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Useful Resources

Congratulations on joining Nanotrasen! This guide will help you begin your career.

Space Station 13 (or SS13) is a multiplayer roleplaying game. In SS13, players take on the role of workers on a space station. Paradise Station is one of many SS13 servers with unique roles and gameplay possibilities.

Paradise Station is a medium roleplaying (or MRP) server. New players should look at the Controls. Additionally, If you are new to roleplay, please read the roleplay guide. Should you still have questions, ask them on the forums or in Discord.

The Server Rules

Please read the server rules.

The server rules help create an enjoyable atmosphere for all and punish users who interfere with the enjoyment of other players or adversely affect the community and server. Space Law largely dictates what you are and aren't allowed to do while playing.

We recommend that you read Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure, especially if you wish to play essential roles such as Security or Command.

TLDR Rules

  • Rule 0: Don't be a dick and use common sense. You will likely be punished if you try to manipulate the rules to suit your needs. The server staff has the right to issue permanent bans to players that they think are consistently negative to the community and server.
  • Rule 1: The Staff Members have the final say on the server. If you are banned/job banned from the server, write an appeal instead of continuing the conversation via Adminhelp or Discord messages. Don't spam Adminhelp. If you do not get a response, the Admins are either busy or not available. If not available, take your request to the forums if needed.
  • Rule 2: Do not metagame, do not place current round information in OOC chat, do not use LOOC to talk to others about current round information, use multiple accounts in a single round, and do not suicide when caught or converted by an Antagonist.
  • Rule 2a: Stay in-character/act accordingly to the scenario given. This includes knowing what is happening with the antagonist/other events. Players aren't restricted to knowledge based on their job. If an admin feels that a player is not behaving in a way that is benefiting the server's in-character

atmosphere, they may be asked to change their behavior.

  • Rule 2b: names should be appropriate for the character's job and roleplay. If a name is not appropriate, the character may face in-game or out-of-game consequences, depending on the situation. Names can be submitted for review if there is disagreement about whether or not they are appropriate.
  • Rule 2c: Do not use netspeak, internet acronyms, or smilies in in-character verbal chat. Powergaming (prioritizing amassing mechanical advantages for yourself to the detriment of the enjoyment of others or the creation of interesting RP situations) is not allowed and will be moderated.
  • Rule 2d: The flavor text for your character should only contain information that others could deduce from looking at the character. Anything that would not be physically visible (personality, backstory, etc.) should not be included. You may provide a link to drawn art or character bio/crew records, but it must be SFW.
  • Rule 3: You may not touch or interact with people under the influence of 'Sudden Sleep Disorder,' which is when a player disconnects or loses connection, his character will fall over and begin to sleep, except to pull them to Cryodorms and place them in a Cryosleeper, to provide medical care, or to remove them from an immediate life-threatening situation.
  • Rule 4: Do not harass other players, use racial or homophobic slurs, or excessively swear. Do not advertise other servers or use the server for commercial purposes. Do not put down, invalidate, or berate other players, the community, or the server.
  • Rule 5: Play your chosen role. Choose the role based on what you want to spend the round doing; If you need to leave the round early as a VIP, Head of Staff, or the station AI, you must inform Command and place yourself in cryo, or the case of the AI, use the Wipe Core verb in the OOC tab. If you cannot do this for any reason, you must instead use Adminhelp before leaving so that an Administrator can remove you after logging out. Failing to inform Command and cryoing yourself, wiping your core, or informing the admins will lead to a VIP and Command or Synthetic Job-ban where appropriate; If, due to some emergency or a technical issue, you disconnect as a role listed above and are Job-banned on the pretense of leaving without notifying Command or an Administrator, a quick appeal on the forums explaining what happened will solve the issue and revert the Job-ban;
  • Rule 5a: Players who join the server in an important non-Command role are expected to be able to fulfill said role's duties to a reasonable extent when work is needed to be done. Using the job just for the equipment or consistently ignoring emergencies that require attention may lead to a Job-ban. The Captain and Security members are expected to follow and understand Space Law and SOP well. Consistent abuse of these positions may lead to a Job-ban.
  • Rule 5b: Synthetics must follow the laws of the station unless they are an antagonist, subverted, or their laws require otherwise. Cyborgs must follow the same guidelines as organic crewmembers unless their laws state otherwise. Additionally, frequently joining rounds only to leave or commit suicide if you don't get an antagonist role is not permitted.
  • Rule 6: Play Antagonists Responsibly. Remember, the goal of an Antagonist is to make the round exciting, fun, and dangerous, within limits. You should make an effort to add to the round instead of simply completing your objectives and carrying on normally. The role of the Antagonist may pit you against the station. However, this is not grounds for excessively killing the entire crew if your objective is to steal a jetpack, as you must work towards your objectives, not general mayhem. However, you may antagonize/murder specific people who will help you complete your objective or are hindering you from completing said objective. You can freely defend yourself with lethal force if another player attempts to capture/hinder you.
  • Rule 7: Do not engage in self-antagging behavior (Antagonizing without being an Antag). If an administrator tells you to stop, you must stop. Admins may also warn you if your general behavior over multiple rounds is becoming problematic. If you are unsure what behavior is a problem, speak to server staff for clarification. (i.e., Murdering other players, heavily damaging the station, or causing chaos on a mass scale.)
  • Rule 7a: The use of bombs as a Non-Antagonist is only acceptable in the bomb range, lavaland, and other Z-level variants. If you wish to use bombs on the station for any reason, such as a Blob, Alien infestation, etc., contact the Server Staff and get their approval before doing anything.
  • Rule 7b: Murder is not acceptable for non-antags; kill only in extreme self-defense or authorized executions. Minor assaults and fistfights are acceptable within reason (and good justification.) Assault without any provocation or warning is strictly disallowed in most circumstances.
  • Rule 7c: Being the Clown doesn't give you rule immunity. Entertain the crew (i.e., light pranking, puns, jokes, and miming). No kidnapping, stabbing, or slipping/hampering the crew while defending against antags, Code Red, or other crises.
  • Rule 8: Do not hunt antags unless you are Security. Defending yourself/crew from an antag attack is acceptable if you witness it. Evidence of antag activity is required before you take steps to treat anyone as one.
  • Rule 9: Swapping Karma between friends repeatedly or other methods of 'Farming' is an offense that will result in being banned from the Karma system and all of its unlocks. Exchanging Karma between the same IP is forbidden as well
  • Rule 10: NSFW/Erotic Content isn't allowed. Keep it sweet with hugs and kisses; nothing more than that. However, Sexual innuendos, jokes, and remarks are allowed to an extent. (i.e., "Go blow one," "Eat a dick," or "Go twiddle the Captain" are acceptable in sparsity.) Linking any NSFW content is not allowed.

Joining the Server

A screenshot of the BYOND client with the Paradise SS13 server highlighted in yellow.

If you have never played SS13, you must do the following:

  1. Download BYOND.
  2. Register for a BYOND account.

You may join Paradise in one of the following ways:

  1. Select the server from the BYOND client.
  2. Manually connect to the server by clicking "Open..." just beneath the "Games" tab on the client's left side. The URL for Paradise is

You may also bookmark the server from the "Open Location" dialog for easy access.

If you successfully connected, congratulations! You're on the server! Before you charge at the game, We recommend that you set up a character next.

The joining and setup panel.

Character Setup

The character setup screen.

The Character Setup screen allows you to customize your character. This includes their name, species, and appearance. It is also where you choose which roles you'd prefer to play when playing, which is covered in Occupation Preferences below.


  • Name: As stated in the rules, your characters must have believable names. Different names are appropriate depending on your gender and species. If you are a Human, you should have a proper first and last name. Your name should not be a blatant joke or reference to a real-life figure. I am looking at you, everyone who wants to be called John Cena!

    You can randomize your character's name to receive a random lore-appropriate name.

  • Gender: Your gender changes your body type and your character's voice when you scream. It's either male, female, or gender-neutral in some cases.
  • Age: Your age only appears on in-game security and medical records and doesn't change your character's appearance.
  • Species: The default species is Human. Other species like like Tajaran, Vulpkanin, and Unathi are available. All playable species are listed on the lore page. Not all species are available to new players and may require karma to unlock.
  • Secondary Language: The primary language spoken on SS13 is known as Galactic Common, and all crew can understand it. You may choose a secondary language like "Tradeband," "Clownish," or "Gutter ."These secondary languages may not be spoken by everyone and can reinforce your character's backstory. You will also have a species-specific language if you choose a different species. See Languages for a list of languages and how to switch between them.
  • Blood type: This affects what kind of blood transfusion the doctors have to give you when you almost bleed out again.
  • Disabilities: Quite self-explanatory; you can choose different disabilities here.
  • Nanotrasen Relation: What is your character's relationship with the god corporation Nanotrasen? This only affects RP.
  • Appearance Options: Change the color of your character's hair, skin, etc. This option will change depending on the species you will play.
  • Flavor Text: Flavor text is like your physical description; it will be seen when people examine you in-game and should only contain information that others could glean from looking at you. Try to keep it short and snappy, a paragraph at most.

Character Records

The Character Records screen allows you to set your character's medical and security records. These records can be read in-game by Medical Doctors or Security Officers, respectively.

This is an RP tool that you can use to help flesh out your character. However, since it appears in-game as an official record, it should be written as such. Try to write it as you would expect from a large company like Nanotrasen.

Do not put your records in your flavor text. Flavor text is meant to describe your physical experience.

There is also the "Employment Records," which can show your character's past occupation history.

Game Preferences (Antagonists)

In this section, you can choose to turn on and off preferences to be antagonists in the round. Turning these on does not guarantee you will be an antagonist; you're saying you want to be one. However, as a new player, you are not eligible to play as an antagonist until you have a few days on record.

The non-antagonist roles listed here are:

  • PAI: A Personal AI device. With this enabled, you will be able to become a Personal AI when observing the round or after death. This will never happen without you confirming it at the time, so leave this option enabled.
  • Sentient Animal: This will enable you to rejoin the round as a sentient animal when dead or observing, provided Xenobiology create them.
  • Positronic Brain: When dead or observing, this option will make you eligible to become a positronic brain- as with becoming a pAI, you will also have to opt-in at the time. Roboticists can use a positronic brain to create a Cyborg or Artificial Intelligence.

Saving your character

Clicking the "save slot" button will save your character to the database, your occupation preferences, and your antagonist choices.

Occupation Preferences

The job preferences panel.

Your occupation is your most important choice on the server. It affects your station access, rank, authority, equipment, and purpose in life. The roles available to you are listed in the Occupation Preferences.

Job Assignment

Except for Assistant, all job preferences have four levels: NEVER, Low, Medium, and High. These change how likely the server will assign you that job when it compares your preferences to other players. You may only mark one job High, but there are no limits otherwise.

Because of the diversity and range of jobs available, there are many ways to play the game. However, many jobs require a good knowledge of the game mechanics, the layout of the station, and how to use in-game tools and machinery. Because of this, the following jobs are recommended for new players:

  • Assistant: The most basic of all occupations, the assistant and its variants have no authority and, generally speaking, no responsibilities. It's an excellent opportunity to learn the game mechanics, but your access is limited. Ask others if you can help; they'll usually be happy to show you around their department and help you learn the ropes. It also lets you practice roleplaying if you're still unsure about it. Unlike other roles, Assistant can only be set to No or Yes. If Assistant is set to Yes, all other roles are disabled.
  • Cargo Technician: A basic yet practical job that is easy to pick up and will help you learn most of the game's controls. Working under the Quartermaster, you're tasked with ordering supplies and delivering them to the relevant department to ensure the station is well-equipped.
  • Janitor: A simple but menial job that involves replacing lightbulbs, cleaning up messes, putting out wet floor signs, and then pointing them out to people who've slipped on the floor you just finished mopping. Your only responsibilities are to keep the station clean and well-lit, and it'll help you learn your way around the station and its various departments.
  • Chef: A relatively simple job that gives you an excellent introduction to mixing ingredients. The Guide to Food and Drinks is invaluable for kickstarting a budding Chef's career.
  • Bartender: Like the Chef, but with more alcohol. The Bartender's job is primarily mixing and serving drinks to a thirsty crew. Drink recipes are available in the Guide to Food and Drinks. You'd be surprised at some of the stuff you can make, so try it out!

If you're interested in other jobs, browse the Job guides. Avoid any security, engineering, and command positions until you get the hang of the game. This is especially true of the Head of Security, Head of Personnel, Captain and Security Officer positions. (Jumping into a position you're not prepared to do is a guaranteed way of making people angry at you and possibly earning a job ban.)

Playing the game

Congratulations! You've made it this far. You now have a character with a job, and I am sure you're ready to jump into your new role! Hold your horses because we have a bit more talking to do.

Starting the round

Each round begins with a short period where people can chat and declare themselves ready for the round. This is where your job preferences come in!

However, more often than not, you will join halfway through a round. By clicking Join Game! you can see a list of jobs not already taken. When you spawn onto the map, you will start in the Arrivals Shuttle and will be introduced by the Arrivals Announcement Computer or the AI. From there, you'll either head to your workplace and start or explore a bit first. There is a page on the map if you want a map of the station. You can also click View the Crew Manifest to see who is onboard the station before you join the game.

The User Interface

The user interface can look complicated at first, but once everything is explained, you'll feel better about it. The table below presents the elements you see in the example image.

HUD Clean.png
Icon Explanation Icon Explanation
Your Hands
Right hand midnight.pngLeft hand midnight.png
Your hands are used Individually.
(See Your Hands & You)
Mask Slot
Mask Slot.png
Vital Slot to remember when air is sparse!
This is for various mask types.
Your Inventory
UI Inventory.png
Left-Clicking this will open to show more icons
let's go over them below
Ear Slots
Earwear Slot.png
Mainly used for radio headsets, make sure you have yours equipped!
Shoes Slot
Shoes Slot.png
This is where you wear any shoes
(like Magboots)
Head Slot
Headgear Slot.png
This is where you'll equip various helmets and hats
Suit Storage
Suit Storage Slot.png
When you are wearing a "suit" you will be able to use this storage ID Slot
ID Slot.png
When your ID is equipped here, you'll show off who you are to others
because your character will pin your ID to your uniform
Uniform Slot
Jumpsuit Slot.png
Your main clothing slot, removing this will drop
ID, PDA, and pocket contents!
Belt Slot
Belt Slot.png
Equipping a belt here can act as a smaller backpack like
container for items, useful for Engineers
Suit Slot
External Wear Slot.png
This slot is for exosuits, jackets, and other garments
that go over your uniform.
Back Slot
Backpack Slot.png
Your backpack will go here; you'll be able to store lots of things here
Gloves Slot
Gloves Slot.png
An important slot for various needed gloves
(Insulated Gloves, Medical Gloves, etc.)
Pocket Slots
Pocket slot.png
Two pockets for whatever you want easy access to
Glasses Slot
Eyewear Slot.png
The slot to equip your shades! PDA Slot
PDA slot.png
Your PDA will go here, be sure to
(see PDA for more info)
Icon Explanation Icon Explanation Icon Explanation
Intent cycle.gif
Intents define what some controls do
(See Intent & Position)
Status effects.gif
There are various status effects in-game
Mouse over them to see what they are
Low "Air"
Low air.gif
Depending on Racial traits, you'll see
this warning when the air you breathe is low!
Health cycle.gif
This indicator shows your current well-being Pull
Pull icon.png
You'll see this appear when pulling something,
(Left-Click this to stop pulling)
Low Toxins
Low tox.gif
Toxin levels are too low in this area!
Hunger yoyo.gif
You'll eventually get hungry while on shift,
Make sure not to eat too much or too little!
Resist icon.png
Click this to resist being grabbed/cuffed,
(if on fire, you'll stop, drop, and roll!)
High Air
High air.gif
The Gas shown is too high in volume for you!
(Toggle Mask & Internals!)
Too Hot
Warn hot.gif
The temperature is too hot for you! Scram! Drop
Drop icon.png
This will make you drop your currently held item High Toxins
High tox.gif
Toxins levels in this area are too high!
Too Cold
Warn cold.gif
The temperature is too cold for you! Scram! Throwing On/Off
Throw on icon.png
Toggle throwing objects On/Off Low Pressure
Low pressure warning.gif
Outside Pressure is too low, you'll want
a space suit, or you'll die!


We recommend checking out the Controls page, as it contains lots of helpful information on controlling your player character and other critically important things to know!

Default Keybindings

The controls for SS13 change a lot depending on the server you play on. Here at Paradise Station, our controls have been moved to keybindings that you can easily change in Character Setup before a round starts. While the game can be highly complex regarding everything you can do or interact with, don't be discouraged! We have some basic mouse-related controls outlined in the table below and an image of the default keybindings on the right.

With the mouse, you can perform the following actions:

Shortcut/Key Combo Action
Pick up Items Left-Click on target item
(must be within reach)
Open Containers Left-Click on the target Container or Backpack
Attack Left-Click(with object in hand)
Left-Click w/ Harm Intent
Using Consoles/Object Left-Click the Console or Object
Perform CPR Left-Click with w/ Help Intent
on a "medically challenged" individual
Examine Object Shift + Left-Click
Pull Object Ctrl + Left-Click
Crawl into Vents Alt + Left-Click
See Item Interactions for more uncommon actions using Alt+LC
Point finger/Aim weapon Press Middle Mouse Wheel + Left-Click
Access Someone's Inventory Left-Click(Hold) on the target, drag the mouse to yourself,
then release Left-Click
Buckle into Seat Left-Click(Hold) on yourself, drag the mouse to a chair,
then release Left-Click
Unbuckle (self/other) Left-Click the chair you/someone is buckled into
Empty Backpack/Containers While it's in your hand, Left-Click(hold) on the backpack,
drag to a table or other surface, then release Left-Click
Climb over/ on top Left-Click(hold) on yourself, drag the mouse to the obstacle,
then release Left-Click

Communicating in-game

The controls for chatting in-game are simple. The "say" window is opened with the "T" key, allowing players to talk to each other using their character. The "me" window is opened with the "M" key and will enable players to give their character extra flavor by making them do specific things, as you'll see below.

Key/Type What you type in What others see Relative Notes
T / Say hello world ExampleMan says, "Hello world" You'll notice the chat system will automatically change your result based on certain factors (i.e., Punctuation, Drunkenness, Injuries, and Shock.) While other factors will only be seen by other players, like speaking different languages. Additionally, the game will capitalize the first letter in your input.
T / Shout hello world! ExampleMan shouts, "Hello world!"
T / Ask hello world? ExampleMan asks, "Hello world?"
T / Whisper :w hello world ExampleMan whispers quietly, "Hello world"
ExampleMan whispers quietly, "****o *****"
ExampleMan whispers something.
A) When adjacent, others see this
B) When two tiles away, others see this
C) three or more tiles away, others will see this
T / Alt Language :? hello world ExampleMan articulates, "Hello world""
ExampleMan articulates, "Linkabota vech""
A) When others know your language
B) When others don't know your language
T / Specific Words in Language well :? hello :9 world ExampleMan says, "Well Idivyek world" :9 is Galactic Common, so we're just swapping back to common after one word in another language
T / Mixed Languages :1 hello :? world ExampleMan says, "Hello Bulobs"
The outcomes could be: 1) Understand both languages / 2 or 3 ) Others could understand one word or the other
4) Both are in different languages. (This example is 2/3)
T / Emote *nod ExampleMan nods his head. Type *help in-game for available emotes.
M / Me scratches his head and raises one brow. ExampleMan scratches his head and raises one brow. Notice I had to type the period for it to be there, and there wasn't auto-capitalization either
Megaphone.png / Using Megaphone hello world ExampleMan broadcasts, "Hello world" You can still use !/? to change up the method of saying it
T / Me (Prefix) ! scratches his head and raises one brow. ExampleMan scratches his head and raises one brow. Notice when you use the prefix, you are using T instead of M

Headsets and Comms

Headsets are little devices issued to every crew member upon arrival at the station. They allow crew members to communicate on specific frequencies. Wall-mounted intercoms are also usable. To use them, you must prefix your message with the correct channel. Let's go over the prefixes below. Additionally, each one can be swapped to "Hot-Mic" mode and will transmit any nearby communications with prefixes.

Headset Intercom Station Bounced Radio
Headset.pngUses Prefixes Below Wallradio.pngTo use a wall-mounted intercom, stand near it and use the :i prefix Station Bounced Radio.pngThese prefixes can be used for any headset/radio in your :right or :left hand
Prefix What you type in What others see
; ; hello world [Common] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:s :s hello world [Security] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:c :c hello world [Command] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:e :e hello world [Engineering] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:u :u hello world [Supply] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:m :m hello world [Medical] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:n :n hello world [Science] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:z :z hello world [Service] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"
:x :x hello world [Procedure] ExampleMan says, "Hello world"


There are two ways to communicate with other players directly rather than in character. The "OOC" or "Out Of Character" chat is for talking with others before and after the current round and can be used with the "O" key. During the round, OOC is disabled, and note that you will be using your BYOND username instead of speaking as your character. The "LOOC" or "Local Out Of Character" chat is similar to OOC but is used during the game. It only broadcasts your typed message to the local area and can be used if, for example, someone is having trouble with controls; LOOC can be done with the "L" key.

OOC: ExampleMan: Hello World
LOOC: ExampleMan: Hello World

Extra Help

Many abbreviations are used on the server. For a complete listing of commonly used acronyms, see Glossary.

Abbreviation Meaning
HOP Head of Personnel
CE Chief Engineer
CMO Chief Medical Officer
NTRep/NTR Nanotrasen Representative
HOS Head of Security
RD Research Director
Blueshield Blueshield officer
Lethals Lethal weapons from the Secure Armoury
Lings/Clings Changelings

Read up on the other guides; plenty are out there! Or, head to the discord and chat with the admins and mentors there; they are always happy to teach you a little extra.

What To Do Now

Things not to do

While this should already be pretty obvious, do not do the following:

  • Randomly kill people: While this is stated in the rules as not allowed, anyone who wishes to do this probably hasn't and won't read this guide. New players might think that the game objective is to kill everyone, but I cannot stress enough that it is not.
  • Get a job change: This is fine for experienced players, but if you have just joined the server, you should not go and get a job change to a role you have not unlocked and don't know how to play.
  • Report false antagonists: Please don't report people you think "might" be antagonists. Unless you have proof, please don't report them. You will most likely waste security's time and the time of the person you reported.

Things you should do

  • Have fun.
  • Talk to other people on the server, and make friends with their characters in-game.
  • Make yourself known on the forums: The server is home to a group of players who make up the Paradise community, and we love to see new faces, so swing by and introduce yourself!
  • Try advanced jobs: Once you feel you have the basics of the game under your belt, don't be afraid to check the job guides on the other positions available. It is more fun, and you might get to help the station!
  • Be an antagonist: After you've gotten the basics down, it might be time to try your hand as an antagonist. Here is the best place to learn the basics of the different game modes and how to play them properly.
  • Help out the game: If you're good with programming, drawing sprites, telling stories, designing maps, or updating wikis, we could use your help. Head over to the forums and chat with us.

Most importantly, have fun! After all, That's what this is all about!

Welcome aboard the NSS Cyberiad. Have an efficient and productive day!

Any Further Questions?

Should you find yourself needing more advice on how to play or whether you're breaking a specific rule, you can also use the Mentor Help and Admin Help functions to do so while playing. Generally, there will be at least one person online who can answer any queries you may have, so don't be afraid to do so. To access this, either press F1 and click Mentor or Admin Help, or click on the tab labeled Admin and click Admin Help, then choose your option and type your message. When your message has been replied to, you'll hear a 'bwoink' sound, and their message will appear in the chatbox, with a link for you to click so you may reply if necessary.

You can use the two options at any time for any questions; however, specific things may be more suitable to be directed toward mentors and admins.

Mentor Help would usually be used in a situation where you'd like to know more about something that would otherwise not be able to be discussed in OOC chat without breaking the IC in OOC rule. For instance, if you had just spawned in as an engineer and wanted to know more about construction, you could use Mentor Help to ask a mentor for advice. In this case, they would either answer your question, if it's specific, or direct you over to the wiki page so you can learn more.

Admin Help would generally be the thing to use if you spot someone breaking a rule or need confirmation from an Admin about something you're about to do to ensure you're not breaking any rules. An example would be if you were an antagonist and wanted to cause chaos on the station by releasing the engine or detonating a devastating bomb. It's recommended that you let them know before doing something like that so that they can tell you not to if they don't feel like it is a good idea.

So, now you know that you can always rely on the Admins and Mentors to help you whenever you're in doubt about something. After all, that is why they're here, to make your time playing on the server as enjoyable as possible!