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Ash Walkers are the tribal natives of Lavaland. These Unathi-esque lizard people are fiercely protective of their land, and will more often than not kill any trespassers. Through the use of a Necropolis tendril, the Ash Walkers are able to quickly grow and hatch their eggs through the sacrifice of dead bodies. Their tribal origins make it difficult for them to use most forms of technology, limiting them to mostly crafted and scavenged weapons. Despite this, they're still quite dangerous, especially in large numbers.

Ash Walker Biology

Ash walkers differ in a few different ways to their Unathi cousins. The biggest difference being their inexperience with advanced technology. Most guns, machines, computers, and advanced tools are completely foreign to Ash Walkers and are therefore unusable by them. Because of this, Ash Walkers are restricted to the most basic of weapons and tech. Another difference is their digitigrade legs. Ash Walkers have a different leg structure compared to almost all other races, so they can't wear standard shoes or boots. This will restrict them to walking barefoot most of the time, which can prove hazardous with broken glass or cactus presenting a trip hazard without footwear. Ash Walkers can also only speak the Unathi language of Sintha’Unathi, making communication difficult without knowing the language or having a translator present. However, like, their distant cousins, they are more vulnerable to brute damage, making them take 5% more compared to humans.

The Nest

Ash Walkers live for and die to protect their nest. It is their home in the hostile, ash filled landscape. Wandering in uninvited is an easy way for a miner to get swarmed and stabbed to death by the inhabitants, so it is recommended to leave if you aren't equipped to fight several angry lizard men.

The Tendril

In the North East room of the Ash Walker nest is the true nest, the Necropolis Tendril. This carefully cared for appendage is how the Ash Walkers are able to grow and reproduce so quickly. Whenever a dead body is brought to the tendril, it will be consumed, dropping any gear and organs the body had. With two bodies fed to the tendril, a new egg will be fully grown, ready to hatch into an Ash Walker. This is the only way for more Ash Walkers to be born. If it is destroyed, the tendril will drop a Necropolis chest before creating a chasm where it once stood. With that, the Ash Walkers will no longer be able to grow any more eggs.

Also present in the room are two Gutlunches. These scavenger creatures will eat any gibs, organs, and blood on the ground and produce milk, which can be drank for saline-glucose. If they eat enough, they'll give birth to a baby Gutlunch, which will grow into an adult once it's eaten enough.

The Storage Room

On the North West side of the camp is the storage room. Here, all of the ill gotten gains of the Ash Walker are kept. The room holds several useful, and some irreplaceable items, including a fully stocked toolbox, medkits, and simple medical supplies, an operating table, spare lanterns, a Rapid Construction Device, seeds and a seed extractor, a Gravitational Singularity generator, and an AI combat upgrade disk. (Those last two items, which have the potential to destroy the station, should ONLY be used maliciously with Admin permission. Always ask first.) A lot of the items in this room are either hard to get or impossible to replace, so make sure you don't lose them.

The Plaza

Outside of the buildings is an open area that has several dirt patches for gardening, a few garden tools, mining equipment, and a bonfire for cooking and ore refining. Do note that this area is exposed, so it will be hit by ash storms. Get inside one of the buildings before it comes. There'll also be some dead bodies around at round start, so drag those to the tendril to grow a new egg.


You have broken out of the egg and ventured outside the tendril room. There are 2 things you can do here.

Tending to the plants

Starting plants

In the storage room, you will find 5 seeds and a seed extractor. Other plants can be found out in the Lavaland Wastes.

Seed Description/Use
Seedwheat.pngWheat Can be eaten.
Comfreyseed.pngComfrey Can be used to make healing balms that fix brute damage.
Ambrosiavulgarisseed.pngAloe Vera Can be used to make healing balms that fix burn damage.
Towercapseed.pngTower Cap Mycelium Can be used to craft certain things, and to make Wooden Planks, which is also used to craft other things.
Glowshroommycelium.pngGlowshroom Mycelium Can be planted on the ground to make light.
Seedextractor.pngSeed Extractor Can be used to extract seeds from harvests. It will generate only 1 seed per item.
Wild plants

You can find these out of the nest. These can also be planted on dirt piles if you extract seeds from them.

Plant Description/Use
Lmushroom.pngLong Mushrooms Can be harvested for mushroom shavings.
Smushroom.pngLeafy Mushrooms Their leaves contain Nutriment, Nicotine, and Vitrium Froth. Virtium Froth has a chance each tick to heal small amounts of brute and burn damage.
Rmushrooms.pngTall Mushrooms Their caps contain LSD, Psylocybin, and Entropic Polypnium. Psylocybin is a hallucinogen, whie Entropic Polypnium has a chance to deal small amounts of toxin damage each tick.
Nmushrooms.pngNumerous Mushrooms Their stems contain Vitamin, Space Drugs, and Tinea Luxor. Tinea Luxor makes the user glow.
Cactus.pngFruiting Cactus It's fruits contain Vitrium Froth, Vitamin and Nutrient.

Gardening tips

  • You don't need to water or compost plants to keep them alive. If you mine on the ground, you get ash. With that ash you can make sandstone. With that sandstone you can make dirt piles, that, when created, will have max water and nutriment already. So after each harvest, simply use the shovel on the used dirt pile to remove it and make a new one in it's place.
  • Plants don't take damage from ash storms, so you may plant them whenever you like without worrying about them dying.
  • While healing balms don't heal as much as a kit, they're balanced by the fact each leaf produces 6 of them, plus they're easy to produce and can be stockpiled.
  • Make sure you always have 2 surplus seeds for each plant. Having just one means that if you fail a harvest will result in the plant being lost forever and not being able to ever plant it again. Keep in mind the seed extractor only makes one seed for each item of produce.


There are several fauna you can hunt. This part also includes how to kill them. Remember to wield your spears and axes, or else they won't do as much damage.

Normal fauna

These fauna are easily found everywhere in Lavaland. Common doesn't mean safe. All of these are immune to the spear throw, so don't bother trying to kill them from distance. Each tendril you find (not counting the nest, obviously) will spawn one of these constantly. Don't kill tendrils unless you really have to, especially legion ones.

Fauna Difficulty Description/Attacks Killing it Drops
Legion.pngLegions Easy A number of heads that killed and took control of a body. It will not attack directly. Instead, it will detach some of it's heads to kill you while it flees. Kill the heads first. Don't get swarmed. Attack only one at once or the heads will overwhelm you. The second you go into crit, they will take control of your body, killing you and breaking all of your bones. The body that it was controlling and a Legion Core. When used, Legion Cores will heal internal bleedings, broken bones and heal not a insignificant amount of damage.
Goliathsmol.pngGoliath Average A slow but deadly beast armed with tendrils. It will slowly move towards it target, and hits HARD. Withouth armor, a melee hit from a Goliath is an almost guaranteed broken bone.Every now and then it's eyes will turn redGoliathattack.gif, which means it'll attack with it's tendrils. Shortly after, 4 tendrils will come out of the ground to try and grab you. If it succeeds, you will suffer minor brute damage, be unable to move for a certain amount of time, and drop whatever you had in your hand(s). Everytime the Goliath moves, it stays in place for a bit over a second. Poke it aggressively with your Spear once in the small time window, then back off, dodging the eventual tendril attacks. Rinse and repeat until it's dead. This method is also called Kiting. Don't get cornered. Make sure to lead it somewhere where you have enough space to move around. 2 Bones, 1 Goliath Hide Plate (When gibbed)
Watchers.pngWatcher Hard A horrible flying eye armed with sharp spikes and freezing beams. Like the Goliath, it also hits hard, which means broken bones are guaranteed should you have to armor. It will ignore you as long as you don't stay too close for too long. If you really need to pass by one, feel free to do so, but don't linger. When aggroed(as in, it gets angry at you), the first attack that will do is the freeze beam. A red bold message will be printed onto the chat "the Watcher stares at name!". Shortly after, it will shoot a freeze beam at whoever it stared at. Freeze beams do little damage themselves, but will slow the victim down enough to let the watcher come in melee range. There are 2 methods you can go with. The first one is Kiting, however, Kiting a Watcher is much more difficult, as it moves much faster, and you have a smaller time window to hit it between movements. Freeze beams can be stopped with a Box, a Locker, or an Ore Box, so you should bring one of these to the fight.

Alteratively, you can use a method known as Cheesing. This method is quite straigthforward. You approach the Watcher in a group of 2 or 3. 1 person gets the aggro of the Watcher(usually a person with armor) and takes all the hits, while the rest aggressively boops the Watcher with pointy sticks until it's dead. Make sure to have a Legion Core to heal the person that took all the hits afterwards however.

1 Watcher Sinew, 1 Bone, 1 Diamond Ore (When gibbed)

Unusual fauna

Some of these are peaceful, some less. All of these are vulnerable to spear throws. None of these will understand your language unless they are a Unathi.

Fauna Difficulty Peaceful? Description/Weapons Killing it Drops and Loot
Generic shaft.pngMiners Variable Absolutely not Outsiders coming from the skies. Along with a Pickaxe, they are equipped with a Kinetic Accelerator, also known as KA. A hit from a KA will easily break bones withouth armor. They migth be an antagonist with certain powers or abilities, so watch out. Don't let them near your nest, most of them are there just to valid you even if you didn't attack first. They can be unpredictable. Strength in numbers. Swarm the Miner and poke it with your sharp sticks until it doesn't move anymore. You can also kill one by yourself, but make sure have some armor. Move in unpredictable patterns so they can't aim the KA at you. Their Pickaxe and KA, the minerals they might have mined, and the loot and artifacts they might have grabbed from Fauna and Megafauna, along with their basic equipment like jumpsuit, headset, PDA and so on.
Golem.pngGolems Rock Hard Probably Free Golems, trying to accomplish their lifetime objective of doing whatever. They're made of adamantine, which means they're incredibly resistant to damage. They normally start with only Resonators and Pickaxes, but they later will get KAs too. You might be able to trade with them. Trying to kill them is a bad idea. You should only attack them if you are in big numbers. You can kill them the same way you kill Miners, however they will pack much more of a punch and will sustain a not insignificant amount of damage before actually dying. Not much, really. The mined minerals, and their tools. You won't be able to use most if not the machinery their ship has.
Diona.pngTerrariums Variable Probably Plant creatures with the objective to spread life in the galaxy from within a seed vault. At least, that's their version. To you they're just weird walking and talking vines. They have machines that dispense and grow plants. They can also grow plants that can be used to kill, like Revolver Plants, Combustible Lemons, and Cherry Bombs. You can probably trade with them. Swarm them in numbers or charge them alone, just be careful, Combustible Lemons and Cherry Bombs are essentially grenades. A well placed one in a group of Ash Walkers will knock them down on the ground, leaving them open to attacks. A lot of seeds can be found in their Seed Vault.
Harmless Will avoid you A group of Vets that got teleported into Lavaland thanks to a Bluespace Anomaly. They have nothing more than a pick for weapons, but they have a decent amount of healing supplies. You don't even need to swarm them. Their Pickaxe won't do anything compared to the speeds they'll drop to the ground after piercing them with your Spear. Just in case though, move around them as to not get a Pick to the head. A decent amount of healing supplies are present back in their Base.
Lavaland Hermit Harmless He fights to live another day A person that has made a series of mistakes that led him to crash down to Lavaland with an Escape Pod. No real weapons other than a Pickaxe. Just poke him with your pointy stick until he stops kicking. Not much other than his body.


Some of the most dangerous Fauna on lavaland. As an Ash Walker, avoid them at all costs. All of these will either gib, devour, or turn you into ash when you are in crit on dead unless stated otherwise. Here it will show a description, some of their main attacks and where they can be found, but not their drops or how to kill them(Since it's nigh impossible).

Ashdrake.pngAsh Drake
Megafauna Where Description/Abilities
Anywhere in Lavaland

Ashdrake.pngCan be found anywhere. Will swoop up in the sky and summon falling fireballs signed with 1x1 runes, before landing on a location signed by a 3x3 rune. If you are in the rune when it lands, you will most likely enter a near-crit state. If you get melee attacked when in crit, you will get gibbed. It can also summon 4 lines of fire in the 4 cardinal directions, centered to the drake. When killed, it drops bones, ash drake hide, sinew and diamond ores. It can also drop one of these things: Spectral blade, that gets stronger the more ghosts orbit it, Lava staff, that can turn lava into basalt and viceversa, a Spellbook of Sacred Flame and Wand of Fireball. the spellbook with surround you with fire when used, and the staff can throw fireballs, but has limited charges. If you're really lucky it can drop ash drake blood, that, when used, can make you immune to lava, turn you into a skeleton, turn you into a red unathi, and, finally, the reason why this is so popular: turn you into a lesser ash drake. You're the same as the normal one, but with less health.


Legionboss.pngCan be found only once, at the very north of lavaland, after a lava river, behind a necropolis door. Knocking on this one will free the Legion and alert everyone in lavaland about it. Every time it's killed, it will split into smaller legions. Can charge at enemies, spawn legions, and legion heads. When the last head gets killed, drops the Staff of Storms, that can be used to summon or mitigate ash storms at will.


Hierophantnew.gifCannot be found anymore as it got removed..A fancy staff that can summon it's own arena forcing you to fight with it, and spawns exploding tiles. Can only be found once. When killed, drops itself, that can be used to summon exploding violet tiles(exploding as in"explode and damage whatever is over it", not "explode like a grenade").

Blood Drunk Miner

Blooddrunkminer.pngCan only be found once. Can be killed in very large numbers, but even then, it's a very bad idea. Can fire a KA for ranged attacks, and can attack up to 3 people at once with his attacks, or one with very high attack speed. When killed, drops his KA and his cleaving saw, that Ash Walkers CAN use, letting them do the same attacks as the Blood Drunk Miner. This is the only megafauna that won't touch your dead body.


Colossus.pngCan be found anywhere. Moves slowly, easily vaporizes you at melee range, shoots death bolts in certain patterns. If you see miners attacking a Colossus and you suddenly hear it scream "Die" or "Judgement", take cover and get out of there.


Bubblegum.png Can be found anywhere. If you see it, DO NOT, stay on blood. Most of it's abilities involve blood, from spewing blood, to going inside and emerging out of it. When killed, drops a suit that Ash Walkers can use, and makes you invulnerable to ash storms, burn damage, and can drop either 2 items that are pretty useless to Ash Walkers, which are mayhem in a bottle, and blood contract. These 2 mostly involve people killing each other. The useful item it can drop is a Spellblade, that shoots slashing projectiles.


By hunting the native fauna and harvesting local plants, you'll be able to craft very useful things.


All of these deal brute damage.

Weapons Recipe Non-Wielded damage Wielded Throw damage Notes
Spear.PNGSpear 1 cable restrains, 1 glass shard, 1 metal rod. 10 18 20 Can be found in the storage room under the tendril room
Bone Dagger.PNGBone dagger 2 bones 15 N/A 15
Bone spear.pngBone spear 2 bones and 1 watcher sinew 11 20 22
Boneaxe.pngBone axe 6 bones and 3 watcher sinew 5 23 15 Can be used in place of the scalpel in ghetto surgery, can break down doors

Some resistances (like acid) are not listed because they're either unused(left over from TG code) or nothing deals such damage.
Equipping any of these won't slow down your movement. Miners jumpsuits will.
The "Slot" indicates what part of the body the armor protects.
Fire is the protection against burn damage caused by being on fire.
Melee is the protection against brute or burn damage caused by melee attacks.
Laser is the protection against brute or burn damage caused by lasers. Also reduces the slowness intensity and duration of a Watcher freeze beam.
Explosion is the protection against brute or burn damage caused by explosions(Gibtonite, KA and so on).
Projectile is the protection against brute or burn damage caused by projectiles(Ballistic weapons, etc. Colossus death bolts ignore armor. ).

Armor Recipe Slot Fire Melee Laser Explosion Projectile
Bone Armor.PNGBone armor 6 Bones Upper Body 50 35 25 25 25
Bone Talisman.PNGBone talisman 2 Bones, 1 Watcher Sinew Upper Body(Accessory) 8 5 5 20 5
Skull Codpiece.PNGSkull codpiece 2 Bones, 1 Goliath Hide Plate Upper Body(Accessory) 8 5 5 20 5
Bone Bracers.PNGBone bracers 2 Bones, 1 Watcher Sinew Arms 7 15 15 20 25
Skull Helmet.PNGSkull Helmet 2 Bones Head 50 35 25 25 25
Goliath Cloak.pngGoliath cloak 2 Leather, 2 Watcher Sinew, 2 Goliath Hide Plates Upper Body and Head(With Hood) 60 35 25 25 10
Ash Drake Armour.PNGAsh drake armor 10 Bones, 2 Watcher Sinew, 5 Ash Drake Hide Upper Body and Head(With Hood) 100 70 50 70 30

General items you can craft.

Item Recipe Description/Use
Matchlit.gifFire Brand 2 Wooden Planks Is, for all intents and purposes, a match. Use it to light up things on fire.
Tribal Splint.pngTribal Splint 2 Bones, 1 Watcher Sinew Used to make sure broken bones don't move around and scratch your insides.
Bonfire.PNGBonfire 5 Wood Cap Logs Used to light up spaces or mark your territory.
Rake.pngRake 5 Wooden Planks Can be used to uproot weeds.
Woodenbucket.pngWooden Bucket 3 Wooden Planks Used to milk Guthen and water plants.
Woodenbarrel.pngWooden Barrel 30 Wooden Planks When something is put into it, it will slowly extract the chemicals from it. Essentially a rudimentary "All In One Grinder".
Mushroombowl.pngMushroom Bowl 5 Mushroom Shavings A container that can hold 50 units of any liquid.
Goliath bone oar.PNGGoliath Bone Oar 2 Bones Used to move and steer the Goliath Boat.
Goliathboat.gifGoliath Boat 3 Goliath Hide Plates Used to cross Lava and Lava Rivers.