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This page covers adminspawn-only jobs/roles not listed elsewhere on the wiki, such as in CentCom jobs/roles or under Special Roles.

Admins can use this as a guide for what types of special characters they can turn a player into using the admin-only "Select Equipment" verb.

Players can also read this, but be warned, it may contain SPOILERS for rarely encountered stuff you'd enjoy more if you encountered it without foreknowledge.

Crew-Friendly Roles

These are typically not crew, but are still friendly to the crew.

Name(s) Based On Access Description Notable Gear
Singuloth Knight Engineer All A master engineer, now follower of Lord Singuloth. Singularity hammer, unique hardsuit, cybernetic mesons, ERT headset, ceremonial claymore.
Musician / Bard Civilian None A civilian dedicated to musical performances. A collection of musical instruments. Unique clothes. Headphones.
Survivor Civilian None A civilian who survived something horrible. Blood-spattered clothes.
Greytide Civilian None A civilian with standard greytider gear. Toolbox, full toolbelt, gas mask, flashlight, greytide flag. Leader/Xeno versions also get welding helmet, and insulated gloves. Xeno version also gets xeno outfit, xeno toy (hiss) and thermal scanners.
Chrono Legionaire - Irrelevant An agent sent by future CentCom to erase people who disrupt the timeline and cause a time paradox. Excellent against single targets, terrible against groups. Originally used by admins to erase people that named themselves 'Hitler', but that is now handled OOCly. Timestream Eradication Device (TED) gun, ability to phase shift through walls.
Solar Federation Representative / Marine / Lieutenant - All Soldiers and diplomats of the Trans-Solar Federation. Typically sent for RP purposes, or as an alternative form of ERT. SolGov uniforms, ERT headset. Marine only: M1911 pistol, ARG assault rifle. Lieutenant only: desert eagle, telebaton.
Soviet Tourist / Soldier / Admiral - Maint only Infantry and civilians of Space Russia. Tourists typically drink in the bar. Soldiers typically protect tourists. Space Russian uniforms, ushanka. Soldiers only: syndi headset, combat gloves/boots, C4, mateba revolver, emag. Admirals only: thermal eyepatch.

Standard Antag Variants

Name(s) Based On Access Description Notable Gear
Tunnel Clown Clown As Clown A gang member that makes their home in maintenance. Full toolbelt, thermal monocle, banana grenade, bikehorn, fireaxe, banana juice, banana peel, stunprod, rubber ducky.
Mime Assassin Mime As Mime As assassin that uses mime clothes and favors silent kills. Full toolbelt, thermal monocle, syndicate ID, silenced pistol, emag, syndi donk pocket, flashlight. 20 TC.
Dark Priest Chaplain All An agent of the dark gods, typically sent to kill, or protect, someone who has roused their interest. Chaplain clothes, syndi ID/headset, unique 'blessing of the reaper' undroppable armblade nullrod that does bonus damage.
Syndicate Freedom Operative Nuclear Agent As Nuclear Agent An operative dedicated of the land of the free. Standard operative hardsuits are replaced by an American Eagle costume.
Syndicate Spy Traitor Maintenance A Traitor with a fancy all-black outfit and bonus TC. Black syndicate shoes, all-black uniform, 40 TC.
Space Pirate Traitor None A typical space pirate. Pirate costume, esword.
Masked Killer Civilian None A masked killer from a horror movie. Thermal Monocle, syndi ID, various knives.
Dark Lord Traitor All A syndicate agent themed after a sith lord. Chaplain hoodie, combat gloves, black syndie shoes, syndie ID, syndie headset, double red esword.
Syndicate Strike Team Death squad All The syndicate variant of the Deathsquad. Way more dangerous than nuclear ops. Arguably more dangerous than Deathsquad. Syndi ID/radio/mask, SST hardsuit/helmet, healing nanite injector, esword, syndicate revolver, X4, emag, L6 SAW automatic squad weapon, Leader: pinpointer/disk.

Super Antags

These rare beings are so game-breakingly powerful and dangerous, that typically only admins are allowed to play them.

Name(s) Based On Access Description Notable Gear/Abilities
Ancient One Vampire All A super-vampire with the ability to convert crew into regular vampire antags. Unlimited blood. All abilities unlocked. Can shapeshift into swarm of bats, or regenerating hellhound. Has extremely powerful 'Raise Vampires' ability that targets everyone near them, and on each successive cast, first stuns, then brain damages, then kills, then raises the dead as new vampire antags, then heals nearby vampires. When used in a crowded place, this can create an army of vampires in less than a couple of minutes.
Arch Wizard Wizard All A super-wizard with a vast array of spells at their disposal. Starts with armor, as well as five times the amount of spells a regular wizard has.
Syndicate Officer / Syndicate Middle Management Traitor As Nuclear Agent team leader. Syndicate equivalent of CentCom. Golden desert eagle. Adv poinpointer. Cigar. Unlimited TC. Authority over everyone employed by the Syndicate. Can mindslave an unlimited number of people, equip themselves with literally any combination of syndicate gear they want regardless of TC cost, or simply order agents, nuclear ops or the dreaded SST (syndicate deathsquad) deployed to the station.
Empress of Terror Terror Spider Inhuman A lovecraftian nightmare in the shape of an enormous spider. As Queen of Terror, but with stats (health, damage, etc) and abilities increased to almost godlike levels. 1,000 health, chain projectile acid spit that can melt metal, ability to lay up to 100 eggs at once and control how many grow up, ability to lay boss-level eggs such as those for queens and mothers, ability to emit a psychic shockwave that kills all spiders within a range measured in Astronomical Units, etc.
Greater Hellhound Lesser Hellhound, Wizard N/A Looks like a big hellhound, hits/tanks like a slaughter demon, casts spells like a wizard, summons more demons. Regenerates health quickly while resting. Immune to punches and atmos damage. When attacking a humanoid, uses hellsmoke to render all nearby humanoids instantly unconscious - only humanoids wearing internals are immune. Speaks telepathically. Smashes through walls. Casts various spells (knock, jaunt, teleport, greater forcewall). Can summon more demons (typically weaker, lesser hellhounds) at will.