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Vesocia ---

Discuss new Contraband page. How should it look: tables, lists, or something else? Get two more volunteers to help Crazypilot out with it. TOP PRIORITY

> Kero, Cotux, and Crazypilot work on getting contraband list set up grouped by severity of the crime. Also maybe a grid like this at the top to quickly identify the item?

Discuss "Category: Locations" page and updating pictures of each location as necessary. Decide on standards for each location page.

> Upload updated images for location pages wherever necessary. Cotux will add a new location for engine containment along with links to the engine setup guide.

> Kero will look into resizing images so that the location pages show a slightly smaller screenshot of the location but you can click on it for a full-size version.

Go through changelog and compare to wiki to ensure wiki is up to date.

> Kero gon' do this

Show and Tell! - Show your work, get suggestions for improvements. Go in alphabetical order.

> DarkPyrolord = For Scientist guide revamp traitor guide and add info about scientist-only uplink items (poisons and stimulants)

> Cotux = Merge Tesla and Singularity setup pages into one page, ensure that all pages that linked to singularity setup point to this new page.

> FlattestGuitar = Tweak genetics guide for slightly better formatting. Change UI modification section to use a table instead of a long vertical list. Add icons to shadowling page for each listed power.

Wiki Dev forum tags? > Done!