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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Guide to Space Exploration
Access: Gateway, EVA, External Airlocks
Duties: Go where no-one has gone before.

Service Department

Departmental Head
Head of Personnel

Service Roles
Service Guides
Service Areas
BarbershopCustodial Closet
Clown and Mime Office

What Explorers Do

  • Explorers travel out into Space, Lavaland and the Gateway, looking for ruins, life (friendly or hostile), or simply anything else interesting. They then report back with their findings.
  • Explorers are often required to hack into old ruins or derelict craft, to defend themselves from hostile life, to treat their own injuries in the field, etc. The job requires a varied set of skills to do well at.

How To Become An Explorer

  • Go to the Head of Personnel and ask for a transfer to Explorer. You CANNOT select Explorer on the job prefs screen, nor can you latejoin as an Explorer. Asking the HoP is the only way to get this job.
  • If you're seeking to enter the Gateway, the HoP must ask the Captain for permission to open the Gateway, which Standard Operating Procedure says should only be done on code green. The Captain may set additional restrictions, like limiting the number of explorers.
  • Assuming your transfer is granted, you must hand in all significant items from your former job, notably any department headset you have. Do this BEFORE you leave the station. You can get basic headsets from the locker room.

Survival Tips

  • Before you leave the station, drop by EVA, cargo and/or medical, to pick up supplies. Do NOT take anything that cannot be replaced, and if in doubt, always ask before you take something.
  • Max your suit sensors. Consider carrying a GPS, if one is available.
  • Bring a buddy, ideally someone you trust to watch your back.
  • If exploring space, ask the Mechanic to build you a space pod.

Dealing With Security

  • Anything illegal that you find while exploring, is still illegal, and Security can confiscate it / charge you with carrying contraband if you do not turn it in voluntarily.
  • Special mention goes to obvious Contraband items like cult blades/robes, syndicate weapons/hardsuits, etc. If you walk around carrying any of these, you should expect to be arrested at the MINIMUM.
  • That said, it IS possible to have a constructive relationship with Security as an Explorer. Simply exercise some common sense and don't do anything that would get you confused with an antagonist.
  • If you find a dangerous location, it is okay to retreat, then ask the HOS for a weapon / weapons permit so that you can attack the dangerous location with a higher chance of survival. Whether the HOS/Captain grant you said weapon / weapons permit is highly variable, but it cannot hurt to ask - if you have evidence that the specific area you're entering contains hostile lifeforms.

Guide for HOPs

  • Read SOP. Both the general SOP page, and the command SOP page.
  • On the ID computer, to transfer someone to Explorer, use the "Explorer" option under "Service". Do NOT simply give them a custom title. Giving them a custom title does NOT properly update their access, nor does it properly free their old job slot.

Roles on Paradise Station
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