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Terror red.png
Terror Spider

Superiors: The highest-tier terror spider around
Difficulty: Varies depending on spider type, from hard, to very hard.
Guides: This page
Access: Everywhere with an unwelded vent.
Duties: Terrorize the crew


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Terror Spiders are the result of a Syndicate experiment that combined giant space spider and Xenomorph DNA.

Like Xenomorphs, they are intelligent, and form a hive that acts aggressively against humanoids in the area. They also travel through vents.

Like giant space spiders, they tend to wrap things in webs, drink human blood, and multiply by laying eggs that hatch into spiderlings.

They tend to be extremely strong in melee, but weak to ranged weapons. For special attacks, they tend to use a variety of deadly poisons, delivered by biting their targets.

Terror spider infestations come in various types. As a general rule, the higher the tier (see below) of the spiders that start the infestation, the more dangerous the infestation is.

Terror Spider Types

Type Role Notes Web Type Opens Powered Doors Breaks Walls
Tier 1: Soldiers
Terror red.png
Red Terror
Juggernaut / Assault High health, high melee damage, but very slow speed. Does more damage the lower its health is. Capable of robusting several crew at once. Strong (more HP) Yes No
Terror gray.png
Gray Terror
Ambusher Semi-invisible when standing on webs. Double damage against webbed targets. Stealthy (spun faster, hard to see) No No
Terror green.png
Green Terror
Breeding Drinks the blood of its victims, then lays clutches of eggs that hatch into more spiders. Slimy (causes blurry vision) No No
Tier 2: Specialists
Terror black.png
Black Terror
Poisoner Uses hit-and-run attacks, and incredibly lethal venom. Anyone bitten by this must get immediate toxins treatment, or they will die. Dark (causes poison) No No
Terror white.png
White Terror
Infector Injects spider eggs into your body. Unless removed, you will become confused, and up to 5 spiderlings (gray, red, brown, green, green) will burst out of your skin over time. Infested (causes egg infection) No No
Terror purple.png
Purple Terror
Nest Guard A variant of the red, they are stronger, move faster, and spin thick webs that block humanoid vision. Often use ambush tactics to guard queen nests. Can't be away from the queen/princess too long, or their hivemind link will break, and they will die. Thick (blocks vision, more HP) Yes Yes
Terror brown.gif
Brown Terror
Breacher Tears open vents and scrubbers that have been welded shut. Makes a sound like bending metal when it does this. Weak in direct combat. Used to breach rooms/areas for other spiders to attack. No web Yes Yes
Tier 3: Minibosses
Terror prince.png
Prince of Terror
Slaughter An organic tank. It hits hard, moves fast and can absorb an incredible amount of damage. It can use its vision-blocking webs to create deadly ambushes, too. Thick (blocks vision, more HP) Yes Yes
Terror princess.png
Princess of Terror
Mini Queen A mini-queen. Like a Queen, lays eggs over time, and never needs to feed. Unlike a Queen, is much weaker at both combat and egg-laying, can always ventcrawl, and appears in groups. Airtight (blocks atmos) Yes No
Terror mother.png
Mother of Terror
Schmuck Bait Carries hundreds of spiderlings on its back. If killed, some of its spiderlings will grow up to avenge their mother. Rare, and very dangerous if it dies near an open vent. No webs Yes No
Tier 4: Bosses
Terror gold.png
Queen of Terror
Hive Queen Produces spider eggs at an ever-increasing rate. Directs the brood. Spits acid that cuts through metal like butter. Exterminates non-spider life. Airtight (blocks atmos) Yes Yes

Fighting Them

Basic Tips:

  • Weld vents and scrubbers. Even fully-grown Terror Spiders can ventcrawl. They will run around murdering the whole crew if you fail to weld the vents.
  • Carry a gun. Melee weapons are not good enough to fight the vast majority of terror spiders. Laser weapons are preferable.
  • Travel with friends.
  • Don't travel into dark/webbed areas.
  • Don't walk into spider webs.
  • If bitten by a Black Terror, or White Terror, seek immediate medical help. You will be dead (or worse) within minutes if you don't do this.
  • If you see a spider of tier 3 or higher, call it out on radio. It is likely too strong for you to deal with alone.
  • Prioritize killing the spiders that lay eggs, or otherwise reproduce.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for an ERT if they get out of hand.

Advanced Tips:

  • If you're Medical (or the closest thing to a doctor available), get a Medical HUD to tell who's infested with eggs, do Internal Organ Manipulation surgery on their chest to remove said eggs, and have plenty of anti-toxins stocked.
  • If you are security, consider arming the crew. Terror spiders can be as dangerous as blobs, even worse in some cases. Arming the crew is safer than having a serious terror spider infestation.
  • If you are science, make AEGs. Make sure security have them. Night vision HUDs help too. The best weapon against Terror Spiders are mechs, especially mechs with lasercannons.
  • If you are cargo, consider ordering eguns/laserguns.
  • If you are command, get the crew organized. Remind people of what to do, and what not to do. Remind the assistants that these things are serious business, and hunting them with a toolbox is suicide.
  • Queens are the highest priority target, and Princesses are second highest. These spider types produce huge numbers of new spiders over time, but killing them puts a stop to it, and also kills a bunch of their offspring. Sniping the Queen is perhaps the easiest way to win against a massive horde of Queen-spawned spiders.

Playing Them

Basic tips:

  • Help your fellow terror spiders. You're MUCH stronger when you work together.
  • Destroy lights.
  • Deactivate cameras by smashing them. When the camera stops moving, it is deactivated. If you smash the camera until it completely falls apart, you will generate an alarm for the AI.
  • Breaking APCs will alert the AI, but depower doors (enabling all spiders to pry them open). Whether this is worth it or not depends on the area. Never break the APC in the nest if the nest is meant to stay hidden.
  • Use Wrap on humanoid corpses. You will suck out their internal organs as a liquid, which gives you a strong, long-lasting, stacking buff to health regeneration. If your status panel shows you as 'HUNGRY' this is because you have not wrapped enough humanoid corpses recently. Certain spider types (like Queen) do not have the ability to wrap.
  • Spin webs.
  • Use webs to ambush crew.
  • Use webs to block enemy projectile weapons, giving you cover.
  • Use ventcrawl to find new targets, or escape well-armed crew.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your spider type. For example, injection-based spiders (like blacks and whites) should only attack unarmored organic targets. They are useless against crew in hardsuits, borgs, mechas, etc.
  • If you can break open welded vents (you have the vent smash ability on your HUD) then use it.
  • Don't be afraid to retreat if you need to. You naturally regenerate health. Crew don't.
  • Defend the egg-laying spiders at all costs.

Advanced Techniques:

  • If there is a Queen, you have a 50% chance of dying from psychic backlash if she is killed. Whatever you do, keep the Queen alive.
  • If there is a White, do not attack crew members who have the purple "xeno infection" marker on your HUD. That means they have spiders in them - leave them alone and they'll produce spiderlings over time.
  • If there is a Brown, follow them around, raiding the areas whose vents they have broken open for you.
  • Use your special abilities. For example, as a red, understand that you do more damage the lower your health is, so it can actually help you to be hurt a little before you enter combat. Another example is that the gray's webs are hard to see, and light in color. Placing them under doors, or on light-colored floor tiles, or in dark areas, can be better at trapping people.
  • Use your ability combos. For example, spin a web, then drag or push a crew member into it. Wrap a corpse in a cocoon, force open a door, then hide behind the door after it closes to ambush whoever comes by to break open the cocoon. As a green, wrap/feed on a humanoid corpse, then ventcrawl to a safe restricted-access location, and destroy the camera there, before laying your eggs.
  • Focus on your role. Browns should spend all their time breaking open vents, not fighting. Queens should spend their time laying eggs and protecting that nest (running away if seriously threatened). Greens should be looking for any opportunity to feed and lay eggs. Whites should be looking to infect as many crew as possible. Blacks should be trying to assassinate key members of the crew, such as command staff, and unarmored security. Reds should be providing area denial of key areas. Purples should be guarding the queen/princess. Etc.
  • If you notice another spider who doesn't seem to know what their role is, tell them. You have hivemind comms for a reason. Sharing tips is a good idea.
  • When a new spider grows (you will know, it tells you) and you aren't busy, briefly tell them what the situation/plan is. E.g.: "Welcome 109. Hive is in elec maint, we're trying to take old bar maint, backup in botany would be great."

Terror Spider Abilities

Name Restrictions Description
Passive Abilities (all spiders)
Regenerate speed varies Terror spiders constantly regenerate health at a low rate. Certain actions increase this rate.
Prey Sense N/A Terror spiders can sense the health status of their food (humanoids), including whether they are infected with eggs or not.
Hivemind N/A Terror spiders speak on their shared hivemind by default, but some of them can also talk with normal crew (via ":9" or ".9").
Sense of Death N/A Through the hivemind, the death of any one terror spider is immediately known to all of the others.
Active Abilities
Web 15 second cooldown Spins a Terror Web. These will block some projectiles one time, and ensnare any humanoid who enters them for several seconds.
Ventcrawl takes 10 seconds Alt-click on any non-welded vent or scrubber to enter it. After a few seconds, you can move freely through the pipe system, emerging at any other unwelded vent/scrubber you can reach. Some spider types, such as Princes, Purples and Queens after nesting, cannot ventcrawl.
Wrap once per corpse Wraps up a corpse in a web. All spiders get a bonus to health regeneration for each humanoid corpse they wrap. Green spiders additionally get to lay eggs based on the number of humanoid corpses they've wrapped. Queens don't get this ability.
Green Terrors can also:
Lay Green Eggs Wrap a humanoid corpse first Lay a choice of eggs which can hatch into red, gray, green, brown, and black terror spiders. Requires using Wrap on humanoid corpse(s) first. (Note, only two brown and black spiders can exist at one time)
Princesses of Terror can also:
Spin Thick Web None Spins a web that blocks the crew's vision.
Mothers, Queens, and Princesses can also:
Vent Smash None Smashes open a welded vent or scrubber.
Queens of Terror can also:
HiveSense N/A Reach out to your brood telepathically, sensing their locations, types, moods, and status.
Lay Queen Eggs long cooldown Lay eggs which can hatch into many kinds of terror spiders. Unlike with the green-level ability, Queens do NOT need to feed before doing this. The longer the Queen stays alive, the faster she lays eggs.

Objects & Drops

  • Spiderling: Non-playable baby spiders. They move very quickly and like to hide in vents. Humans must kill them. Spiders must keep them alive.
  • Terror Webs: Extremely sticky webs placed by spiders. Can be destroyed easily. Attempting to walk through them is highly likely to ensnare any human.


  • Do terror spiders need oxygen? Pressure? Temperature? Yes. Lack of proper atmos kills them. They're somewhat resistant to cold, but much weaker to heat (ie: atmos fires). Hot airborne plasma kills them quickly.
  • Can I kill them with toxins? Reagents never hurt them, but even a small quantity of airborne plasma poisonous to them.
  • How do I play as one? Click on it as a ghost. There may also be a notice in ghostchat when a terror spider is controllable.
  • Can adult terror spiders travel through vents? Yes.

Guide For Xenobio

  • Can I spawn these as hostile mobs with a gold slime core? No.
  • Can I spawn these as tame mobs with a gold slime core? No.
  • Can I use a sentience potion to make one loyal to me? No.
  • Will I get brutally murdered if I try interacting with a wild one? Yes!
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