Goonchat Troubleshooting

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Identifying the Error

Occasionally, the clusterfuck that is Goonchat will break and you will be left without a working chatbox. This article serves as a guide for fixing this.

My Chat Looks Like This
Select the image that most looks like the issue you're having

Loading Error

I've waited for 30 seconds and it's still not working


Connection Closed Error

I've waited for it to reconnect but it hasn't


White UI Boxes

It's not even showing errors, all the UI boxes are just white


Loading Error Solutions

  1. Use Windows 7 or above (Windows 10 reccomended)
  2. Check to ensure BYOND dream seeker is updated to newest recommended version (Make sure the new version is safe to upgrade to beforehand, often byond updates can be buggy)
  3. Check to ensure that Internet Explorer is updated to newest recommended version
  4. Restart BYOND
  5. Rejoin Server

Continued Issues

Clear Your Internet Explorer Cache

  • Ensure there are no "ghost" dreammaker clients opened
  • Disable onedrive
  • Restart Computer

Connection Closed Error Solutions

  1. Leave the Server
  2. Rejoin the Server

If it didn't fix or you can no longer connect

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. If you are connected to internet, Dreamseeker>Settings>Exit
  3. Open Dreamseeker and attempt to reconnect to server

Continued Issues

  1. Troubleshoot your Wifi/Router (ensure it's not on your end)
  2. See Guide to Lag

White UI Boxes Solutions

  1. Use Windows 7 or above (Windows 10 reccomended)
  2. Update Windows Explorer to newest version (IE 11 if possible)
  3. Restart BYOND
  4. Rejoin Server

Continued Issues

Clear Your Internet Explorer Cache

  • Restart Computer
  • Disable onedrive

Clearing Caches

Clear your caches


  1. Click Cog symbol/ options or just press ctrl+p
  2. go to tab called Games then Click "Clear Cache"
  3. It may take a few(at least 3-5) rejoins of the server before your game will redownload paradises resources
  4. Restart BYOND

IE Cache

  1. Click on the Settings menu in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click Internet options.
  3. Under the General tab on the upper-left-hand side, scroll down to Browsing history.
  4. Select Delete...
  5. Check the following
    1. Temporary Internet files and website files
    2. Cookies and website data
    3. History
    4. Download History all checked in Delete Browsing History menu in Internet Explorer
  6. Select Delete.
  7. Close Internet Explorer and reopen it for changes to take effect.

Deleting ghost clients

  1. Open your task manager
  2. Close all "Dream daemon/dream seeker" applications
  3. Reconnect

Disabling onedrive

Onedrive can have varied effects on your client. Effects include, but are not limited to;

  • Extreme lag while in game when moving
  • Chat not properly functioning
  • Game taking a very long time to start (1-2 minutes to 10-40 minutes)
  • Game crashing after 10-30 seconds of gameplay
  • Improper loading of icons

To disable onedrive and restore your byond client;

  1. Go to your onedrive settings (Can be found by searching for onedrive in the start menu)
  2. Go to your account tab
  3. Click "Unlink account"
  4. Go to add/remove programs
  5. Select onedrive (Ignore warnings, your byond client will not be effected by this) and uninstall
  6. Go to your byond install location and delete all duplicate files, or delete all byond files and do a fresh reinstall
  7. Delete all files in your "resources" folder, they will be automatically reinstalled upon startup to another server.