Slaughter Demon

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Slaughter Demon

Superiors: Bubblegum, Satan
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: This is the guide
Access: Anywhere blood can be found
Duties: Slaughter the crew, and collect their souls


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A Slaughter Demon is a large, armor-plated monster sent from the depths of hell to steal the souls of the crew in a very violent fashion. They can use blood to travel quickly, possess a pair of large blades in place of arms, and can fully heal by eating downed crewmembers.

Spawning In

Slaughter Demons are spawned via a very rare random event, in which a single demon arrives on-station. This event is only accessible to players with the "Slaughter Demon" option toggled on in Game Preferences.


As a Slaughter Demon, you have access to two powerful abilities, Blood Crawl, and Consume.

Name Cooldown Description
Blood Crawl TBA Your bread and butter, Blood Crawl is your main means of travel, both for assaulting targets and fleeing the scene. To use, simply stand on a bloodstain of any size, and hit the button to enter a state similar to a Wizard's Jaunt, but without time constraints. Any tile with blood, oil, or slime jelly on it is viable for bloodcrawling. You also gain a short speed boost when leaving Blood Crawl.
Consume None Drag a downed crewmember while bloodcrawling to consume them. This fully restores your health, and stores the victim in your stomach, making them unrevivable unless they were already scanned.

A Lesson in Positive Ripping and Tearing

As a Slaughter Demon, you are well suited to butchering the crew in melee combat with your pair of armblades and blood-based abilities, but you are far from invincible. In spite of their ferocious appearance, Slaughter Demons are glass cannons best suited for ambushes and surprise attacks, using their Blood Crawl to quickly ambush and kill a target, before retreating back into their blood pool.

General Tips

  • Corner your targets. You do incredibly high damage in melee, but that won't help if your target has already made a run for it.
  • Spread blood by stabbing a downed crewmember several times, then dragging them around. Having more points to bloodcrawl from is always helpful.
  • Even the smallest speck of blood or oil can be used to bloodcrawl.
  • Make janitors a high-priority target. They can very easily remove your main means of transit around the station.
  • Avoid ranged weapons, especially shotguns. Your demonic armor can take a bit of punishment, but don't expect it to save you from an angry buckshot-equipped Sec squad.
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