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Superiors: The Council of Space Vampires.
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: This is the guide.
Access: Anywhere your mist form will take you.
Duties: Complete your objectives, steal all the crew's blood.


Departmental Head

Antagonist Roles
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Antagonist Areas

You are a Vampire! Usually the terror of dark, stormy nights, this time you're working for the Syndicate and tasked with terrorizing the NSS Cyberiad. Your objectives will mirror those of regular traitors, except for the task of obtaining a certain amount of blood from living crew. Avoid anything to do with the Chaplain, particularly holy water, and good luck!

Starting Out

When you start out as a Vampire you have aboslutely zero usable blood and very few abilities. You are more or less on the same footing as any other crew member, as your starting abilities are very situational. You start out with Rejuvenate, Glare, and Hypnotize.

  • Hypnotize you won't be able to use until you've drained some blood, but it provides a short stun.
  • Glare only works for a few seconds, however, long enough for you to tie an individual.
  • Rejuvenate has a short cooldown, making it only useful for removing a single stun in most encounters.

In other words your abilities are good to escape from a situation and not much else. To actually acquire usable blood you will need to rely on your wits.

Exercise caution around the chapel and the chaplain, as the latter is immune to your powers, while the former will cause you to burst into flames if you remain within it for anything longer than a quick run through.

Sucking Blood

  • Make sure you're targeting the head.
  • Make sure you're on harm intent, and attack with an empty hand.
  • You will continue to suck blood until you move away from the victim, pick something up/swap hands, or until they run out of blood.

Sucking blood from a living person causes blood loss and oxygen deprivation. Sucking blood from a humanized monkey will fill your hunger, but not give you additional blood to use for your powers.

NOTE: Slime people, Plasmamen, and IPCs cannot have blood stolen as they do not have blood, make sure to remember this so you don't end up risking your cover only to bite into nothing.

Your First Victim

Acquiring your first victim is often very difficult. Here is a sample method:

  • Make some cable cuffs/a stun prod.
  • Glare your preferred target (or use a stunprod).
  • Tie them up, and remove their headset.
  • Drag them off and drain them of their blood!

After that you can use some of your more advanced abilities to get more victims.

Vampiric Powers

Name Unlock Cooldown Blood Cost Description


0 20 Seconds 0 Removes any and all stuns.


0 30 Seconds 0 You glare, causing targets within two tiles to be immediately stunned for a short period of time. The stun only lasts long enough to use cuffs, not to remove a headset or use hypnotize. Will not stun other vampires.


0 3 Minutes 20 You stare deeply into a target's eyes, causing them to be hypnotized. Takes a couple of seconds and knocks the individual unconscious for a little while; enough time to remove a headset and tie.


100 3 Minutes 50 Randomizes your identity, much like a DNA scrambler.
Vampiric Vision


100 N/A 0 Provides permanent thermal vision.
Diseased Touch


150 3 Minutes 100 Infects someone with Shutdown Syndrome, and mimics the "help" intent shake when used. Takes a very long time to kick in, don't plan on it as an instant stun.
Cloak of Darkness


150 N/A 0 Automatically cloaks you in dark areas, can be toggled on/off.


200 20 Seconds 0 Heals in addition to removing any and all stuns.
Summon Bats


200 2 Minutes 75 Summons up to two groups of vampire bats which will attack everyone, including your thralls, except you.
Chiroptean Screech


200 3 Minutes 30 Stuns all nearby humans, and shatters nearby glass objects. This will also stun your thralls but not other vampires.


250 5 Seconds 30 Teleports you to the nearest shadow. Warning! Will not teleport you if a dark tile is not in range.
Mist Form


300 1 Minute 30 Identical to wizard's Ethereal Jaunt spell, turns you non-corporeal for a moment. Shifting through space for a moment will still give you space damage but will not set you on fire.


300 3 Minutes 300 Turns a victim into your loyal slave. You and your victim must hold still or it will cancel the spell. Takes around ten seconds to complete and blood cost will not be refunded if the spell is disrupted. Thralls can be dethralled by using holy water.
Full Power


500 N/A 0 Chapel and holy water no longer causes you harm or blocks your abilities (Powers ignore the immunity of holy characters as well). Permanent X-Ray Vision.


  • DON'T STEP FOOT ANYWHERE NEAR SPACE. Space operates much the same as the chapel, and will cause you to spontaneously combust and subsequently die even if you've reached final form.
  • Drinking from dead bodies will only raise your total blood count and will not provide you with any usable blood, and drains at a rate of 5 units per cycle, rather than 10.
  • Humanized monkeys are able to have their blood drained, regular or simple mobs (non-humanized monkeys, mice, etcetera) are unable to have their blood drained.
  • The max amount of blood you can obtain from some one, in one sucking, is 227.75 units of blood.
  • Blood from containers (glasses, etc) does not count towards either your blood count total, or your usable blood.
  • Once you enthrall someone, they are bound to your will, and can only be freed by being force-fed holy water. If they refuse to do anything you say, including charging to their death or otherwise obeying your EVERY command, ahelp it, because they're breaking the rules.
  • It is possible to drink blood from blood-packs, assuming you put that blood into a viable target first. Draining someone to near death then filling them with blood from an IV drip to drain even more is a viable strategy.
  • Using iron pills and emergency autoinjectors to sustain the lives of victims is also a popular method.
  • You are still crew! Keep this in mind for handling AI, cyborgs, and working around station protocol.


An entity that lives in bluespace, and is known to take control of a body as it approaches death. The "soul" is replaced with this entity, who inherits the memories and personality of the body via it's brain.

Able to suck the life force on others, it gains power from this, allowing the entity greater influence over reality from bluespace.

Such presence also gives it vulnerabilities to psychic phenomena, such as waters blessed by the faithful, or the light of stars.

It is illegal to be a vampire, and they are subsequently treated the same as syndicate agents.

Vampire Traitor

It's possible with the Vampire/Traitor game mode that you might be both.

This will give you access to more powerful tools, such as the traitor uplink, but will also give you additional objectives to achieve, making the bar for success much higher. Keep in mind that as a Vampire you cannot use Holoparasites or Sleeping Carp.

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