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  1. This might actually be the crux of the matter, Instastuns don't exist in a vacuum. I not a hardened vetran of paradise, but who besides Security actually has access to Ranged Instant Stunning? To clarify, We're talking about Instant Stuns at range yes? We're Not lumping in Stun Guns in right?
  2. This is a strange story, but I'm not sure what the admins would make of it, but here goes. I'm working the HoP Desk, doing my paperwork duty, when an announcement comes over the PA about changelings. Not a minute later A changeling With an arm blade tries attacking someone just outside the Cargo Delivery Office. I notify security, and run out there with my little tiny disabler to try to save the person being attacked. I apparently am not the only one thinking this as a fully kitted up miner, a civilian, and a cargo tech moving a duffelbag full of surgical gear (I assume it was for brig bay) quickly join the fray. I barely manage to get a shot off before the Changeling is promptly knocked to the ground, tossed onto the Deliver office table and it's head sawn open. Brain removed, job done. It was amazing to witness. Like some sort of choreographed ballet performed by the least likely dance group ever. Was the mob (myself included) In the right to do what we did? We saw the armblade, we saw the blood spilt, and everyone there jumped into action like the worlds deadliest flash mob.
  3. One option that might be worth considering is changing how the taser works to be more in line with present day Tasers. In other words, let the Taser have it's real world disadvantages. I'm going to go out on a limb and make the assumption that the reader is familiar with how a TASER works in theory. Also I'm not talking about stun guns, stun guns are basically what the Stun baton is, they're not actually a ranged tool. Possible Things to take from real world Tasers One or Two shots. Currently available Tasers fire a pair of needles/darts on wires, if both needles hit the target it'll complete a circuit and allow the Taser to deliver it's payload. These 'shots' are held in cartridges at the front of the taser, and when fired release a blast of small confetti like dots as well as the needles and wires making the circuit. Currently the TASER X2 has the capability for 2 shots and the TASER X3 has 3 shots Limited Range. That Needle-Wire-Taser Circuit thing is important for another thing, It limits the range they can be fired to about 15 feet on most models. Other ranges have slightly longer range, with the Taser X2 having a 35 ft. range. Health Effects Who knew that several tens of thousand volts going through a body could be unhealthy! Ignoring for a moment that whoever is hit is going to suddenly fall to the ground (which in SS13's case is typically a hard metal floor) There's a chance that the shot will cause breathing problems, cardiac arrhythmia, seizure, and other problems. How we could apply these to SS13 AKA. Transforming the current model into the cartridge based one we use today. One Shot before you need to reload. This will make firing the Taser a consumable item, you now have to decide wether or not firing it is worth it. Confetti. The taser should deposit it's confetti on the floor. It'll have to be cleaned up, in theory it could also be used to identify who's taser was fired (Thats it's use IRL) Cartridge based firing system. You have one shot, to fire again you need to reload. In theory the SecVend might have extra cartridges or they could be fabricated somehow, but even so, Items in Secvends tend to run out quickly, and an antag could easily disrupt the supply chain to get more shots. Limited Range. Limit how close the Taser has to be to fire to just a few squares and suddenly firing off a shot becomes a bit more tricky and dangerous. Health Effects. This I think could be explored in many ways. Diffrent Races could easily interact with getting Tased very differently. Who knows what several thousand volts do to an IPC? Or a Vox? Or a Slimeperson? Or a Plasmaman in their suit? Would the person who fired the taser not then have to take them to Medbay or Brig Bay? Long Story short, Changing the Magic Spessman Taser into the Modern Day Taser would create a lot of interesting "Reality Ensues" Moments while nerfing The taser in an interesting fashion. Edit: While doing Research I learned that one of the civilian Tasers, the TASER PULSE, has a feature where it informs the cops if it's fired. Adding a system like that might be a neat idea as well. If it informs the police that somebody used a precious taser shot, or if it informs the public.
  4. That sounds like something an Ian killer would say.
  5. The character I play, Allen Wilkerson, isn't much like me at all. Allen's pretty dang proactive and doesn't sweep things under the rug. The main traits we share are the Sleep problems and the infrequent Spanish words. (For example, calling the Chaplain "Padre")
  6. Under current Space Law, Ian only counts as station property. Killing Ian only results in a 5 minute stint in the brig, however Ian's death will create an absurd level of chaos among the crew and dammage moral. Therefore Killing Ian needs to result in a heavier sentence.
  7. Hello, I've been playing for a while, I'm Allen Wilkerson in game, but I go by Kpiozero. Nice to meet everyone!