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To coordinate the effort of contributors, a manual of style is required to be discussed and decided upon. All aspects of styling, from how information is displayed or written to how our wiki is accessible on a macroscale is defined in this set of articles.


  1. Clarity. Information should be clear to readers, and presented in the best possible manner.
  2. Consistency. Styling, formatting, etc. should be consistent from article-to-article.
  3. Accuracy and detail. Text and images should be as accurate as possible describing the game, preferring original information and seriousness.

In view of the availability of comprehensive Wikipedia guides, manuals, and references, all details should be deferred there. As detailing the aspects of writing wikicode is cumbersome and the quality of Wikipedia's documentation very high, links to Wikipedia's content will be provided at sections and the manual here will present here information that directly affects Paradise Station Wiki. In addition,

A Good Article

A Good Article is a level of quality of articles that Wikipedia has set as the standard that all articles should strive to be. It is not always realistic for every page to be a good article but when writing or editing an article, contributors should keep these requirements/checkboxes in mind.

A Good Article is:

  1. Is well written, on topic, and accurate
    1. The Article follows the MOS's Typography and Prose requirements
    2. The information contained is up to date to the latest PR
    3. Irrelevant, Ambiguous, or needlessly in-depth information is not present or is moved to another article
  2. Broad In its Coverage
    1. All mechanics of a feature are explained
    2. Any relevant information to a role, mechanic, or concept are included
    3. The Main aspects of the topic are addressed and well explained
  3. Well Organized
    1. The Article has a lead section that summarizes the main points of the article in 1-2 paragraphs or less
    2. The Article follows a pyramid structure (BROAD: Most Relevant and Simple Information -> SPECIFIC: Complex/Specific/Nuanced Information)
    3. The article has proper formatting and header organization assists the reader
  4. Illustrated
    1. When necessary, images are used to illustrate referenced objects/locations/roles
    2. mockup/staged in-game screenshots illustrate explained scenarios
    3. Diagrams breakdown/highlight explanations and concepts

This checklists is most relevant for guide and role pages.