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Syndicate Infiltration Team (SIT)

Superiors: The Syndicate
Difficulty: Very Hard
Guides: This is the guide.
Access: General areas of each department. Including Maintenance.
Duties: Complete your mission provided by the Syndicate.


Departmental Head

Special Roles
Special Guides
Special Areas
Central Command • Elsewhere
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You are a member of an elite Syndicate Infiltration Team (SIT), put together by the Syndicate for a special mission.

What are they?

Syndicate Infiltration Teams are elite field operatives trained by the Syndicate, which can only be spawned via Admin intervention, usually ranging from 3-5 members in one group. They're usually sent to the Cyberiad to complete their objectives, their objectives are given out by the admins depending on the current situation of the current round.

Your Mission

Your mission can be anything that can be difficult for a normal field operative can succeed, it will be given to you when you spawn.

SIT missions tend to be difficult, requiring stealthy teamwork or brute tactics to complete. Examples:

  • 1. Assassinate the entire Command (and/or Security) staff of the Cyberiad.
  • 2. Steal the Particle Accelerator (yes, the whole thing, one piece at a time!).
  • 3. Capture and abduct a member of the command crew alive (or take their brain).
  • 4. Subvert the station AI, converting it to a syndicate AI with specific special instructions.
  • 5. Acquire all advanced technology in RnD from the station.
  • 6. Rescue a prisoner currently held in permabrig .
  • 7. Obtain positions of power on the station (by promotion, assassination, or simple disguise) then contact the Syndicate for further instructions.

If you forget your mission at any time, use IC -> Notes to look it up.

Special Gear

You start off with several key items:

  • 1. Your uplink implant. Simply click the radio icon in the top left of your screen to access it. Use this to buy syndicate tech for your mission.
  • 2. Your dusting implant. If you die, this will AUTOMATICALLY CREMATE YOU. This prevents NT forces from getting their dirty hands on your gear, or interrogating you. You can activate this manually (using the skull button on your HUD) if you are facing capture, certain death and/or torture. The Syndicate has your DNA on file, and will clone you for future missions.
  • 3. Your Agent ID Card. This card makes you untrackable by AIs, enables you to copy the access from any other ID card you use it on, and can be used in-hand to customize your name and job title. This is excellent for maintaining a disguise.
  • 4. Your Chameleon Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit (via right-click -> change color) can disguise as any other jumpsuit. Combine it with a backpack from one of the basic jobs on the Cyberiad, and you'll look just like regular crew!
  • 5. A fully loaded toolbelt, and flashlight. For skulking around in maintenance.
  • 6. Fully-insulated combat gloves, disguised as normal black gloves.
  • 7. A syndicate headset, which, in addition to the standard Syndicate channel (.t) also has access to the special Syndicate Team radio channel (.h). Use the former if you need to contact other traitors. Use the latter if you worry that existing traitors may have been caught, and security might have access to their comms.
  • 8. Any other additions may be provided by the Syndicate.

Your Shuttle

The SIT shuttle is interesting in several ways:

  • 1 It can dock in several places, some very hard to find. You have multiple options for stealthy infiltration of the station.
  • 2 Its docking points are all behind walls. You are expected to cut through the Cyberiad's hull, creating a false wall, to get on-board. Disguise your entry point. Crew will look for it.
  • 3 It has a small brig, useful for abducting NT's crew with.

Mission Preparation Checklist

  • 1 Check what your mission is.
  • 2 Decide on the plan - who will do what.
  • 3 Change your ID, jumpsuit color, and backpack to match the job you will be using as your infiltration cover.
  • 4 Dye your black gloves another color using the crayons and the laundry machine.
  • 5 Purchase gear from your uplink.
  • 6 Once your team leader agrees to start the mission, have him unlock the doors to the SIT shuttle. The button is on his desk.
  • 7 Get onto the shuttle, make sure everyone remembers where you're going in from.
  • 8 Break into the Cyberiad by cutting through the hull - then carry out your mission.

Team Leader

The Team Leader spawns behind the desk. This person is in charge of your team. When in doubt, defer to them.

They are the only person who can use the desk-mounted button to unlock the shuttle blast doors.

Syndicate Management Consultant

Depending on your mission, it is possible you may find yourself in the company of a Syndicate Management Consultant.

While the SMC won't come with you on the mission, the information they give can be priceless, so you should definitely heed what they have to say.

They outrank your Team Leader, but won't be telling you how to do everything. They're there for general information and intelligence, not operational commands.

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