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Item Description
Used to find the books you want. Only used by the Librarian
Newscasters when used properly can be very informative and entertaining, allowing crew to set up their own news channels to write articles and upload images. The Magistrate, Captain, Head of Security and IAA also have special permissions on the Newscaster system, allowing them to issue Wanted posters and censor news channels.


Item Description
You write on it with a pen. Use this to create paperwork or send fun notes to friends.
Paper Bin
Paper bin.png
Holds up to 30 sheets of paper
Comes in black, red, and blue. There is also a multicolor pen that has 6 color options you can switch from. Allows user to write on paper by clicking on paper while holding a pen.
Fancy Pen
Much like a regular pen however this one writes in cursive (italics).
Box of Crayons.png
Comes in many different colors. When used on paper it writes in big colorful comic sans font. You can also draw things on the floor and munch on crayons if you get hungry.
Can hold a large amount of loose-leaf paper
Hand labeler
Used to label items. Useful for identifying the owner of equipment or distinguishing bags of items such as Evidence.
Destination Tagger
Destination Tagger.png
Used to tag parcels and change where they go in the disposal mailing system.
Package Wrapper
Package wrapper.png
Used to wrap objects for shipping or gifting.
Fax Machine
Used to fax documents to other heads of staff or Central Command.
Long Distance Fax Machine
Long Distance Fax Machine.gif
Used to fax documents to other heads of staff or Central Command.
Place documents(or your butt) on this to copy them. Only copies to black and white.
Toner Cartridge
Toner Cartridge.png
Can be used on a photocopier to allow it to print 30 more pages.
Filing Cabinet
Can be used to store copious amount of paperwork.
Can be used to stamp staff emblems, approvals, and denials on paperwork.
Can take photos. Photo sizes can be 1x1, 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7.
Film Cartridge
Used on a camera to allow it to take 10 more photos.
Desk Bell
Desk Bell.png
Can be placed somewhere and clicked on to make it ring. Must be anchored in place with a wrench in order to use, can be deconstructed with a wrench on harm intent, and repaired with a screwdriver. Available on the cargo front desk at round-start and printable at an Autolathe


Item Description
Nian Flag
Nian Flag.png


Item Description
Cheap Lighter
File:Cheap Lighter.gif
Zippo Lighter
File:Zippo Lighter.gif
Box of Candles
File:Box of Candles.png
Contains 6 lightable candles
Deck of Cards
File:Deck of Cards.png
Comes with 54 cards. Right clicking the deck of cards offers all interactions you can have with it. Additionally there is a Double deck of cards variant.
Tarrot Cards
File:Tarrot Cards.png
A deck of tarrot cards for predicting your future!
Bop to the beat while working.
Grey Plushie
File:Grey Plushie.png
AHHHHH!!! Use it to give it a hug! Just be careful, if you splash water on it you'll melt you plushie friend!
Vox Plushie
File:Vox Plushie.png
SKREEEEE!!! Use it to give it a hug!
Fox Plushie
FileFox Plushie.png
An adorable, soft, and cuddly plushie.
Black Cat Plushie
File:Black Cat Plushie.png
An adorable, soft, and cuddly plushie.
Pet Rock
File:Black Cat Plushie.png
The perfect pet!