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Sol Trader

Superiors: SolGov
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: This is the guide.
Access: Trader Shuttle
Duties: Trade items to the crew. Acquire credits.


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You are a merchant employed by the Trans-Solar Federation, sent on a trading mission to the NSS Cyberiad. As a "Sol Trader", your goal is to trade the items that start on your freighter to the crew, typically in exchange for a large supply of credits, plasma, etc. These items being sold may or may not be legal, so make sure to remind the crew that you are not legally responsible for any crimes committed using the products you sold.

Tools of the Trade

You and your partner will spawn at Jupiter Station, a small area containing a bathroom (with mirror for hairstyle changes), meeting room, cryopods (Should you wish to ghost after you finish trading) and the shuttle dock for your Freighter.

The freighter itself comes fully stocked with all of the merchandise pre-loaded. A console on both Jupiter Station and the freighter can be used to send the ship to and from the station. Two side rooms are present for trading of merchandise and credits, with buttons to control access to prevent theft. If there's trouble, privacy shutters and flashers can be used to quell the Black Friday shoppers.

The Good

The freighter comes loaded with almost everything anyone may want. As the trader, it's up to you what price you want to put on the merchandise. Just remember that you have a quota to meet. As tempting as it may be to use these items for yourself, it's your job to sell them, and you may get in trouble with your boss (Admins) if you use the merchandise maliciously. The items that you start with vary greatly, including, but not limited to;

  • Sheets of metals and materials, such as titanium and bananium.
  • A variety of Foam Force (and DonkSoft) weapons.
  • Clothing such as combat gloves and tool belts.
  • Scientific research notes that can be deconstructed for research levels.
  • Mech equipment.
  • Medical tools like auto-implants and incision management tools.
  • Combat gear such as guns and armor.
  • Random pills and chemical packs.
  • Fleshy masses. (Abductor Organs)
  • Equipment ranging bags of holding to jackhammers.
  • Drivable Vehicles(may or may not require key).
  • The Radiant Dance Machine Mark IV
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