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Banned from your own Local Server

Sometimes it will appear you are banned from your own server, despite being an admin/localhost. 99% of the time this is solved by signing into BYOND, as by default all guests are banned from playing.

Out of Date error

If your compiler claims you are out of date on BYOND, go to DreamMaker language client configuration settings in VSCode, and make sure DreamMaker: Autoupdate is enabled.

Testing on a Local Server with two clients

Config and preparation

First, compile your code, do not run it yet. Open up your config.toml, if you do not have one, copy config.toml from /config/example/config.toml to /config/config.toml. It is highly suggested you set guest_ban = false, guest_job_ban = false, and disable_cid_warning_popup = true. These will prevent the server yelling at you for having two accounts connected and allow you to join as a guest.

Running the Server

Then open up BYOND and make sure you are signed in. Open Dream Daemon and make sure that security is set to "Safe" or "Trusted" and the visibility is set to "Invisible." This will let you run your server without anyone else joining.

Then select your .dmb file and click "GO" to start the server with dream daemon. Once the server is started, join on your main account. You can do this by clicking the button next to the .dmb, clicking World > Join, or pressing Ctrl+J.

Wait a few seconds to make sure your client has loaded in correctly, then sign out of BYOND. If you have a secondary account, you can sign in with it now or just use a Guest account by not being signed in. Now Reopen Dream Daemon and join again.

You should now have two clients connected to the same server, with a few warnings from the server about someone (you) being connected from the same computer and IP address.

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