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  1. Hello! I’m Jewsby, I only recently got into SS13 because my friend wanted me to try it out and I have been hooked ever since. I feel like I learn new things every round and I am happy to be a part of this community. If you want someone to be a nerd with, I’ll always be around. Also, if you know where I got Tapan from, you are my best friend.
  2. Name: Tapan Namaka Age: 26 Gender: Female Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: AB+ General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor, Chief Medical Officer, Paramedic, NanoTrasen Representative, Blueshield, Security Officer. Biography: Tapan Namaka was born on Herars III in 2542 grew up with her two parents (Fulford Namaka and Estari Namaka) and a brother (Fulford Namaka Jr.) In her youth, Tapan participated in speeder races which eventually led to her getting injured at 16. When Tapan turned 17 she enlisted into the Soviet Navy. Service was hard but she made good friends within her squad. She was originally meant to serve 10 years, however her service was cut short due to her being medically discharged. After being released from [MEDICAL CLEARANCE REQUIRED] she went back to Herars to visit family, but found it was hard to go back to civilian life and eventually applied to work for NanoTrasen 2 years later, seemingly out of desperation. Qualifications: Marksmanship Training Riot Control Combat first-aid (advanced) Field surgery Employment Records: Medical Records: Other Notes: Tapan really likes chocolate though she is allergic to Cocoa beans.
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