the center. I couldn't get concrete prints for who made it; seems like a bunch of people's blood ended up mixed in with the original lines. 

According to witness reports, a floating raven mask appeared in the middle of the rune and began spouting his usual jargon. Well, usual to us - I'm sure the crew had no idea what to make of it, at first. It seems the Chaplain was convinced that it was his Void god initially, but he was twigged off to birdbrain's true identity by the fact he made them pledge their souls to him. He got the mime to remove the candles trapping him in the ritual, and...well.

The poor Chaplain didn't stand a chance after that; video recordings of the Medbay indicated that the mime and two civilians turned allegiances on a dime, beating the guy to a pulp. In the chaos, it looks like all of them got away unpunished. The mime even dragged the guy back to show off the corpse to crowface.

I can't believe what people are saying happened next, but guards on the Trurl seem to verify it - and those guys don't lie, generally. Chill turned into a goddamn xenomorph, got on the escape shuttle, and survived the trip back. I assume that was his reward for being a loyal servant, but - how? What was the goal, here? I didn't know the demon was able to transform his followers like this. 


The more I look into this, the more I wish I'd stayed out of it. I'm not a demon hunter; I'm a detective.

Thank you for the great event! It was nice to do something as a reward for someone's hard work setting up an interesting set-piece. Hopefully it was fun for those involved. This is the kind of thing I want to do, and I'm excited to share some of the stories and characters I have in mind with those willing to see them.

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