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  1. Yeah that's a justification acceptable, a better justificaton than Esenno said (personally, considering the fact that you can easily EVA the ghetto way) you got a big point, even if you can do the same as explorer but its harder as explorer when you dont have a mechanic available to build you a pod. (sorry if i express myself very badly, im not sure what i said is clear)
  2. Oh ok nice, yes there is more important things to take care before. I still hope the cost will be reduced lol.
  3. Hello fellow irradiated spess men. i totally dont get why mechanic is 30KP when you have a brig physicisian at 5 only which is literally a personal doctor for security and mechanics, well, they just do space pods, repair pods and thats all folks. Can someone enlight me about this?
  4. Hi, im not totally new but i never goes to the forum, so well, i am here, you will often see me on station as Nishanta Payani (a skrell) or Dakota Rosegun (always with her fez), often as roboticist, coroner or maybe mechanics when i will have enough karma
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