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Superiors: N/A
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: This page
Access: Everywhere with an unwelded vent.
Duties: Consume. Disguise.


Departmental Head

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Not much known is known about Morphs, due to the fact that their history is shrouded and many of the theories to them are false or unclear. The morphs have one simple yet dangerous ability: they can change into anyone and anything.

The Monster Among Us

Morphs are created either through a random event spawn or summoned by a wizard. In their natural form, they are a mass of green flesh, making them easy to spot. However, they have the ability to take on the appearance of any person, object, or creature that they can see. With this ability, they can walk or hide amung the crew, where they wait to strike and devour anyone and anything nearby.

Despite this, their appearance is cosmetic. If examined at a close range, it's possible to tell a person or object doesn't appear to be right. They can't use any items or tools that the the person they copy is wearing or holding. No matter what form they're in, they are not able to use objects or devices, nor can they hold anything. Their speech comes out with a gurgelly tone, making it possible to identify one by its speech.

Playing It

The morphs primary ability of shape changing is achieved by shift-cicking an object, and reverting back to its normal form is done by shift-clicking itself. The effect is instant, has a five second cooldown, and broadcasts a message to everyone visible.

While in morph form, you move at about walking speed, but deal high melee damage, making it easy to kill an unaware person before they can call for help. In disguise form, you move much quicker, but deal lower attack damage. Best used to escape pursuers. Both forms are able to consume objects and dead creatures by attacking them, with dead creatures restoring about a third of your health. Both forms are able to walk over tables, and can vent crawl by Alt-clicking on a vent.

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