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Lavaland, by nature, is not a safe place. In fact, it's extremely inhospitable and full of creatures that want to kill, eat, or kill and eat you. Whether it's a gruesome fate from a not-so-friendly Lava Dragon or you manage to accidentally take a bath in molten rock, one wrong step and you're toast. This page serves as a guide to traversing this hellish landscape and maybe even coming out alive on the other end.

Lavaland has a Long History and was actually a thriving planet long ago. However, time has taken its toll and now it is an ashen expanse populated by only the most volatile and hardy creatures. It is primarily used as a source for raw materials and sending unwanted Enemies of the Corporation for Slave Labor. While not an extremely fun environment to be in, it is home to a plethora of artifacts and ruins open to your exploration and exploitation.


While covered in lava and buffeted on the hourly by Ash Storms, many sentient creatures still call Lavaland home. Some of them do not wish to be on Lavaland as they were trapped there on accident and others evolved to thrive in the landscape. Many of these inhabitants are willing to trade and work with you for the betterment of each party. Sometimes they just want to kill you. Whatever interaction you have with them, it certainly will be interesting.

Creature Description Notable Characteristics
Ash Walker
Ash Walkers are the tribal natives of Lavaland. These Unathi-esque lizard people are fiercely protective of their land, and will more often than not kill any trespassers. Use very primitive technology and do not require internals. They cannot speak Galactic Common. They can also run at heightened speeds.
Translocated Veterinarian
An animal doctor teleported to Lavaland by a bluespace anomaly. They are very ill-equipped to survive the harsh environment and will likely perish if they leave their hospital. Generally friendly or neutral and are well equipped with medical supplies.
Terrarium Diona
A Diona that has awoken after years of slumber in a preserved terrarium planted by someone or something a long long time ago. They are tasked with spreading life wherever they go. Have access to a fully stocked upgraded hydroponics/botany lab.
Beach Dome Denizens
Come catch some waves with me braah. These chill dudes and dudettes are enjoying the warm sunny day inside their beach biodome. Equipped with soda, space beer, and many donk pockets they're ready to soak up the sun. Very ill-equipped to deal with any threat. Has no more than sandals and basic internals.
Lavaland Hermit
Lavaland hermit.png
Accidently jettisoned from their station/ship through an escape pod they crashlanded in lavaland. They're barely clinging to life day to day and it seems like their situation is absolutely hopeless. Can be defensive if you enter their home uninvited.
Generic clown.png
Found in the Clown Biodome, these clowns are committed to their lifelong goal of spreading happiness and cheer to the far reaches of the galaxy. Even if it takes them to... unwelcoming places. Honk!
Generic shaft.png
Perhaps one of the most volatile sentient creatures in lavaland, if you're not a friend to them they will likely kill you. They serve the interest of Nanotrasen and mine the wastes for precious metals. Are well-equipped and often brandish high-tech mining equipment and powerful ancient artifacts stolen from the sacred wastes.
Free Golems
Golems are the souls of the dead encased in gemstone. They retain no memories of their previous lives, but retain the cunning, knowledge and personalities of those spirits. These golems were freed from servitude by a scientist they revere as The Liberator. In his infinite and divine wisdom, he set their clan free to travel the stars with a single declaration: "Yeah go do whatever." Are hard to kill and often have high-tech equipment.


Mob Description Notable Characteristics
A grossely oversized grub. Its skin is a bright golden color. It spends its days tunneling through the rock consume all rocky material in its path. It is believed that they once were used by the previous inhabitants of this planet as a means of automating the process of gathering precious metals. Eats rock and ore. Upon being killed it will drop all the ore it has eaten.
A horrific being covered in ashen skulls with glowing red eyes. Will drop a corpse upon death Will summon flying skulls when fighting. Turns dead bodies into legions.
A hulking canine-like creature. It sports many tendrils and crushing jaw muscles. It tastes mighty fine when grilled, however. Summons tendrils from the ground in a t-shape digging themselves into prey and stunning them for a period of time. Drops Goliath meat, Goliath Plates, and bones upon being butchered.
A eerie flying creature with red sinewy antlers sprouting from a large menacing eye. Shoots a ice beam that does cold damage and slows you down. Drops diamond ore and sinew upon being butchered. fairly neutral mob unless you come within one tile of it or attack it.
A vile tendril of corruption, originating deep underground. Terrible monsters are pouring out of it. Necropolis tendrils spawn a random assortment of lavaland monsters including: watchers, goliaths, and legion. After killing the tendril, it will spawn a necropolis chest containing a random piece of loot, and will break into a deadly, inescapable chasm; so watch your step!


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Name Description Special Abilities Stats Drops
Ash Drake
A hulking winged monstrosity, and revered Guardian of the Necropolis. This enormous drake roams the barren wasteland spouting plumes of deadly flame.

Fire Cone: Blasts a deadly cone of fire in all cardinal directions.

Fire Meteor: Rains down balls of deadly fire, try your best to avoid it!

Mass Fire Attack: Sends a ball of fire barreling towards you.

Lava Swoop: the drake briefly flies up into the air, before slamming down on its target leaving only a seething mass of lava.

Lava Arena: Once you've whittled this mighty beast down to 50% health, it will summon an arena of deadly lava. You will need to step on the green symbols in order to remain unscathed.

Health: 2500

Fire breath damage: 20 burn

Melee attack damage: 40 brute

Armour Penetration: 40%

Speed: slow

GPS Name: Fiery signal

Upon felling this mighty beast, it will drop a chest. Within the chest there is one of four items will spawn:

A rusted blade humming with vast spiritual energy known as the Spectral Blade. You will be able to summon the ghosts of to protect you and cause your blade to deal more damage.

A bottle containing the blood of the drake, allowing you to either: transform yourself at will, become a skeleton, or gain the ability to walk on lava.

A dusty tome containing the secrets of casting the Eternal Flame spell.

Or a staff of lava which grants you the ability to summon horrid ash storms at will on Lavaland should you choose to do so.

Should you butcher the beast, you will also be able to craft its thick hide and sturdy bones into a suit of powerful armour.

Name Description Special Abilities Stats Drops
This is Bubblegum, The king (or queen) of all slaughter demons. Their footsteps shake the very land they walk on, leaving a trail of blood. If you anger this fleshy monstrosity, one of two things will happen, you will kill it or it will kill you. The latter being the much more likely outcome. Due to the extensiveness of Bubblegum's abilities, they have been transcluded onto the table below. Health: 2500

Melee damage: 40

Charge damage: 60

Armour penetration: 40%

Speed: fast

GPS signal: Bloody signal

Upon being vanquished, Bubblegum will accept defeat and flee into the blood. Leaving you behind his prize

The H.E.C.K suit and helm, suit impervious to acid, fire, and biohazards with high melee damage resistance. it is not space proof. It can be recoloured with a spray can. Perfect for use on lavaland.

The spell blade, a hellish demonic blade that allows the user to fire out burning slashing projectiles to remove limbs off people from a range. Extraordinarily powerful at chopping off heads or removing legs. In melee combat, it boasts a force of 20 and a massive armour penetration value of 75% and a 50% block chance. A very powerful item, handle with care.

Ability Description
First phase (above 50% health)
Triple charge Bubblegum's most basic move, charges at you 3 times, getting hit twice will put you into crit.
Blood rend Bubblegum warps his hand through the blood, rending anyone who is stood on that tile dealing 10 brute damage.
Enrage Bubblegum becomes ANGRY, while angry he is immune to all damage and is tinted red, he will sprint at you and try and melee you. Bubblegum's melee attack speed is drastically increased while he is enraged. Avoid him during this move, there is nothing you can do but not get hit and wait for him to calm down. This ability becomes more common the more damage he takes.
Second phase (below 50% health).
Quad-hallucination charge Bubblegum will teleport around you along with 3 hallucinations and charge inward on your location. the hallucinations have low health, half charge damage, and they fade away after they charge. Bubblegum will do this attack 4 times in succession.
Mass hallucination charge Bubblegum and 5 hallucinations surround you and charge in on your location after a short delay.
Hallucinations with triple charge Bubblegum will spawn hallucinations that charge towards you as well as triple charging at you. Very easy to get overwhelmed, just keep running and sidestep any hallucinations that spawn in front of you.

Name Description Special Abilities Stats Drops
Legion Boss
Legion is the guardian of the necropolis. He slumbers, waiting for an explorer to be foolish enough to knock on his door. Legion is unique in that, upon death it splilts into two, each with 0.6x the health of their parent skull, it will split multiple times until the skulls are only one tile in size, at this point the skulls will shatter upon death, you must shatter all of the skulls to kill legion

Charge: the skull charges towards you, trying to melee you

Spawn skull: spawns a legion skull to attack you

Health: 800

Health multiplier on split: 0.6x

Total health of all skulls: 4300

Melee damage: 25

Armour penetration: 50%

Speed: slow

GPS signal: Echoing signal

Legion drops bones and has a 20% chance to drop necropolis chests when a skull is destroyed. When the final skull is destroyed, it leaves behind the staff of storms.

The staff of storms can be used to create or dispel ash storms in your area.

Name Description Special Abilities Stats Drops
Blood Drunk Miner
One of your fellow miners who went blood crazed. Now all he craves is the thrill of the hunt. Step carefully and keep your head on a swivel, lest you become his next kill. The blood drunk miner is a very simple boss with only a few attacks

Switch saw mode: switches between rapid and cleaving saw modes changing his attack speed and damage.

KA shot: the BDM will occasionally fire off his KA at his targets dealing 20 damage.

Blink: the blood drunk miner teleports to his target.

Health: 900

Melee damage: 6-10

Melee attack speed: fast

Armor penetration: 0%

Ranged damage: 20

Speed: fast

GPS signal: Resonant signal

Upon death the miner drops his weapons, a standard issue kinetic accelerator and his cleaving saw;

the cleaving saw has two modes, rapid swing and cleaving arc. In cleaving arc mode, it will strike all fauna around you and deal increased damage. In rapid mode, it will strike at much faster than normal weapons but do decreased damage, but also make fauna bleed. Alternating the modes of the weapon between swings will increase your rate of attack.

Name Description Special Abilities Stats Drops
The fallen angel roams lavaland judging those who he deems unclean. With his rending claws, blasting tubules and divine bolts, he brings death and judgement to anyone who gets too close.

Phase One (above 33% health)

Shotgun: Fires 5 death bolts in a cone, don't be close or you die.

Cardinal shots: Colossus will fire 4 death bolts alternating between all cardinal and ordinal directions. fairly easy to dodge just side step the projectiles. this attack becomes less frequent as it decreases in health.

Judgment: Colossus shouts "JUDGEMENT" and beings to fire death bolts in a spiral. keep your distance and sidestep the death bolts.

Triple Shotgun: Colossus fires 3 shotgun shots off in succession. Don't go in for attacks after a shotgun attack in case it is a triple shotgun, this is the attack that will catch you out, very dangerous.

Phase Two: All attacks remain except judgement.

Die: Replaces "judgement". Colossus shouts "DIE" and begins to fire two spirals around himself.

Health: 2500

Melee damage 40

Melee armor penetration: 40%

Death bolt damage: 25

Death bolt armor piercing: 100%

Speed: slow

GPS signal: Angelic signal

Colossus leaves two things behind, an anomalous crystal with various effects and the divine vocal cords

The divine vocal cords are an organ that can be transplanted into your mouth via surgery. Once implanted they can be used via the HUD button up in the top left or by prefixing your message with ":~". For information on voice of god, go to here

The anomalous crystal has many different effects and many different triggers to these effects. Triggers include, talking near it, bumping it, attacking it with a blunt object, attacking it with a fire based weapon such as a welder, clicking it with an empty hand, shooting it with: ballistics, energy weapons (tasers and disablers) and lasers. Effects include, reviving corpses as shadow people, terraforming the room around it, firing out random projectiles, turning the activator into a clown, force possessing the nearest mindless simple mob (if no such simple mobs are present you will possess a mouse), refreshing items nearby to the state they were at the start of the round.

Mob Description Drops
Nom Nom Nom 1x Bluespace Crystal
Melee Swarmer
This yellow menace can stun people with electricity. 1x Bluespace Crystal
Ranged Swarmer
An elusive swarmer which fires lasers that really hurt 1x Bluespace Crystal
Swarmer Beacon
A strange machine that will continuously birth mechanical menaces that will eat you out of house and home. A multitude of bluespace crystals, and the calming feeling knowing that you will no longer be overwhelmed by swarmers.

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Name Description Special Abilities Stats Drops
A large, enigmatic scepter, crafted of an alien metal, and seemingly imbued with a mind of its own. Its sole purpose appears to be defending the structure it resides in. Blink - Teleports near its attacker after a brief delay, dealing damage to anything near the start and end points of its blink. This may occur multiple times in quick succession if the Hierophant is below 50% health.

Cross Blast - Creates diagonal and cardinal crosses of projectiles under the player. At half health, crosses fire in all directions and have increased range.

Chasers - Fires 4 chaser orbs, which will create Hierophant Blasts beneath themselves while pursuing the player. Chasers will speed up when the Hierophant reaches half health.

AoE Blast - When in melee range, fires a circle of Hierophant Blasts out from itself. This ability gains additional range when the Hierophant is at half health.

Health: 2500

Hierophant Blast Damage: 15 burn

Armor Penetration: 50


Plant Description
Numerous Mushrooms
Can be harvested for their stems, which contain Tinea Luxor, a chemical which makes the user glow, vitamin, and space drugs.
Leafy Mushrooms
Can be harvested for their leaves, which contain nutriment, vitrium froth, a healing chemical similar to saline-glucose, but does not replenish blood, and nicotine.
Tall Mushrooms
Can be harvested for their caps, which contain Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Entropic Polypnium, which is a potent poisonous chemical and does random damage every tick, and Psilocybin, a hallucinogen.
Long Mushrooms
Can be harvested for mushroom shavings.
It's fruits contain Vitrium Froth, Vitamin and Nutrient. If you step on it without shoes you will get stunned. This is the only "edible" piece of food on Lavaland, so if you ever go hungry be sure to pick these up.

Environmental Dangers

Even if you avoid the various denizens and creatures of the wastes, the environment can kill you very easily. An unprepared crewmember or ash walker can easily perish in the harsh landscape.

Ash Storms

An eerie moan rises on the wind. Sheets of burning ash blacken the horizon. Seek shelter.

Due to the planets scalding hot climate and high winds, clouds of boiling ash is kicked up into the air. These clouds turn into massive storms that blanket the landscape a heavy layer of ash that can easily kill people. Only the sturdiest of equipment and exosuits can withstand an Ash Storm and it is very important to seek shelter under a roof during one.

Ash storms will subside after about a minute and after that, it is safe to go outside.


Lavaland's atmosphere is not safe for all beings. It is a low pressure, low oxygen environment and you require internals to traverse it, but not a space suit. Some beings, like Ash Walkers can live in this dangerous environment without the use of external equipment. Chasms


There are great big pits on the surface of Lavaland that go down for miles. You can fly or hop over them, you may even be able to escape them with the correct equipment. If you fall into one you won't be coming back. This includes items and any mobs that are thrown into it. Chasms will open up shortly after a tendril is killed.


The floor is literally lava in many places. Stepping on it will immediately ignite you and deal heavy burn damage, quickly killing if stood on for too long. Can only be traversed with mechs, lava boats, or while under the effect of items or abilities that give lava immunity. Fire resistance alone isn't enough to protect from the burn damage.


Description Notable Contents
The detention center of choice for a more pragmatic Warden, the Labor Camp is a place where prisoners can work off their crimes by mining minerals. The camp, understandably, goes without many of the comforts found on the main mining station, featuring only the bare minimum needed for survival.
  • Basic medical supplies
  • Tofu
  • Very basic mining gear, now including pickaxes that are completely worthless as weapons
Labor camp.png
Description Notable Contents
The staging ground for Nanotransen's planetside mining operations. The base is suitable for long-term habitation, and is equipped with living quarters, gear storage, and a communications relay connected to the orbiting station.
  • Basic medical supplies
  • Advanced mining gear, including Kinetic Accelerators, Kinetic Crushers, Explorer Suits, and a vending machine full of powerful upgrades and equipment.
  • An abandoned crate, which contains a random assortment of loot, and is protected by a passcode lock and Anti-Tamper Explosive(tm).
Mining Outpost.png
Description Notable Contents
A monument to the sins of those who dare defy the all mighty Necropolis. The Ash Walker Nest contains a foul tendril of corruption surrounded by a nest of rapidly growing eggs. Occasionally, a meaty squelching can be heard as the serrated tendrils of the nest eviscerate anyone - or anything - foolish enough to provoke the yellow-skinned barbarians.
  • Primitive farming tools
  • AI combat upgrade
  • Meager medical supplies
  • An RCD
  • A singularity generator
  • Radiation suits
  • A syndie toolbox with combat gloves and tools.
  • A free random anomaly core from killing the tendril(Try to avoid destroying the tendril, especially at the start of a round, as many people enjoy playing Ash Walker)
Ash Walker Nest.png
Description Notable Contents
Lumbering humanoids, made out of precious metals, move inside this ship. They frequently leave to mine more minerals, which they somehow turn into more of them. Seem very intent on research and individual liberty, and also geology based naming?
  • Statue of the Liberator
  • Autolathe
  • Mining Vendor
  • Free Golem Creation Disk
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Various Food and Hydroponic Vendors
  • Mining Equipment
  • Ore Redemption Machine
Golem Shuttle.png
Description Notable Contents
Graceful gestalts effervescently glide across the surprisingly cold floors of this ancient seed vault. Tending to the bidding of their benevolent masters, cursed to toil away until lush, green flora has returned to the Lavaland.
  • Plenty of useful plants (hopefully)
  • A botany chemdispenser
  • Bees! (maybe)
  • A fully equipped botany setup
  • A suspicious toolbox

This article features content that is out of rotation.

This article or section contains content that is still featured on Paradise Station but does not naturally occur in-game without a Game Admin forcing it

Description Notable Contents
A massive arena made of a strange alloy. Mechanical whirrs fill the air, purple lights flash along every wall, and the smell of ozone permeates the structure. At the very center rests a large metal club, its lights beckoning you ever closer.
  • The Hierophant
  • Indestructible walls


Description Notable Contents
A hastily put up miner shelter pierces the rock wall it is nested in. Next to it an escape pod, crashlanded into the hellish landscape. Inside, among the various nick nacks and belongins, is a permeating sense of hopelessness and dread.
  • Orange Spacesuit
  • Survival Knife
  • Oxygen Tank
Description Notable Contents
Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.

Discarded and empty wrappers are scattered on the floor haphazardly. A pulsating fleshy mass dominates the room. On the other side you can just make out a syringe fill with a green substance. There seems to be no way past the mass, but then your stomach grumbles angrily...

  • Gluttony's Blessing- A syringe which, upon injection, turns you into a morph after a short delay.
  • Veal Render- A mysterious blade that opens a cow-spitting portal when striking an enemy.
Description Notable Contents
For if anyone thinks he is something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.
Everything shines with great brightness, even the floors show your reflection. As if someone had taken great lengths to keep it immaculately clean. As you stroll down the hallway you can't help but admire yourself in the mirror, strong, tough, adventuring through the wastes untouched by the filthy horrid creatures around you. You were almost too caught up in the wall mirrors to notice the mirror glowing with a blue aura just in front of you.
  • Pride's Mirror- An enchanted mirror, gazing into it will allow you to change virtually every aspect of your appearance. Using it will certainly not result in unintended consequences.
Description Notable Contents
Surely resentment destroys the fool, and jealousy kills the simple.

There is nothing opulent about this room. It is lined with mirrors smashed and blood streaking the cold metal plating. Directly across from the entrance sits a blade still dripping with the resentment of its previous wielder.

  • Envy's Knife- An enchanted dagger that allows the wielder to take the form of whatever they've stabbed.
  • Bloated Flesh Suit

This article features content that is out of rotation.

This article or section contains content that is still featured on Paradise Station but does not naturally occur in-game without a Game Admin forcing it

Description Notable Contents
But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.

A room adorned with many coins and bills. Money bags litter the floor. However, your eyes are drawn to the dusty slot machine that sits so silently at the end of the room. The lever begs to be pulled, it tugs at your curiosity.

Surely one spin can't hurt...

  • Gold Coins
  • Money Bags
  • Arcade Machines
  • Credits of various values
  • A normal slot machine.
Description Notable Contents
A full winter wonderland, complete with glistening snow, an ATV, and a quaint log cabin, all secured under a massive dome. You swear you can spot a silhouette standing in the cabin's window.
Description Notable Contents
A large biodome with soft, golden sand, gently swaying palm trees, lapping waves, and good vibes. Stop by for a brief escape from the hellish landscape of lavaland.
  • Good Vibes
  • Radiance Dance Machine IV
Description Notable Contents
This ruin sticks out like a sore thumb in the drab, dark, ashen landscape of Lavaland. Its striking yellows and vivid reds draw your eye. As you approach you hear the sound of stray honking and your nose is filled with the smell of rot and decay. Perhaps if you are more lucky then the others, and clear the cruel machinations and twisted puzzles designed by its creator, you can claim the treasure inside.
  • Staff of Slipping
  • Clown shoes
  • Bananium coins
  • Air horn
  • Bluespace banana peel
  • Rainbow slime extract
  • Bananium ore.
Description Notable Contents
A macabre ruin dedicated to the summoning of a dark God. A sickly, hellacious aura of darkness permeates. Tread carefully, miner.
  • Cult robes
  • Cult swords
  • Cult dagger
  • Runed metal.
Description Notable Contents
Little Timmy's birthday pizza-bash took a turn for the worse when a bluespace anomaly passed by. As it turns out, bluespace translocation is not a terribly great gift to give someone.
  • Three presents
  • Pizza
  • Birthday cake
Description Notable Contents
What appears to be an entire veterinary clinic, transported here by some sort of freak bluespace anomaly.
  • Medical Supplies
  • Confused Doctors
  • A double-barrel shotgun, along with 2 beanbag and 1 buckshot shell.
Description Notable Contents
The impact crater of an immense clockwork deity. You feel a tinge of sadness as you gaze at the once mighty figure.
  • Ratvarian Spear- An ancient weapon that still retains some of its divine power. Does 5 additional brute damage as opposed to a regular spear.
  • Brass Sheets- Sheets of brass, they can be turned into walls, floors, windows, windoors, and spinning chairs.
Description Notable Contents
A Xenomorph hive on the surface of Lavaland. It is not known how they got here but one can be quite certain that they are not friendly.
  • Stechkin
  • Orange Spacesuit
  • Stun Baton
  • Security Helmet
  • Xenomorph Queen
Description Notable Contents
A crashed alien spacecraft, with no apparent survivors. There appears to be a "student driver" sticker on the back.
  • Alien Surgical Tools- These tools work faster than their station counterparts, and are coveted by R&D for the research points they grant.
Description Notable Contents
A strange shrine dedicated to some sort of butterfly-loving deity. The pylons and altars inside are completely alien to you.
  • Fountain of Healing- An ornate stone fountain, full of what looks to be blood. Drinking the liquid inside will fully heal you.
Description Notable Contents
There's rumors that when damaged, a Ripley's electronics can jam up in Ash Storms ruining the battery and preventing the occupant from ejecting from the mech- leaving the occupent to be claimed by the grips of starvation. That's just a rumor though. A damaged Ripley Mech
Description Notable Contents
An old survival pod. Inside lies the remains of an unfortunate miner who met a grisly end in his supposed haven.
  • The dead miner can be looted for a survival medipen.