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This page is dedicated to documenting the many item interactions within the game. As there are a vast number of these interactions, some of which are hard to remember, this page should act as a helpful guide for players, new and old. Most interactions weren't documented well, or even at all, but this page aims to improve the game's flow by having all of these interactions in one place so players can easily access them.

Item Interactions by Category


Action Requirements Result
Weld shut / Unweld Airlock
Engineering Tools + Mixed Metal Constructions
Engineering Tools + Harm Intent
(Eye protection recommended)
You will weld the Airlock shut, or if it's already welded shut you will unweld it
Note: Airlock needs to be closed to weld shut
Weld shut / Unweld Vent
Engineering Tools + Where to Get Pipes or Where to Get Pipes
Engineering Tools
(Eye protection recommended)
You will weld the Vent or Scrubber shut, or if it's already welded shut you will unweld it
Electrify Grille
Metal Rod Constructions + Engineering Tools
Wiring a "Node" underneath a Grille Electrified Grilles will shock if you hit or attempt to cut
See Basic Wiring for "Node Wiring"


Action Requirements Result
Eject ID from PDA
Pda.png = Id regular.png
Alt-Click the PDA ID is moved to your hand
Eject Pen from PDA
PDA = Misc Items
Ctrl-Click the PDA Pen is moved to your hand


Action Requirements Result
Remove Paper from Airlock
Paper.png + Mixed Metal Constructions
Grab intent + left-click w/ empty hand The Paper is moved to your hand
Showing AI Papers via Camera
Paper.png + Mixed Metal Constructions
Paper + Security Camera
(AI Player as well)
You will show the AI the paper or picture in hand
Paper Airplane
Alt + left-click paper in hand You fold a paper into the shape of an airplane
Paper Hat
Equip Paper in your head slot Instant folded paper hat
Hide Papers in Vents
Where to Get Pipes + Engineering Tools + Paper.png
Open vents with screwdriver, then
you can click to remove or
place a paper inside the vent
You've hidden a paper inside the vents,
to get it back just click the vent again
(make sure to close the vent back for extra stealth)