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General Guidelines

  • Ask in ASAY before sending ERT, unless it is super-obvious that the ERT is needed.
  • Never send an ERT of any kind during nukie war ops, as nukies always lose this mode even without an ERT. Crew does NOT need help during war ops.
  • Never send a sec ERT while most of sec are alive, unless you're absolutely convinced that sec is useless and needs the help, rather than just a kick up the ass.
  • Don't send two teams in quick succession, or you may not get anyone signing up for the second team.
  • If you send an ERT, and you get few people signing up for it, you can use Select Equipment to upgrade their gear to the next level. This is a good idea, since they're already at a disadvantage.
  • Understand that ERT are populated by ghosts, meaning probably people who already died, meaning probably the less robust players. Factor this in.
  • Understand that most ERTs do not operate as a team - they split up at the drop of a hat. At best, they may keep in touch occasionally over radio.
  • Technically only shuttle calls from the ERT and player vote are valid while the ERT are on station. In practice, this requirement is often waived in the interests of fun.

Amber ERT

  • Effectively normal crew with mindshields, special radio and all access.
  • Good way to get extra "crew" into the round.
  • Bad way to deal with major emergencies, as they don't have hardsuits, and have only minimal armament.
  • If there are many/strong antags, these ERT can actually make the situation worse, as they're quickly looted for their ID cards.


  • Standard ERT. Decent equipment. Hardsuits. Capable of repairing breaches, handling spacefaring threats, etc.
  • Notably better than standard sec in terms of equipment.
  • Biggest flaw tends to be lack of leadership / teamwork.

Gamma ERT

  • High power ERT. Best equipment. Extremely low ammo. Typically reserved for terrors/blob/xenos.
  • Despite their power, still usually lose because they're often called in so late that they're outnumbered many to one.
  • Can be used to protect the shuttle, ensure safe evacuation, etc, rather than try to eliminate all antags - this may actually be a more fun use.

Janitor ERT

  • Only really useful on cult, for humor value, or against vines. Otherwise, do not use.


  • Good against vampires/cult. Otherwise, do not use. Heavily reliant on how experienced the ERT are at playing chaplain (likely: not very).

ERT Borgs

  • Better than normal borgs, and arguably normal ERT. Consider sending instead of sec ERT in order to bump up the ERT's combat potential a little, but not quite to the next level of ERT.
  • Can be used as the heavy fire support of an ERT (1-2 per team) or as an all-borg team used to combat certain bio threats (vampires, white terror infections, etc)
  • Do not send during events where station as a whole has no power.
  • Do not send against huge numbers of traitors, unless you're okay with them being emagged.
  • Do not send against out-of-control changelings, unless you're okay with them dying quickly to EMP.