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Sirryan's Sick User Discussion Page

Every day we stray further from God

Who I am

User Id:Sirryan2002
I am a mentor
IGN: Edgar Cook

Ia consultant.png

  • Internal Affairs Extrodinaire
  • The Wiki Caretaker
  • I Like Pizza and Hot Wings
Sirryan's To-Do list
Lavaland Pages To-Do List
SuperMatter Pull Review To-Do List
Things that will need to go on the February Wiki Update
  • Awaiting PR Template has been created
  • Slaughter Demon and Ragin Mages Pages have been created
  • Guide to Lavaland has been created
  • All Lavaland Wikipages have seen some major rework
  • Most if not all Templates(that aren't recursive) have been added to the template category
  • Out of Rotation Template has been added
  • AI Modules Page Laws were corrected
  • Guide to Lavaland has been created
  • Ash Walker has been rewritten
  • Supermatter Engine has been rewritten due to PR
  • Support for multiple maps on locations has been implemented
  • Voice of God has been created
  feel free to say anything you want  under here, I like when people leave me fun stuff to read

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