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Syndicate operatives get access to these items during Traitor and Nuke Ops.

For a list of items exclusive to the Nuclear Agent game-mode, click here.

Refundable Items

Currently the only refundable item for traitors is the Holoparasite Injector Combathypo.gif


The items in the table below are colored to indicate their contraband status

Code Explanation Standard Charges For Possession
NC Non-Contraband items. No charges
Confiscation if used in a crime.
C Standard Contraband items. Confiscation, Possession of Contraband charges.
Enemy of the Corporation charges if used in a Major Crime.
S Dangerous Contraband items. Confiscation, Enemy of the Corporation charges.


Item Location Purpose Description
Syndicate Uplink
Syndicate uplink.png
You spawn with one Ordering syndicate items by a traitor or syndicate operative. This is where the traitor gets all his fancy items. It's disguised as a PDA or a headset (or a radio if the mode is nuclear emergency). If it's a PDA, you will need to enter the code given into the ringtone selection in the messenger menu. A headset will need to be changed to the correct frequency. From there, you can click on it and pick whatever item you want/need. However, you only have 100 telecrystals to use so choose wisely.

Job Specific Tools

Item Cost Job Purpose Description
Ambrosia Cruciatus Seeds
5 TC Botanist Growing hallucinogenic and brain damaging ambrosia plants. A pack of seeds that look like standard ambrosia vulgaris seeds at an initial glance and while they are growing. However, these special seeds contain both THC and bath salts rather than the usual set of chemicals you find in vulgaris plants, giving anyone who ingests or smokes the grown plant hallucinations and brain damage.
Note: As a botanist, possession of these seeds and plants is legal, but distribution or use is not.
Briefcase Full of Bees
50 TC Botanist Summoning an overabundance of bees in the work place. A briefcase that can hold up to 15 bees, starting with 10 when purchased. Each time it is used the briefcase will summon up to 5 syndi-bees filled with Fluorosulfuric Acid that attack everyone, including you if preparations aren't made in advance, while also playing a very noticeable audio clip from DR. BEES himself. The syndi-bees also deal more brute damage with each sting compared to regular bees while also "swarming" on tiles. The bees can be pacified by injecting your blood into the briefcase, so they don't attack you. Bees can also be restored by injecting Lazarus Reagent into the briefcase for endless bee memes - with each unit of the reagent creating one additional bee in the case. Be careful however, if the briefcase has no more bees left inside then injecting Lazarus Reagent will not restore them!
Safety Scissors
15 TC Barber Somehow convince your target to get a haircut, then using these to gain in early edge against them in a fight. A pair of scissors discretely sharpened to dangerous levels. Using these on a person will give the illusion you are cutting their hair for a few moments before you slice the victim's throat, causing lots of bleeding, 30 oxygen damage, and 18 brute damage. Each additional slash does 18 brute damage, similar to an energy dagger, but unlike an energy dagger, this weapon is sharp enough to behead, if you're into that kind of stuff.
Boozey Shotgun Shells
10 TC Bartender Stunning people and getting them very drunk. A box containing 6 beanbag shotgun shells that additionally simulate the effects of extreme drunkenness on the target, more effective for each type of alcohol in the target's system.
His Grace
Artistic Toolbox.png
100 TC Chaplain Devouring the entire station crew.
  • Constantly heals the owner for 3 tox/oxy, and 12 brute/burn per tick.
  • If the owner moves too far away from the toolbox, they will start to die.
  • Starts at 15 damage, and gains 5 damage with every feeding.
  • The more it is fed, the quicker it gets hungry again.
  • Must be fed routinely, or it will eat its owner.
    Only available if your objective is to hijack the shuttle.
Missionary Starter Kit
75 TC Chaplain Being a priest like in AoE! Once you strap on your robe and activate your staff, you will be able to WOLOLO people into your slaves for 10 minutes(Mindshielded individuals are immune.) The convertees are basically standard mindslaves so you can order them around as you wish and report them to admins if they dont obey. After initiating, you must remain still and with sight of target for eight seconds. The target will receive an alert that the conversion is taking place as well. Once you convert someone you will scream WOLOLO with a audio cue, which makes it not too stealthy, but if you make it seem normal, nobody will bat a eye... probably.
Chef Excellence's Special Sauce
10 TC Chef Making food dangerously delicious. A custom made sauce made from the highly poisonous amanita mushrooms. Amanitin will only cause toxin damage once it finishes processing inside a victim, but will deal more toxin damage the longer it was in them for. The bottle comes with 50 units of the sauce to 'flavour' your food.
Combat Bakery Kit
25 TC Chef & Mime Eat your own evidence. A kit of clandestine baked weapons. Contains a baguette which can be used as a sword, with the ability to parry and cause 20 brute damage, as well as a pair of throwing croissants, and a recipe book to make more on demand.
Meat Cleaver
Meat Cleaver.png
40 TC Chef Being a scary maniac with a penchant for cannibalism. A mean looking meat cleaver that deals 25 brute damage with every hit and has the added benefit of chopping your victim into hunks of meat after they've died. Use your complementary whetstone if you really want someone dead sooner rather than later.
Syndicate Donk Pockets
10 TC Chef A tasty way to heal injuries, resist stuns and increase your movement speed. A box of highly specialized Donk pockets with a number of regenerative and stimulating chemicals inside of them. Eating one of these will heal all damage types, regulate body temperature, prevent asphyxiation, increase movement speed and recover from stuns faster. It is not recommended to eat more than one of these in quick succession, as you will overdose on some of the chemicals inside. Unlike normal donk pockets, these are pre-heated inside the box and can be eaten as soon as they are acquired.
Pickpocket's Gloves
Black Gloves.png
30 TC Assistant Stealing goodies from unsuspecting crew and putting donuts or active bombs in people's pockets. A pair of sleek gloves to aid in pickpocketing, while wearing these you can see inside the pockets of any unsuspecting mark, loot the ID or pockets without them knowing, and pickpocketing puts the item directly into your hand.
Clown Acrobatic Shoes
15 TC Clown Slipping out of sticky situations. A high-tech pair of clown shoes with a built-in propulsion system. Activating the shoes allows you to slip 6 tiles forward, right under anyone in your way. Requires an 8 second cooldown between slips. Disabling the waddle-dampeners allows you to move at regular speed.
Banana Grenade
15 TC Clown Getting revenge on security that took your regular peel away. A grenade that explodes into HONK! brand banana peels that are genetically modified to be extra slippery and extrude caustic acid when stepped on. The peels stack, so multiple bananas on one tile can prove as deadly as it is funny to watch.
Trick Revolver
5 TC Clown Pulling the greatest of pranks on those pesky validhunters. A revolver with a hilarious twist - anyone who attempts to fire it will have the gun fire right back into their face, killing them instantly. Looks identical to the real deal, so be EXTREMELY careful if you're going to use the regular revolver alongside this one!
Jestographic Sequencer
20 TC Clown Gaining access to off-limits areas, while denying access to the people who should actually be there. Also called a "C-Mag", this is an ID card coated in a slurry of electromagnetically charged bananium. When used on a door, the door's access becomes inverted: crew who would normally be denied access are now allowed entry, and vice-versa. Great for weaseling your way into restricted areas at other people's expense! C-Magged doors can be restored to normal functionality by cleaning the door with soap or space cleaner, so don't rely on locking the Captain out of his office forever. The C-Mag has additional functionality when used on certain items, which can be viewed on its own page: Jestographic Sequencer
Power Gloves
50 TC Engineering Tapping into the station's power grid to shock or kill people. They look like a pair of insulated gloves, so they are very inconspicuous. Middle clicking with harm intent active on someone in a visible tile whilst standing on a power line will launch a bolt of force-lightning from the hands of the user, stunning or killing the target. Short out the SMES units from the power grid and adding more collectors to Singularity will create a more powerful shock, making it possible for the weapon to kill targets in a few shocks. These do function as insulated gloves.
Proximity Mine
10 TC Janitor An explosive reminder that they should be walking when the floor is wet. An Anti-Personnel proximity mine cleverly disguised as a wet floor caution sign that is triggered by running past it, activate it to start the 15 second timer and activate again to disarm.
Titanium Push Broom
Push broom.png
60 TC Janitor Blocking and sweeping away your enemies like a martial arts master. When wielded, the broom has different effects depending on your intent, similar to a martial art. Help intent will sweep foes away from you, disarm intent sweeps their legs from under them, grab intent confuses and minorly fatigues them, and harm intent hits them normally. It can parry melee attacks and deflect projectiles.
Viral Injector
15 TC Virologist Making your co-workers start puking while being on fire A hypospray capable of transmitting a virus hidden as a functional pipette. The Viral Injector works as a normal pipette but when used against crew it'll stealthily inject the contents into the victim transmitting any viruses inside of the content.
40 TC Medical & Science Quick self-healing. A highly illegal compound contained within a compact auto-injector; when injected it makes the user immune to being stunned and greatly enhances the body's ability to repair itself.
Magillitis Serum Bio-chip
25 TC Research Director & Genetics Become the King of the Apes. A single-use bio-chip which contains an experimental serum that turns you or your victim into a rampaging gorilla! This implant is no joke, and can cause fatal damage and send limbs flying. Be careful however, you can't turn back nor use your hands.
Syndicate MMI
MMI empty.png
10 TC Roboticist Mindslaves any brain installed into it, to be installed into a robotic servant. An illegal MMI which mindslaves any brain placed inside it to the user. Any cyborg made with this will be permanently loyal to you until the brain is removed from the MMI, and will appear to be linked to the AI and function normally. Can also be installed into an empty mech or IRC for a loyal servant, but not an AI core. A more stealthy option compared to emagging cyborgs, who are easy to spot as compromised by an AI or competent RD.
15 TC Librarian The ultimate last resort for blowing up that guy who forgot to order pizza at a D&D game. Undistinguishable from regular dice, besides blowing up 3 seconds after being rolled. The explosion radius depends upon your roll, but generally it is quite powerful, a 15 being comparable to a syndicate bomb, 20 exploding larger than the bomb cap and rolling a 1 will instantly gib you. Unlike grenades, you don't automatically go into throw mode after rolling these. You have to be careful as well. If the die rolls anything higher than a 15, you will have an extremely hard time escaping the blast radius even if you throw it immediately after priming.
60 TC Research Director Teleporting threats or targets. An extremely high-tech energy gun that utilizes bluespace technology to teleport away living targets. Select the target beacon on the telegun itself; projectiles will send targets to the beacon locked onto.
Contortionist Jumpsuit
30 TC Life Support Specialist Squeezing through vents. This highly flexible jumpsuit allows you to squeeze through the piping of the station to reach rooms quickly and almost silently. ALT click any vent to climb into it. You must not have any backpack or belt on however; only your pockets!
Energized Fireaxe
40 TC Life Support Specialist Fighting people rather than fires. A special fireaxe that can store an electrical charge. It deals 30 brute damage per strike when wielded with both hands and while it holds a charge will stun and knock back anyone hit by it. It also pierces light amounts of melee armor if you need to fight someone more well-armed. The axe can only hold a single electrical charge and will slowly recharge once used. Be warned that while the energized fireaxe can't be easily singled out while held or on your back, it will give off sparks when wielded with both hands and has an obvious description to anyone that closely examines it.
Guide to Advanced Mimery
Advanced Mimery.png
50 TC Mime Using your hands to shoot bullets and build walls A box containing two books which each grant a new mime ability. The first ability is the Finger Gun, which lets you fire up to three bullets from your hand that deal 40 damage each while also silencing the target for a short while. The second ability is the Improved Wall, which creates a temporary, invisible, impassible 3x1 wall in front of your character. Both abilities are on a 60 second cooldown, but can be used as many times as you want. Note that if a non-mime uses these books, they will additionally get a vow of silence so that they can use their new abilities.
Shotgun Cane & Assassination Shells
40 TC Mime Sneakily and silently blasting your target with buckshot shells A box containing a shotgun disguised as a cane, as well as 7 specialized assassination shells (one loaded in the cane plus six in the box). The cane can only hold a single shell, but is silenced and will not reveal itself as gun when examined. The shells included in the kit work similarly to buckshot and are only really useful at point-blank range but come with the added benefit of silencing your victims on impact, making them unable to scream for help.
Feral Cat Delivery Grenade
15 TC Psychiatrist Summoning cute kittens to kill everything in sight. The feral cat delivery grenade contains 5 dehydrated feral cats in a similar manner to dehydrated monkeys, which, upon detonation, will be rehydrated by a small reservoir of water contained within the grenade. These cats will then attack anything in sight.
Poison Pen
5 TC Cargo, Librarian, Head of Personnel Turning paperwork into a deadly weapon. A devious pen filled with various poisons. When using this pen on any piece of paper, you will lace it with a special contact version of the poison that will apply 20 units of the substance to the next person to pick it up. Comes with unlimited uses. Here is the various poisons you can select: Black Ink: Nothing; Red Ink: Amanitin; Green Ink: Polonium;; Blue Ink: Teslium; Yellow Ink: Pancuronium.
Kinetic Accelerator Pressure Mod
25 TC Miner Upgrading your kinetic accelerator to deal more damage indoors. A special modkit for your kinetic accelerator that reduces or removes the damage reduction it normally receives in a pressurized environment. Using a single modkit will reduce the penalty to 20 damage and using two will allow the accelerator to deal the full 40 damage indoors. Each modkit uses 35 of the gun's mod capacity, so you will only have enough space for 2 of them ordinarily.

Species Specific Gear

Item Cost Species Purpose Description
Synthetic Supercharge Bio-chip
40 TC IPC Reducing time of all stuns and increasing movement. A bio-chip injected into the body, and later activated manually to inject a chemical cocktail, which has the effect of removing and reducing the time of all stuns and increasing movement speed. Can be activated up to 3 times.
Skipjack Spikethrower
60 TC Vox Showing off the weaponry of the Primalis. An alien energy based weapon that launches high velocity plasma spikes. These spikes hit with enough force to knock the target down and leave a nasty wound. Recharges on it's own. Does 25 brute damage and causes bleeding.
Aggression Suppression Pen
20 TC Skrell Spreading the power of love. A syringe disguised as a functional pen which is filled with a potent aggression supressing chemical. The pen holds four doses of the mixture and it cannot be refilled.
Fireproofing Nanite Injector
25 TC Plasmaman Set everyone ablaze without worrying. A swarm of nanomachines that absorb excess amounts of heat, allowing the user to become practically fireproof!
10 TC Human Become the Big Boss. A holo-cigar imported from the Sol system. The full effects of looking so badass aren't understood yet, but users shown to experience no penalty while dual-wielding firearms!

Can also one-hand fire large guns such as Shotguns, BSG and LWAP Laser Sniper.

Highly Visible and Dangerous Weapons

Direct Weapons

Item Cost Damage Type Damage Description
Energy Sword
40 TC Brute 3 inactive
30 active / +35 Armor Piercing
A highly lethal melee weapon with two states, on and off. When it's off, you can fit it into your pocket, but it only does about 3 brute damage. Click on it to switch between the two states. It has a 50% chance to block projectiles and melee attacks when active. It has a very distinctive noise when switching states, as well as when using it to commit murder. Don't expect to be hidden for very long after using it.
Double Energy Sword
80 TC Brute 3 inactive
34 active / +35 Armor Piercing
A melee weapon created by attaching two Energy Swords together. Has higher damage and a higher block chance (75%) than the Energy Sword, while also reflecting 100% of energy projectiles while wielded in both hands.
Gloves of the North Star
40 TC Brute Standard melee damage for your species. A pair of fingerless gloves that allows you to punch as fast as you can click, as long as you aren't holding an item in your hands.
40 TC Brute 12 / 24 / 36 A piston-powered metal fist that can be fueled with various gas tanks. It launches anyone hit by the fist backwards and deals 12 brute damage multiplied by the power setting, which you can adjust with a wrench. The type of gas you use to fuel the fist doesn't alter it’s behaviour, so feel free to use oxygen or air tanks which are easily found across the station. Do note that higher power settings will use more gas, so carrying some spare tanks is a wise idea if you plan to make heavy use of this item. You can remove attached tanks with a screwdriver.
65 TC Knockdown + Brute 40 An extremely loud and exceptionally lethal melee weapon. It cannot be stored in a backpack and makes a very distinctive noise when turned on. When used on a corpse, and on harm intent, it will carve them into chunks of meat, leaving nothing to be cloned. When hitting a living target, you will gain temporary damage resistance and stun immunity.
Energy Crossbow
Energy crossbow.png
60 TC Knockdown + Toxin 15 Toxin + 60 Stamina An exceptionally useful stealth weapon. Fires small darts which have indefinite range and deal a moderate amount of stamina damage. These darts will also knock your target down for a brief period and give them slurred speech and blurry eyes.
Syndicate .357 Revolver
65 TC Brute 60 A robust 7-shot Revolver. Click on someone or something and you'll shoot at them. If you're out of bullets, you'll just hit them with your gun, which does a smashing 5 brute damage. Careful, the Revolver's pretty loud and cannot be silenced. Delivered in a box containing both the Revolver and a Speedloader full of ammo, giving you 14 shots in total. You can print a box of ammo out at any hacked autolathe, but you'll need to buy any additional speedloaders from the uplink.
Mind Batterer
25 TC Brain N/A A dangerous syndicate device focused on crowd control and escapes. Causes brain damage, confusion, and other nasty effects to those surrounding the user. Has 5 charges, and recharges every 20 seconds between uses.
FK-69 Stechkin 10mm Pistol
20 TC Brute 30 A tactical Pistol that uses 8-round 10mm magazines. Click on someone or something and you'll shoot at them. Can be outfitted with a silencer to heavily reduce the noise of the gun. Additional 10mm ammo can be printed from a hacked autolathe, though it comes in a box of 20 rounds rather than a loaded magazine. Additional magazines can be bought from the uplink, including magazines with special variant 10mm ammunition.
Universal Self Assembling Gun Kit
25 TC Variable Variable A universal gun kit, that can be combined with any weapon kit to make a functioning RND gun of your own. Just use it directly on the gun kit and it self assembles for you!


Item Cost Purpose Description
60 TC Summoning a holoparasite Guardian When injected, causes a parasitic nanomachine entity known as a guardian to become attached to the user. These entities can have many different dangerous abilities, such as igniting targets or creating explosive traps. While personally immortal, damaged sustained by the holoparasite is redirected as brute damage onto the host, bypassing armor and making it clear to viewers who is the host.


Item Cost Damage Type Damage Description
Magazine - 10mm
Ammo 10mm.png
5 TC Brute 30 Brute Ammo for your Stechkin. Click on the gun with the magazine to load the mag. More rounds in boxed form can be produced from an autolathe, so this is mostly useless unless you lost the initial magazine from the pistol, you can't access an autolathe, or want you some easy-access spare ammo.
Magazine - 10mm Armor Piercing
Ammo 10mm.png
10 TC Brute 27 Brute / +40 Armor Piercing Armor-Piercing bullets for the pistol. They deal a little less damage than regular bullets, but the damage won't be reduced or blocked by most of the armor or hard-suits you'll find on board the station.
Magazine - 10mm Incendiary
Ammo 10mm.png
10 TC Brute 30 Brute / Ignites target Fiery bullets for the pistol. Anyone hit by them will be instantly set on fire, making them great for crowd control against teams of security who promptly run into each other while on fire.
Magazine - 10mm Hollow Point
Ammo 10mm.png
10 TC Brute 40 Brute / -50 Armor Piercing Hollow-Point bullets for the pistol. Deals a lot more damage than regular bullets, but will be much more easily stopped by any armored clothing a target is wearing. For best results, aim for a body location that they have not covered with some sort of clothing.
Speedloader - .357
Ammo 357.png
15 TC Brute 60 Brute An extra speedloader full of .357 rounds for your Syndicate Revolver. Use it by clicking on the Revolver with the speedloader. Remember that you can print boxes of .357 ammo out at any autolathe, so the speedloaders are best used if you can't access one or want to have more ammo ready to load at a moment's notice.

Stealthy and Inconspicuous Weapons

Direct Weapons

Item Cost Damage Type Damage Description
Energy Dagger
10 TC Brute 18 Brute/ +20 Armor Piercing Essentially a more lightweight energy sword. When you hit someone's back with it, it deals additional damage and knocks them down. This device can be disguised as a pen to be stored within a PDA when off. It also functions as a pen when turned off.
Dart Pistol Kit
20 TC Variable Variable A miniaturized version of a normal syringe gun. It is very quiet when fired and can fit into any space a small item can. It also doesn't make a chat log when firing. The dart can be seen while in the air. Comes with 3 labelled syringes in a box, containing capulettium plus, sarin and pancuronium.
Rapid Syringe Gun
60 TC Variable Variable A weapon capable of holding up to 14 syringes, as well as up to 300 units of chemicals. Comes pre-loaded with 7 syringes. Alt-click the weapon to select how many units of chemicals should be injected per syringe - 5u, 10u, or 15u. Chemicals can be loaded from a beaker, while syringes either manually one by one, or speedloaded by hitting the gun with a container holding a number of them. Can pierce any clothing.
Toy gun (Stun darts)
15 TC Stamina 25 Fires riot foam darts which deal temporary stamina damage. A single clip contains 7 darts and it takes about 5 successful hits to knock the target out, but it won't last for long. The foam darts can be recollected easily by ejecting the magazine out of the pistol and then clicking on a dart with it. You will automatically collect all the darts on the ground, with which you can keep pounding the poor sucker into submission all over again! Even if you fail to knock your target out, enough hits and he'll be too slow to run away from you if you act fast enough.
Box of Throwing Weapons
15 TC Brute/Stun 20/Trips Comes with 5 throwing stars and 2 reinforced bolas. The Throwing stars do a respectable 20 damage when thrown and are guaranteed to embed in the target, hindering them and causing pain until removed by surgery, though this makes retrieving them from your enemy somewhat challenging. The bolas leg-cuffs its target, but on top of that trips them up when they are first hit, rendering them prone for 2 seconds.


Item Cost Purpose Description
Martial Arts Scroll
65 TC Turning your average brawler into Bruce Lee. The single-use scroll teaches a person the sleeping carp martial art. After you use this scroll you will be unable to use any ranged weapons, however, a wielder of this knowledge will automatically block all projectiles when throw intent is active. Your standard melee damage with your fists increases to a smashing 10-15 brute damage per hit. It also makes all grabs start as aggressive and changes the attack verbs used, as well as making you shout silly stuff making it apparent you've become a master of Carp Fu. You also get a new set of moves that can be displayed by recalling your teachings in the new sleeping carp tab.
CQC Manual
50 TC Remembering the basics of CQC. A manual that teaches a single user tactical Close-Quarters Combat before self-destructing. Does not restrict weapon usage. Your disarms will inflict some stamina damage while shoving people, your grabs will immobilize for a second making it easier to reinforce them, your harm attacks will deal moderate stamina damage, and you will get a set of combos that allow you to efficiently knockdown, disarm or stun your opponent. You can find more information on CQC and its combos Here.
Experimental Krav Maga Gloves
Black Gloves.png
50 TC If you want cool melee moves without giving up firearms in exchange. Gloves with specialized nanites in them that give the user the ability to use Krav Maga while equipped, similar to the warden's gloves. Includes all the main abilities and functions of Krav Maga, but the gloves are disguised as regular black gloves and wielding them does not restrict weapon usage like that of Carp Fu.
Dehydrated Space Carp
5 TC Make people sleep with the fishes. Just add water to make your very own hostile to everything space carp. It looks just like a plushie. Double click to bind the carp to you prior to hydrating it.
Sleepy Pen
40 TC Making people fall asleep and drawing glasses on them afterwards. This devious little pen is a hypospray in disguise. It comes pre-loaded with 100 units of Ketamine, a tranquilizing reagent which will put a target to sleep after about 20 seconds. When you use it on someone, they'll be injected with 50 units of the chemical inside the pen, unless they are wearing a hardsuit which will block it. This is a silent injection so the receiver will receive no notification, although most people will be incredibly suspicious when they start suffering ill effects after you bump into them. The pen can be drained or refilled with a syringe.
Poison Bottle
10 TC Getting a random bottle of poison that can debilitate, knockout or kill targets. A bottle that contains one of many different illegal chemicals, some of which can only be found inside this item. Possibilities include Cyanide, Sarin, Sulfanol, Initropidril, Coniine, Venom, Ketamine, Amanitin, Polonium, Curare, Pancuronium, Sodium Thiopental, Gibbis, Nanomachines, Prions, Spider Eggs, Concentrated Initropidril, Heartworms and Bacon Grease.
Note: Nonlethal poisons are only C class, not S class.
Universal Suppressor
5 TC Covert ranged combat. Fitted for use on any small caliber weapon with a threaded barrel, this suppressor will suppress the shots of the weapon for increased stealth and superior ambushing capability.
Syndicate Soap
5 TC Hiding murder and slipping vigilantes. It's a bar of evil looking soap that cleans things at an accelerated rate to normal soap.
Fiber Wire Garrote
30 TC Strangling and re-locating victims. The fiber wire garrote will instantly start a chokehold, making your target helpless and allowing you to upgrade the grab immediately to begin strangling them, as well as making the person unable to scream over the radio as long as you don't holster the garrote. As a two-handed weapon, the garrote has to be "wielded" by using it in your hand with the other hand free. You must be behind the person to use the garrote.
False-Bottomed Briefcase
15 TC Concealing a firearm and unloading it when least expected. A briefcase with a hidden compartment that can store anything normal-sized or smaller. If you hide a gun inside you can fire it at will while holding the briefcase, making it an excellent tool for an ambush! To use the hidden compartment, use a screwdriver on the briefcase and then place the desired item inside before closing the compartment by using the screwdriver again. Be warned that anyone can use this briefcase's hidden function or open the compartment if they have the tools!
Camera Flash
5 TC Blinding people and stunning cyborgs. An advanced flash device that behaves much the same way as the one security uses. This devious version comes disguised as a camera and will not burn out like the normal variant - instead it uses a recharging battery allowing traitors to keep using it even after they burn through all 5 charges.

Stealth and Camouflage Items

Item Cost Purpose Description
Agent ID Card
Id regular.png
10 TC Upon use, you can set it's job title to anything and the card's name to anything. It's used to hide your identity. This is a special ID card that makes you untrackable by the AI. You can repeatedly forge any name and assignment on it and make it look more like a real ID, but the card will only have Maintenance Tunnel and External Airlock access initially, so try to use it in an Identification Computer. Remember to wear it on your ID slot or it will not work. Scan your Agent ID over a stolen ID card to gain that card's access. Previous access is not replaced when scanning a new card, allowing you to make a ghetto all access card with some effort.

Make sure to cover your face (with a gas mask for example) to appear as who's name is on the ID, speaking will also give away your identity unless you use a voice changer.

"Big Brother" Obfuscation Suit
20 TC Hiding yourself from that nosy AI. A syndicate tactical suit equipped with the latest in anti-silicon technology and, allegedly, biological technology learned from the Changeling Hivemind. While this suit is worn, you will be unable to be tracked or seen by on-Station AI.
Camera Bug
Camera Bug.png
5 TC Spying through, bugging and remotely EMP'ing cameras on the station. A portable camera monitor with a number of functions. Using it in your hand will let you spy through any camera on the station and using it on a station camera will bug it, which will then let you disable the camera temporarily through the camera bug's interface.
Chameleon Kit
Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
20 TC (30TC for Nuclear Operatives) Helps you hide your identity, infiltrate departments and impersonate other crew members. A box of several chameleon clothing items, a chameleon stamp for falsifying paperwork and a voice changing gas mask to help you keep your true identity a secret. You can use the action buttons for each piece of clothing to select a specific design, or use the change outfit action to quickly set several items of clothing to match that of a specified job. The voice changer allows you to set it to any name you want and can be toggled off and on when needed. Be warned that an EMP blast with cause all chameleon items to go haywire and change their design rapidly, making you look ridiculous and instantly blowing your cover! The shoes included in this kit are not the no-slip shoes, just regular ones you can disguise.
Chameleon Stamp
Chameleon Stamp.png
5 TC Falsifying Paperwork Can be disguised to look and function like other department's stamps, even the Captain's or the NT Representative's. Most players in big positions are willing to go the extra mile for you if you provide paperwork and seem like a trustworthy person. You can also get this stamp inside the chameleon kit.
Chameleon projector.gif
35 TC Hiding as an item on the station. By default the projector will disguise you as a cigarette butt, however you can use the projector on any item that can be held in-hand to set it as a disguise. Use the projector in-hand to activate it and disguise yourself. While disguised you move at walk speed and cannot interact with anything you're not already holding. If you drop or put away the projector, activate it in hand again or someone tries to pick you up while disguised the projector will shut down and you will change back to normal. Do note there is a cooldown of a few seconds when the projector is turned off before it can be activated again. Incredibly useful and a lot of fun, if you use it correctly. While active you cannot be detected by the AI or even people with x-ray vision.
Chameleon Counterfeiter
Cham counter.png
10 TC This device disguises itself as any object scanned by it. You can use the counterfeiter on any item that can be held in-hand to set it as a disguise. Use the device in-hand to activate and disguise it as the scanned item. The disguise is not a perfect replica and can be noticed when examined by an observer. Can be useful if you want to make your theft go unnoticed for a longer time.
Chameleon Security HUD
Sec hud.png
10 TC Annoy Security, protect yourself from flashes A Security HUD that uses chameleon technology, letting you disguise it as most kinds of eyewear. When worn, it can be used like a normal Security HUD (i.e. setting criminal status on others, or removing it from yourself). Also protects you from flashes.
Chameleon Flag
10 TC Dealing with those pesky flag-burning assistants. A flag that can be disguised as any other known flag. There is a hidden spot in the pole to boobytrap the flag with a grenade or minibomb, which will detonate some time after the flag is set on fire.
DNA Scrambler
DNA Scrambler.gif
10 TC Getting a Fresh Start. A syringe with one injection that randomizes appearance and name upon use, as well as clearing your character's flavour text. A cheaper but less versatile alternative to an agent card and chameleon kit. Be warned that your new identity will not be on the crew manifest and your ID card won't update with your new name, which will make you very suspicious if found out.
F.R.A.M.E Cartridge
Pda cartrige.png
20 TC Pinning the blame on an innocent. A PDA cartridge which allows you to upload a virus onto a PDA with it's messenger on. The virus will create an uplink and force it open, while you will receive the code for it. You can charge the F.R.A.M.E cartridge with raw telecrystals to give the virus uplink telecrystals. If the PDA targeted already has an uplink, it will not change their lock code.
Chameleon No-Slip Shoes
10 TC (20TC for Nuclear Operatives) Non slip shoes, aka galoshes. A pair of chameleon shoes that keep you from slipping on slippery floor tiles or objects. Unlike regular galoshes, these shoes do not have a movement penalty.
Smuggler's Satchel
Smuggler's Satchel.png
10 TC Hiding stuff. A satchel that's thin enough to be hidden underneath station floor tiles, great for stashing your stolen goods. It has slightly less space than a standard backpack and cannot store boxes or additional smuggler's satchels. Comes with a crowbar and a floor tile inside.
EMP Flashlight
20 TC Discretly EMPing things. The flashlight functions like a normal one, but if you click at a tile or object next to you, it will EMP everything on that tile. Starts with 4 charges and slowly regenerates back up to 4 over time.
Safe-cracking Kit
5 TC Picking that pesky safe, quietly. When the drill is too loud and those codes are missing, this is your quiet bet on opening up that infernal box. Comes with a stethoscope, a balaclava, some nitrile gloves and a guide to hacking those safe tumblers.
Chameleon Thermal Glasses
30 TC Seeing people through walls. A special set of glasses which can see warm bodies through walls, including cyborgs, xenos, humans, monkeys, and the AI due to their similar warm organic body parts. You also can change the appearance of the glasses just like with other chameleon clothing items. Be mindful that you are much more vulnerable to flashes while wearing these, so take them off when doing tasks such as welding.
Adaptive Cardboard Cutouts
5 TC Pranking the crew with realistic looking cardboard cutouts. A set of 3 blank cardboard cutouts and a marker to paint them with. Unlike regular cutouts these Syndicate ones have less discoloration, making them seem more legitimate to anyone that finds it. Often used to trick crew into thinking a different kind of threat is on the station, but can divert security in the process!

Grenades and Explosives

Item Cost Purpose Description
Plastic Explosives
5 TC Blowing stuff up. This pack of explosives can detonate and destroy anything it is set on, after any chosen amount of seconds. It takes 10 seconds to set this, and requires you to be un-interrupted. You can click it to set the timer.
Pack of C4 Explosives
20 TC Blowing a lot of stuff up. A box that comes loaded with 5 packs of C4 explosive, making for a 20% bulk buyers discount. A good deal if you're planning to blow open a lot of airlocks or sabotage several pieces of equipment.
Syndicate Bomb
Syndicate Bomb.png
40 TC Set it up in a secluded or public location, activate the timer. Excellent for forcing a shuttle call. The Syndicate Bomb has an adjustable timer with a minimum setting of 90 seconds. Ordering the bomb sends you a small beacon, which will teleport the explosive to your location when you activate it. You can wrench the bomb down to prevent removal. While active, it will constantly make a beeping noise which gets louder as it approaches the detonation time. It is also possible for the bomb to be defused if it is found quickly enough.

Only available if your objective is to hijack the shuttle.

EMP Bomb
Emp bomb.gif
40 TC For everything an EMP grenade is used for, but bigger! Very similar to the syndicate bomb, but instead of an explosion it makes three very large electromagnetic pulses in a period of time. Great for messing with the AI, or destroying robotics, or as a nukie squad to take out weapons. Make sure to wrench it down, and putting it out of sight will help.
Syndicate Minibomb
30 TC Creating a breach, breaking into places, gibbing someone, accidentally blowing yourself up. Creates an explosion of (1, 2, 4) at detonation. Use for quick area denial, destruction of a target, or asking the HoP for access to a glorious death before self-detonating.
Detomatix Cartridge
Pda cartrige.png
30 TC Making other peoples PDA's explode A cartridge for your PDA. When inserted, it will allow you to use the detonate function in the messenger program to attempt to remotely detonate other people's PDAs in a moderately lethal explosion. Your target PDA will need the messenger function turned on in order to attempt this and the program can be used up to 5 times per cart. In addition, there is a chance the cartridge will not work or will feedback and blow up your own PDA, based on the number of programs installed to the PDA you are attempting to blow up. Other agent's PDAs will also block the detonation attempt, but will refund the charge. Despite this, it is a decent way of sowing panic aboard the station, or softening up a target for an assassination attempt. For operatives this cartridge has the blast door toggled function for the syndicate shuttle as well, allowing you to open the door without the military PDA.
Pizza Bomb
30 TC Not getting your pizza delivery tip. A pizza box with a bomb taped inside of it. Open it once to prime the bomb and adjust the timer, which is defaulted to three seconds, and the next time the box is opened it will trigger the detonation.
Knockout Gas Grenades
40 TC Sending several nearby crew members into a cozy, restful sleep. A box of two cluster grenades filled with N2O. Once they detonate the gas will quickly spread across rooms and knock anyone nearby out if they aren't wearing internals. Be cautious on using these grenades if there are any races who do not need to breathe or are always on internals, they will be useless against them!
Fragmentation Grenade
Frag Grenade.png
10 TC Damaging several people, army style. A frag grenade. Upon detonation, releases shrapnel that can embed in nearby victims. Just be sure you aren't in shrapnel range.
Pack of 5 Frag Grenades
40 TC Damaging even more people, army style. A box of 5 frag grenades. Upon detonation, releases shrapnel that can embed in nearby victims. And it seems you'll have a LOT of victims.
Plasma Gas Grenades
50 TC Causing major damage to both the station and its crew. A box of two cluster grenades filled with Plasma. The detonation will both release plasma gas all over the room as well as ignite it, burning through everything in its path. Anyone wearing a hardsuit that protects from fire, such as an atmospherics hardsuit, won't be affected so try to grab one yourself if possible. Only available to agents with the Hijack objective.
EMP Grenades and Implanter Kit
EMP Grenade.png
10 TC Disrupting electronics, disabling Cyborgs and killing IPCs. A box that contains two EMP grenades and EMP implant. Useful to disrupt communication and silicon lifeforms.

Click on the Grenade to activate it and then throw it like normal grenades. Other uses include draining the batteries of APCs and completely draining the batteries of security equipment like tasers. Stun batons only have roughly ten percent of their charge lost. If you EMP a group of security officers before a fight, they'll be disarmed of their primary means of stunning you from a distance. They also stun cyborgs for a good deal of time. Beware, this will cause cybernetics/prosthetics to explode!
The implant allows you to create an EMP blast centered on yourself, usable via icon at the top of your screen. Buying this implant as an IPC is ill-advised.

Devices and Tools

Item Cost Purpose Description
Cryptographic Sequencer
30 TC Gaining entrance to restricted areas or lockers and hacking things. Also called an E-Mag (electromagnetic card), it allows you to quite literally open anything. It will open any door, locker, crate, and can short out weapon locks. The issue is that once used on something, that something breaks permanently, doors stay stuck open, locker don't lock, weapons can be used by anyone. While this can have the desired effect, it also leaves a trail for people to follow (mostly doors), it also has a fairly noticeable visual when you use it (generally sparks shooting out of whatever it was used on). But besides gaining access through mundane locks, there are a number of other uses that E-mags have. A Full list of E-Maggable Objects can be found here: Cryptographic Sequencer
Access Tuner
30 TC An all access door remote An all-access door remote that takes 1.5 seconds to remotely connect with airlock circuits, allowing you to bolt, enable emergency access, or open them. Visible while in-hand.
Radio Jammer
20 TC Disrupting nearby radio signals. A radio jammer is used in order to confuse and obfuscate nearby radio signals in a short range (12 tiles). Radio messages appear scrambled and muddled which can prevent others from being able to easily interpret the communications of those nearby. This device will not nullify radio completely, but will scramble it greatly. It also stops any AI from tracking people who's radios are scrambled.
Artificial Intelligence Detector
AI Detector.gif
5 TC Useful to work around the AI. A functional multitool that turns red when it detects an artificial intelligence watching it or its holder. Knowing when an artificial intelligence is watching you is useful for knowing when to maintain cover.
Binary Translator Key
Binary Key.png
25 TC Monitoring AI chatter. The key must be attached to a headset. Each headset can contain up to two encryption keys, and department headsets start with one. This tool will allow you to access to the AI and cyborg's personal channel to hear their dirty synthetic secrets. Very handy for hearing if the AI is rogue, or is out to arrest you. You can speak in the binary channel with ':+'.
Syndicate Encryption Key
10 TC Communicating with other Syndicate agents. Intercepting other channels. The key must be attached to a headset. Each headset can contain up to two encryption keys, and department headsets start with one. It will intercept almost every radio message. The syndicate channel is accessed with ':t'.
Hacked AI Upload Module
15 TC Subverting the AI. It's like an AI freefom module, except your laws take priority over all others. You'll need to get at an upload console for it to work though. Be careful though, and don't give the AI wiggle room to backstab you.
Traitor Belt
10 TC Storing any small items you want on your belt. A robust seven-slot toolbelt made for carrying a broad variety of weapons, ammunition and explosives as well as normal tools. The description gives its naughty secondary usage away, keep it away from security's prying eyes.
Thermal Safe Drill
5 TC Opening that pesky safe, loudly. A large, battery powered drill that can be attached to both floor and box safes, drilling through them in five minutes flat. It will make drilling sounds and spark however, prepare for a fight. This can also be crafted on the crafting menu, as can the diamond version.
Prototype Bone Repair Kit
20 TC An autoinjector with nanocalcium within, for healing those pesky bones. The autoinjector comes with a guide on how to use it. Do not use with any stimulants, it will damage you and prevent your bones from healing. The autoinjector will make a sound when used, and will take some time to become active in your system. It can weaken, cause confusion and will cause you to collapse when the actual bone healing commences, but after some time, will start to fix any broken bones in your body. A useful alternative to seeking medical help when security is after you.
Experimental Syndicate Teleporter
Syndi Teleporter.gif
40 TC An experimental syndicate teleporter, for breaking into or out of areas. The device teleports the user 3-8 tiles forward, and has 4 charges that recharge over time. Great for getting into well secured rooms. Be carefull, if you teleport onto a wall, it will try to save you by teleporting you 3 tiles parallel to your destination, but if it fails, you will be gibbed. Teleporting onto someone will hurt and stun them, but not you. Do not let the teleporter get EMPD, and do not use it with a bag of holding. Both will have dangerous side effects on the teleporters operation. Comes with a free pair of Chameleon Meson goggles.
Surgery Duffelbag
10 TC Traitorous medical operations. A handy duffelbag which contains a full set of surgery tools, a straitjacket and a muzzle. The duffelbag itself is also much lighter than the ones you'll find on the station and won't slow you down while it's on your back.
Advanced Pinpointer
20 TC Finding items and crew. A pinpointer that tracks high-value items and crew on the station. Specifically, the PDA has 3 modes: 1) You can set X;Y co-ordinates and have it point you out in that direction. 2) You can locate the nuclear disk or other common objectives for traitors ( like hypospray, medals of captaincy, etc. ) 3) You can input a crew member's DNA strand to find them. You'll probably need to either get a medical crew's PDA or access to a medical logs computer for this.
Power Sink
50 TC Sucks up all the station power, causing a black-out. This bad boy is a station engineers and AI's worst enemy. When bought, this thing is useless, but when the power sink comes in contact with exposed wires out in space or on the station it starts to drain the power at a RAPID rate. You must screw it into place on a wire with a screwdriver, then turn it on. But as easy as it was set down, any one can pick it right back up!
Power Beacon
30 TC Attracting a loose singularity towards the beacon at a brisk pace. Placed like a powersink, screwdriver to secure and open hand to turn on, the power beacon will attract the singularity towards it, if it is loose. Note that for it to be useful at all the singularity needs to be released, as the beacon will not release it. A singularity beacon starts in your hand, but you cannot pick it up after deploying it. It also blocks movement over it, so be sure to spawn it where you want to set the beacon up. Needs a powered cable underneath, and a floor tile.

Not available to nuke agents. Only available if your objective is to hijack the shuttle.

Suspicious Toolbox
5 TC Obtaining tools. Filled with ordinary tools, except the welder, which is of industrial quality. It comes with a multitool and combat gloves instead of an analyser and it's also slightly more damaging than a regular toolbox, doing around 15 brute damage.

Space Suits and MODsuits

NOTE: The stats can be plugged into this formula to get the percentage of damage blocked. For instance, a score of 20 on lasers means 28.57% of damage blocked from lasers.

Item Cost Coverage Melee Bullet Laser Stamina Bomb Fire Rad Description
Syndicate MODsuit
Mod Syndicate.png
30 TC Full Body 15 in EVA mode
40 in combat mode
20 in EVA mode
50 in combat mode
5 in EVA mode
20 in combat mode
5 in EVA mode
20 in combat mode
35 50 50 The feared MODsuit of a syndicate nuclear agent. Features armor and a eva mode for faster movement on station. Toggling the suit in and out of combat mode will allow you all the mobility of a loose fitting uniform without sacrificing armoring. Comes packaged with internals. Nanotrasen crew who spot these suits are known to panic.
Syndicate Elite MODsuit
Mod Syndicate Elite.png
45 TC Full Body 50 in EVA mode
75 in combat mode
45 in EVA mode
75 in combat mode
35 in EVA mode
50 in combat mode
10 in EVA mode
25 in combat mode
60 IMMUNE 150 An advanced MODsuit with superior armor to the standard Syndicate MODsuit. Nanotrasen crew who spot these suits are known to *really* panic. Comes packaged with internals
Black and Red Space Suit
20 TC Full Body 35 50 20 10 20 75 20 A complete, red space suit. This suit's movement penalties are fewer than an EVA space suit! Useful if you need to hide in a vacuum. They can also hold a wide selection of items in suit storage. Comes packaged with internals. Nanotrasen crewmembers are trained to report red space suit sightings, although since these can be found quite often in maintenance, expect less panic than a blood red hardsuit.

Syndicate Modules

Module Cost Complexity Passive Cell Drain Active Cell Drain On-Use Cell Drain Description
Thermal Visor Module
Mod Thermal Visor.png
15 TC 1 0 0.3 0 Lets you see living beings through walls. Also provides night vision.
Night Visor Module
Mod Night Visor.png
5 TC 1 0 0.3 0 Lets you see clearer in the dark.
Plate Compression Module
Mod Plate Compression.png
10 TC 2 0 0 0 A module that lets the suit compress into a smaller size. Not compatible with storage modules, you will have to take that module out first.
Anti-Slip Module
Mod Anti Slip.png
5 TC 1 0.1 0 0 A module preventing the user from slipping on water. Already installed in the uplink modsuits.
Heavily Modified Springlock Module
Mod DNA Lock.png
5 TC 2 0 0 0 A module that spans the entire size of the MOD unit, sitting under the outer shell. This version of the module has been modified to allow for near instant activation of the MODsuit. Useful for quickly getting your MODsuit on/off, or for taking care of a target via a tragic accident. It is hidden as a DNA lock module. It will block retraction for 10 seconds by default to allow you to follow up with smoke, but you can multitool the module to disable that.
Hidden Holster Module
Mod Emergency Tether.png
5 TC 1 0 0 0 A holster module disguised to look like a tether module. Gun not included.


Item Cost Purpose Description
Adrenal Implant
40 TC Use this if you are in a fight, or need to run for it. An implant injected into the body, and later activated using an icon at the top of your screen to inject a chemical cocktail which will heal you over time, increase your movement speed and remove any stuns you currently have while making you recover from future ones faster. Each implant comes with enough for 3 doses, so time your use of it carefully.
Storage Implant
40 TC Hiding Items inside your body. First, use the implanter on yourself. It will give you two inventory slots, each capable of holding a normal sized item. To open this hidden inventory, click on the icon on the top of your screen. It can be surgically detected and removed, it does not transfer on death.
Freedom Implant
25 TC Escaping from cuffs quickly. If you inject yourself with this, you can get out of any restraints such as handcuffs by selecting and then using an icon at the top of your screen. This will immediately drop the handcuffs at your feet when used, so be ready to run for it! Each implant will allow you to escape 4 times before it expires, but be warned that most officers will figure out you have this implant after the first use and will likely plan accordingly for future encounters.
Prototype Freedom Implant
10 TC Escaping from cuffs quickly. Similar to the Freedom Implant, you can get out of any restraints, such as handcuffs by selecting and then using an icon at the top of your screen. However, since it's only a prototype, it has a one time use! Make it count.
Mindslave Implant
50 TC Gaining an ally. A box containing an implanter filled with a mindslave implant that when injected into another person makes them loyal to you and your cause, unless of course they're already implanted by someone else. Loyalty ends if the implant is no longer in their system. Mindshielded Individuals are Immune to it.
Uplink Implant
Syndicate uplink.png
70 TC Gaining a second, hidden uplink. When you inject this into someone (preferably you), you can access a hidden traitor uplink by clicking an icon at the top of your screen. The uplink comes with 50 telecrystals already loaded, but you can add or remove more telecrystals if desired by simply clicking yourself with TC in hand. This is handy if you get caught as a traitor and are jailed, but be warned that this implant can be removed like any other and will additionally not transfer if you die and are cloned.
Stealth Implant
Agent Box.png
40 TC Hiding in plain sight. This one-of-a-kind implant will make you almost invisible if you play your cards right. On activation, it will conceal you inside a chameleon cardboard box that is only revealed once someone bumps into it. Can't open doors while in the box, so time your movements right.

Bundles and Telecrystals

Item Cost Purpose Description
Syndicate Bundle
100 TC This spawns a syndicate box with one of nine random item sets.

The bundles provide an emphasis on teamwork, as they are guaranteed to contain a Syndicate Encryption Key for communicating with fellow traitors. See Syndicate Bundle Equipment for bundle details.

Syndicate Surplus Crate
100 TC Being an Economic Traitor. A crate containing 250 telecrystals worth of random syndicate items. This includes possible repeats (Be ready to get five boxed spacesuits) and job specific gear as well (Be a sithmaster with a double E-sword and lightning gloves.) Does not contain species specific tools.
Syndicate Super Surplus Crate
200 TC Being a HIGHLY Economic Traitor. A crate containing 625 telecrystals worth of random syndicate items. Because of the much higher price compared to the regular surplus crate, you'll need to team up with at least 1 other traitor to afford it.
Raw Telecrystals
Variable Giving telecrystals to other agents, charging additional uplinks. Raw telecrystals extracted from the uplink. Handy when trading with other agents or charging a separate uplink such as the implanted version. Can be bought in 5, 25 or 100 telecrystal stacks. Operatives can additionally buy them in stacks of 50.

(Pointless) Badassery

Item Cost Purpose Description
Briefcase Full of Cash
5 TC Bribing People. A secure briefcase containing 600 space credits. Useful for bribing personnel, or purchasing goods and services at lucrative prices. The briefcase also feels a little heavier to hold; it has been manufactured to pack a little bit more of a punch if your client needs some convincing, dealing 15 brute damage on hit.
Syndicate Balloon
100 TC Looking awesome and getting lynched for having a balloon. In the actual PDA this will show up as "For showing that you are the Boss". It's a red balloon with a white S on it. It does balloon type stuff such as floating and being filled with helium. Be prepared for the valids who see the balloon and instantly are out for blood.
Syndicate Playing Cards
Syndicate Playing Cards.png
2 TC Games. Ranged weapon. A special deck of space-grade playing cards with a mono-molecular edge and metal reinforcement, making them lethal weapons both when wielded as a blade and when thrown. Does about 10 damage when thrown on an unarmored target. You can also play card games with them.
Syndicate Smokes
Syndicate Smoke.png
7 TC Relaxation. Healing. Strong flavour, dense smoke, infused with Omnizine.
Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag.png
1 TC A highly robust storage and suffocation tool. A flimsy plastic bag that can hold up to 7 small items. You can equip it to your belt slot to use it as a makeshift military belt or equip it to a head slot to cover someone's head with the bag. This will slowly suffocate them to death unless they have internals.
Syndicate Bomber Jacket
Syndicate Bomber Jacket.png
3 TC Kill in style. An awesome jacket to help you style on Nanotrasen with. The lining is made of a thin polymer to provide a small amount of armor. Does not provide any extra storage space.
Syndicate Two-Piece Suit
Black Suit.png
5 TC Showing even Syndicate can have class. A snappy two-piece suit that any self-respecting Syndicate agent should wear. Perfect for professionals trying to go undetected, but moderately armored with experimental nanoweave in case things do get loud. Comes with two cashmere-lined pockets for maximum style and comfort.

Syndicate Bundle Equipment

Bundle Name Bundle Contents Purpose
Complete your objectives quietly with this compilation of stealthy items.
Smuggler's Satchel.png
Steal from friends, enemies, and interstellar megacorporations alike!
Shake your Martini and stir up trouble with this bundle of lethal equipment mixed with a spritz of gadgetry to keep things interesting.
Agent 13
Find and eliminate your targets quietly and effectively with this kit.
Alright guys, today we're performing a heist on a space station owned by a greedy corporation. Drain the vault of all its worth so we can get that pay dirt!
A few useful implants to give you some options for when you inevitably get captured by the Blueshield Security.
A kit with everything you need to hack into and disrupt the Station, AI, its cyborgs and the Security team. HACK THE PLANET!
  • Combat Gloves
Turn your anger into hate and your hate into suffering with a mix of energy swords and magical powers. DO IT.
Suit up and handle yourself like a professional with a long-distance sniper rifle, additional .50 standard and penetrator rounds and thermal glasses to easily scope out your target.
Syndi Teleporter.gif
Use your teleporter, krav maga and other support tools to jump right into your desired location, quickly leaving as though you were never there.
A variety of grenades and pyrotechnics to ensure you can blast your way through any situation.