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  1. i think i've lost my voice from laughing at this so hard
  2. In all honesty, the "newer" borgs from /tg/ should be partially ported over, since right now, medical borgs (from what i can tell) can't do a whole lot in the surgery side of things since they flat out cant remove/implant organs, and they cant reattach limbs. they're are crazy useful for SR revival, But if the a limb is dead, they're entirely unable to revive the limb. (more of a oversight with how surgery works with laser scalpel rather than an issue with medborg) Even mentioning the fact mediborg cant pickup organs seem to make people say "mediborgs aren't meant to be soloing medical", And this argument is just silly in my opinion, since almost every medical round, it boils down into ~3 medical staff doing all of med, so why can't a (most of the time) single borg join in on helping med without asking for help from other medical staff, and basically having them take over the surgery? And all of that is just for surgery. from bits i've played on the /tg/ codebase, mediborg gets a hypospray upgrade, that expands on the types of chems the borg gets to use. While paracode doesn't have as many chems as /tg/ has, i don't see why letting mediborg get a upgrade that lets them use hydro, manitol, salbu, and maybe mutadone, since again, aside from salbutamol, med borg need help from other people to use basic meds like manitol, making it VERY hard to help people that need to be revived in a busy medbay. And emaged medborgs should get ether in the hypospray. NOW to enji borgs. I've seen other codebases have a "all in one" circuit, for airlocks, air alarms, fire locks, and fire alarms. And again, shifting the RCD over to a module upgrade. Jani borg? remove the entire wasd auto cleaning, maybe make it a module upgrade, and also giving them a bluespace trashbag upgrade might be good. Now mining and service borgs are pretty fine imo, although removing the stun arm from mining borg, and giving them a auto pressure mod for the KPA when emaged, could be interesting. The entire stun side of borgs is something that isn't going to fit in this box. But removing the stun side of things for borgs getting flashed, but leaving the blinding, and maybe disabling a module or two on rng? Could make fighting borgs on both sides less.. enji borg insta wins unless sec knows your emaged. TLDR: Give medborgs hands, remove hydro from basic hypospray, and add a upgrade for them that gives them, Hydro, salbu, mani, and mutadone, and while emaged, ether. Give enjiborgs a circuit fab/all in one circuit, make the RCD a upgrade. Remove auto cleaning from janiborg, and give them a bluespace trashbag upgrade, and maybe a wasd cleaning upgrade. Maybe change the miningborgs emaged tool(?) to be a auto pressure modded KPA. P.S I wasn't entirely sure if i should have made an entire new topic for something that's already been posted about, so lemme know if this should be its own topic.
  3. Right?? It's used so rarely that people don't know how crazy op it is.
  4. Literally the title, its bafflingly ridiculous overpowered. The fact that you can throw a gas grenade at someone in a full space hardsuit, and internals and STILL instantly paralyze them for however long its in their system, is utterly broken. Removing the paralyzing affect all together could be 100% justified in my opinion, a instant paralyzing reagent is way too broken to be left in the game, very much so since new stun has become a thing. quickedit ALSO the fact that you can gas people through space proof hardsuits is a bit silly. (yes ik this is a very low effort coping type of post, but its baffling that this hasn't been changed yet.)
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